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Jul 07

Oliver Heldens Reveals Himself As HI-LO, Launches Heldeep Records

New-school Spinnin' Records star Oliver Heldens launched a label of his own today with Heldeep Records, whose inaugural release is Heldens himself as HI-LO, which we now know to be his alter-ego.

HI-LO is the formerly mysterious creator of Crank It Up, a suspiciously high quality piece of bass house released on Mad Decent in June. Billboard reports that Heldens revealed himself as the producer behind the HI-LO name as he cut the proverbial ribbon on Heldeep Records with the project's sophomore release, Renegade Mastah. The imprint will house his own future releases as well as new talent.

For Heldeep's debut, HI-LO crafts an ever-popular breaks-house blend in Renegade Mastah, built around the iconic sample originally taken from A.D.O.R.'s One For The Trouble and later popularized by Fatboy Slim.

Renegade Mastah is out July 20. Hear a preview above, and listen for it to get play on his Heldeep Radio show.

HI-LO - Renegade Mastah (Preview) [Heldeep]
Jul 07

PREMIERE: DJs Pareja – 3 Tracks From ‘Multimedia’ EP [Turbo]

Mariano Caloso and Diego Irasusta, aka DJs Pareja, are gearing up to double-team Tiga's Turbo Recordings with the release of their five-track Multimedia EP, and LessThan3 has the exclusive premiere of three of the tracks.

The Buenos Aires-based duo are helping to usher in a new age of Latin techno, and we like what we hear. A-side Vamos Viendo has the duo link up with fellow countryman and relative newcomer Tom Tom Cubber for a peak-time powerhouse replete with a simple yet infectious bassline and punchy, uplifting synths. The aptly named Von Party collab Serpientes Y Escaleras (snakes and ladders) is a twisting, turning, and hissing trek through gasping highs and trippy lows. Closing out the action is Alarma, a red alert-style romp through pounding percussion, rolling snares, and--you guessed it--a pulsating alarm.

Pick up the entire Multimedia EP July 10 via Turbo.
DJs Pareja & Tom Tom Clubber - Vamos Viendo (Original Mix) [Turbo]
DJs Pareja & Von Party - Serpientes Y Escaleras (Original Mix) [Turbo]
DJs Pareja & Von Party - Alarma (Original Mix) [Turbo]
Jul 07

The Digitally Imported Dial 15: Breaks

We're back with our weekly series with Digitally Imported, The Digitally Imported Dial, where we highlight some of the best channels and shows available on the Web’s premier electronic music streaming radio platform. Every channel is curated by hand, so we’ll hear from the men and women behind the scenes how they bring us the music we love.

This week, we take a closer look at the DI Breaks channel, which is curated by a man who surely must be one of the foremost experts in the genre, Matt Pascoe. Read on for the story of the birth of the breaks movement in Australia, as well as a treasure trove of artists and tracks that Matt listed as some of his favorites.

Matt has been in the center of the Australian breaks scene since its inception:

I started playing the piano when I was five, and as I continued through primary school I also started learning the trumpet and drums. I continued these into high school where I first started listening to rap & Australian hip hop. This progressed into house and trance-based music but I was finding I was enjoying the breakdown of these tracks more than the track itself. I found what I was looking for when I bought my first Y3K/Y4K album Soundtrack To The Future which has many classics, including Fibonacci Sequence By BT.

Since I live in Brisbane, Australia, the best place to go clubbing is a place referred to as The Valley, which is basically the central hub for nightclubs in Brisbane. The main breaks spot we had in Brisbane was called Moon Bar where I nearly lived from Friday to Sunday morning for about a decade. It featured all the best breaks DJs and acts including Stanton Warriors, General Midi, Tayo, Krafty Kuts, Skool Of Thought, Deekline, the list goes on and on. Any decent breaks DJ in the last 10 years who has been to Australia would have played there.

