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Mar 26

Vato Gonzalez Brings ‘Freaks’ To The Dancefloor

Sydney-based electro house producer Timmy Trumpet and rapper Savage's 2014 top-10 mainstream hit Freaks gets a "dirty house" remix via Dutchman Vato Gonzalez (pictured).

The track's original mix is a fuzzy electro, horn-led festival smasher with existing Dutch house influences. Gonzalez' remix adds a bonus beat to the measure, introducing a dance-friendly groove to the fist-pumping original track. ​

No release date or official status has been confirmed for the remix, but the original track is available from Ministry of Sound Australia here.
Timmy Trumpet feat. Savage - Freaks (Vato Gonzalez Remix) [Ministry of Sound Australia]
Mar 26

SAINT WKND Returns With ‘Positive Vibe’

21-year-old German house producer SAINT WKND returns with Positive Vibe, his latest single released as a part of Big Beat Ignition's Ignition: Miami 2015 compilation.

Tambourine-aided, four-on-the-floor drums are mixed with a vocal snippet and off-key, warped synth tones to create a uniquely funky peak-hour groove. Though growing in renown at present with a string of tracks like these, the level of awareness regarding his skill is sure to explode.

Positive Vibe is now available via Beatport.
SAINT WKND - Positive Vibe (Original Mix) [Big Beat Ignition]
Mar 26

Hudson Mohawke Sparks His ‘Lantern’ With ‘Very First Breath’

Glasgow's avant-garde beatsmith Hudson Mohawke gives us the first track off his forthcoming Lantern in the very vocal Very First Breath featuring Irfane.

Ross Birchard, affectionately "HudMo" to his fans, shows his approachable side in the radio-ready Very First Breath. Catchy and light, it works beautifully as a bait hook for the rest of what is sure to be about a baker's dozen of his historically successful experiments in bass and percussion the likes of which can lay claim to assisting names as big as Kanye West on their way to the top.

Watch the creepy teaser video for the album featuring what we suspect may be the title track here, and pre-order Lantern here before it drops in June on Warp.

Lantern Tracklist:
01. Lantern

02. Very First Breath (feat. Irfane)

03. Ryderz

04. Warriors (feat. Ruckazoid & Devauex)

05. Kettles

06. Scud Books

07. Indian Steps (feat. Antony)

08. Lil Djembe

09. Deepspace (feat. Miguel)

10. Shadows

11. Resistance (feat. Jhené Aiko)

12. Portrait of Luci

13. System

14. Brand New World
Hudson Mohawke feat. Irfane - Very First Breath (Original Mix) [Warp]
Mar 26

LIVE: Stream Ultra Music Fest Miami

There are two kinds of electronic music fans in the world right now: those attending the 17th annual Ultra Music Festival, and those who aren't. But wait! You can at least join a relatively new third group of those who witnessed it in real time via UMF's live stream powered by Twitch (below).

You can stream Ultra 2015 beginning Friday, March 27 around midday when the festival opens until things wrap up the night of March 29. View the feed below when the time comes.

Mar 26

Bootie Samples: Janet Jackson

For someone who has not made music in a few years, Janet Jackson recieves huge attention in today's music community through other artists' countless reinterpretations of her work. Whether through a collective love of her songs by an unusual amount of contemporary artists, or mere coincidence, chances are you have heard her songs without even realizing it was a Janet production.

To kick off Bootie Samples, our new sampler platter of snippets and bootlegs arranged by original artist, we thought we'd take a moment to highlight some of the best new applications of Janet's work from the last three years to give you an idea of just how far-reaching her legacy continues to extend. From small clips to using entire vocal phrases on top of modernized beats, all of these tracks pay homage to this pop music hero.

1. Janet Jackson - 'Go Deep'

After delving into the sampling history of Janet Jackson we quickly realized that her track Go Deep could probably have an entire article to itself. Many a track has used the iconic phrase “we go deep” before metaphorically delving "deeper" into the tune.