It was from this atmosphere I developed a taste for DJing, which got me quite a few gigs alongside those mentioned above. This lasted till around 2013 when Moon Bar closed its doors forever and breaks in Brisbane haven't really been the same since. Unfortunately I developed a few health problems which had to make me withdraw from DJing and simultaneously the breaks genre started to go into a bit of a slump with the emergence of dubstep. Although it's very much on the rebound now thanks in part to PoP Music (using a syncopated drumline instead of a four to the floor beat), It hasn't recovered to how I'd hoped it would in Brisbane. At least the boys in Perth (Beatslappaz, Black & Blunt, Pecoe, etc.) still have it bangin' on.
The UK and USA dominate the listens on DI Breaks:

The majority of listeners on the DI Breaks channel come from both the USA & the UK. The peak period for listeners is usually Tuesdays and Wednesdays during midday in the US and the late afternoon/night for the UK. There are also a lot more Europeans tuning in due to the emergence of quite a few really good DJs coming from their regions (Colombo, Kuplay, K4DJ, Mutantbreakz, etc.).
The channel has quite a few custom programming options throughout the week, with more to come.

I can't say I have a preference for any one show on the channel, as each one has their own unique feel about them. When I took over this channel there wasn't much in terms of shows playing, but I have to give props to the guys that were and still are doing shows: Johnny Breaks & DJ Wicked Wes. Now including those guys I've got Retroid doing his two-hour Reprise show, BadBoe & Breakbeat Paradise Records starting next week on Thursday, Dave Gluskin, Omahua, Dirty Kicks & SKYY starting in the next month, plus I've got quite a few guest mixes in store for our listeners from the likes of Philly Blunt, Pecoe, Bella, B-Side, X-Ray Ted, and more!
When asked about artists he frequently features, Matt gave us a near-exhaustive list:

I feature anyone who is willing to make a great breakbeat. I play the best tunes and mixes from Stanton Warriors, Krafty Kuts, A-skillz, Fort Knox Five, Keith Mackenzie, DJ Fixx, WBBL, Skool Of Thought, Tayo, Aquasky, BassBin Twins, Rennie Pilgrem, Dustin Hulton, Lady Waks, Plump DJs, Nick Thayer, Pecoe, All Good Funk Alliance, Stickybuds, all the DJs and producers associated with Ghettofunk, All the DJs associated with Monkey Tennis Group, the mixes from FunkTasty Crew, DJs from Breaks Of The Unkown, The Freestylers, FTW, Colombo, Deekline and the producers on Hot Cakes and Disco Cakes Records, DJs on the Punks label, Rat Records, Worthy, Jurassik, Alt-A--the list goes on and on. It's fantastic that the genre has so many great artists to choose from; it makes my job that much better.
He also gave us a lengthy list of both up-and-comers and legends in the scene who are still pushing the breaks envelope:

There are the tried and true artists like Stanton Warriors, Krafty Kuts, A-Skillz, Deekline, Freestylers, DJ Icey, Ed Solo, Keith Mackenzie, DJ Fixx, Lady Waks, and Evil Nine. They have been tireless in their efforts to continues to push the envelope when it comes to quality beats. I'm happy to say that there is an abundance of great talent in our beloved genre at the moment from the likes of Beatslappaz, UFO Project, Stickybuds, WBBL, JFB, Father Funk, The Brain Killer, B-Side, BadBoe, Colombo, Left/Right, Bella, Beta, Agent K, Mafia Kiss, Marten Horger, Nick Thayer, Jason Laidback, Martin Flex, Jayson Butera, Hotline Zero, Seth Vogt, Lo IQ?, Aggresivnes, and many more. The foreseeable future is bright with syncopated goodness.
Matt has quite a list of favorite tracks that he's found while curating DI Breaks:

  • HouseBreakers - Jump On It
  • Deep Impact - Carpet Muncha
  • Azzido Da Bass- Doom's Night (Stanton Warriors Remix)
  • Sasha & Mike Koglin - Enjoy The Gravy (James Zabiela's Totally Turntabled Mix)
  • Jinx - Kutt Free
  • Mr. Reds vs DJ Skribble - Everybody Come On
  • City Wide Allstars - Love Me (Brian Van Dalen & Keith Mackenzie Remix)
  • Freestylers - Ruffneck
  • Dreadzone - Once Upon A Time (In Jamaica)
  • PMT - Gyromancer
  • Stanton Warriors - Who Are The Warriors (Bass Kleph Remix)
  • The Nextmen feat. Ms. Dynamit & Andy Cato - Lion's Den
  • Shut Up & Dance - Action
  • Shut Up & Dance - Reclaim The Streets
  • Way Out West - Intensify (PMT Remix)
  • Pendulum - Fasten Your Seatbelts
  • DJ Marky & XRS - The Way (Featurecast Remix)
  • RL Grime feat. Big Sean - Kingpin (Wuki Remix)
  • Bombo Rosa - BRZL
  • Activa feat. Cat Martin - My Way (Reii Remix)
  • Dave Gluskin - Circle
  • Ed Solo & Deekline - All Gravy (Hotline Zero Remix)
  • Deekline & Hotline Zero - Pump Up The Volume
  • Featurecast - Sniper
  • Paket - End of the Tunnel
  • Stanton Warriors - Where's The Beef
  • The Brainkiller - Heisenberg
  • Hankook feat. Noisy Noise - Bass Out
  • Krafty Kuts feat. Dynamite MC - Souls on Fire
  • Beatslappaz - Them Girlz
  • Kid Digital feat. Profit - Done With That
  • Mr Williamz - Miss Brown (Benny Paige Remix)
  • These are his favorite pop-leaning breaks tracks:

  • Ollie & Jerry - Breakin... There's No Stoppin'
  • Daft Punk - Get Lucky (WBBL Remix)
  • Featurecast - Sunshine Boogie
  • Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk (WBBL Remix)
  • Listen to the Digitally Imported Breaks channel here.
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    Jul 07

    Tchami’s ‘After Life’ Remixed By Jauz, DJ Snake & More

    Where do massive tracks go After Life? If you're French house luminary Tchami (pictured left), they go to some of the biggest names in dance music for a remix package.

    Out now, the After Life Remixes EP features resurrections by Mercer and DJ Snake (pictured right), San Holo, Jauz, Point Point, and Malaa. While very different, they all do justice to the original's inventive creator in their own way with originality. As a once-unknown project himself, Tchami hits the mark here in his effort to fill the EP with the sounds of tomorrow.

    Jauz hands in a heavy lead-off groove that blends house and breaks that should please fans of booty bass from the likes of Wuki, while San Holo's approach hits ears a bit softer with a "future" R&B-style take with fits of Jersey between its synth-heavy drops.

    The mysterious Malaa (no, it isn't DJ Snake) and his/her four-to-the-floor cut play a keystone role, splitting the other four hybrid-born mixes in half and offering a straightforward bass house intermission that will definitely bring you up out of your seat, but not outside for a break.

    Point Point brings us back in slow with a gently grooving indie dance vibe, a must-have for lovers of chill or tropical house.

    Tchami's unholy allies DJ Snake and Mercer wrap things up rather surprisingly with a big batch of booty breaks and another example of his clergy taking the paths less travelled, if even within their own skill sets, for "small is the gate and narrow the road" to standout status today.

    Pick it up here.

    Tchami - After Life (Jauz Remix) [Confessions]
    Tchami - After Life (Malaa Remix) [Confessions]
    Tchami - After Life (DJ Snake & Mercer Remix) [Confessions]
    Jul 07

    Eric Prydz Drops 1 Of 3 New ‘Pryda 10′ EPs

    Eric Prydz, a man of many names, drops the first of three Pryda 10 EPs to celebrate Pryda Recordings and his alter ego's 10th anniversary.

    Prydz has reworked material that spans over 10 years of unreleased Pryda work, and the follow-up EPs are expected to include even more from his massive catalog of never-before-heard tunes. Vol. I's selections remain the perfect representation of the Pryda brand, each maintaining large melodies and episodic chord progressions iconic to the producer's typically progressive house style. It includes Rebel XX, Run, Loving You, and Neuron, some of which Prydz previously teased in his One Mix series debut on Apple Music.

    The Pryda 10 EPs are delivered on top of Prydz' already busy schedule, including a packed tour and upcoming album release expected to drop Oct. 15 of this year. Despite his veteran status as a producer and DJ, the new album will be the Swedish powerhouse's debut full-length effort.

    Grab the Pryda 10 Vol. I EP on Beatport here, and be sure to keep your eyes open for the next installations slated to be released in August and September.
    Pryda - Rebel XX (Original Mix) [Pryda]
    Pryda - Run (Original Mix) [Pryda]
    Pryda - Loving You (Original Mix) [Pryda]
    Pryda - Neuron (Original Mix) [Pryda]