2014 | Trap | Wale (prod. by No Credit) - 4 Girls On Drugs (Original Mix)
This trap inspired re-imagination pitches the Go Deep lyrics up to sound like a chorus of little kids and it plays on loop behind Wale's rap phrases. The track originally premiered on Wale and A-Trak's Festivus mixtape which you can listen to it in its entirety here.

2013 | House | Tchami x Janet Jackson - Go Deep (Remix)
Tchami's remix uses the original tone of the vocals in tandem with a robotic version of the Go Deep lyrics, but uses a completely new house backbeat. You can listen to more of Tchami's tunes on his SoundCloud here.

2013 | G House | Amine Edge & DANCE - Halfway Crooks (Original Mix) [CUFF]
Amine Edge & DANCE take a different and more subtle approach to instead sample the opening effects of Janet's original but at a speedier pace. While the Mobb Deep sample definitely takes center stage, JJ is still there. Purchase the track off Beatport here.

2012 | House | Wax Motif & Neoterix - Go Deep (Original Mix) [Dim Mak]
Wax Motif rhymes with "go deep," so it seems oddly fitting that they and Neoterix decided to use the hook phrase in their version as well. Buy your copy here.

2. Janet Jackson - 'Someone To Call My Lover'

Strangely enough Someone To Call My Lover also originates with an intro guitar sample taken from an older rock ballad by America called, Ventura Boulevard. Both Giraffage and Ta-Ku run with the romantic R&B vocals of Janet's original, but make each version undeniably their own.

2014 | Future Bass | Janet Jackson - Someone To Call My Lover (Giraffage Remix)
Giraffage opts not to use the opening guitar chords in favor of decidedly trap effects. Rather than sample parts of Janet's vocals, he uses a large majority of her original phrases. Head to Giraffage's website to claim your free copy here.

2013 | Indie/Beats | Ta-ku - I Miss You More (Original Mix) [HW&W]
Ta-Ku's homage to Janet only uses fragments from her original while mixing the track with multiple samples lifted from other artist's tracks. You can hear Janet's sample at about the halfway mark in this track. You can purchase this track off Ta-Ku's Songs To Break Up To EP here.

3. Janet Jackson - 'If'

2012 | Nu Disco | Moon Boots - Sugar (Original Mix) [French Express]
Moon Boots completely reinvents the instrumentals in his version to favor airy synths and chiming effects over the '90s pop flare of the original. He leaves the lyrical phrases almost completely intact but rearranges the order and ups the speed slightly. Download your copy for free here.

2012 | R&B / House | Janet Jackson - If (Kaytranada Remix)
Kaytranada adds in a slinky beat to his remix but also stays true to Janet's lyrics and even starts his at the same place as Moon Boots' version. He volleys her vocals between each of the beats to give the track a vibrant, bouncing effect. Head to Kaytranada's SoundCloud to download your free copy here.

4. Janet Jackson - 'Love Will Never Do (Without You)'

2014 | Trap | RL Grime - Always (Original Mix) [WEDIDIT]
RL Grime pitches up Janet's vocals and breaks them into fragments, favoring the repeated word "always" to punctuate a minimal trap backbeat. The slow progressing nature of his version is directly opposite to the energetic and upbeat drum lines of the original. You can claim a copy for yourself off Beatport here.
Wale (prod. by No Credit) - 4 Girls On Drugs (Original Mix)
Tchami x Janet Jackson - Go Deep (Remix)
Amine Edge & DANCE - Halfway Crooks (Original Mix) [CUFF]
Wax Motif & Neoterix - Go Deep (Original Mix)
Janet Jackson - Someone To Call My Lover (Giraffage Remix)
Ta-ku - I Miss You More (Original Mix) [HW&W]
Moon Boots - Sugar (Original Mix)
Janet Jackson - If (Kaytranada Remix)
RL Grime - Always (Original Mix) [WEDIDIT]