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Sep 03

Avicii Cancels Remaining 2015 Shows Citing Heavy Workload, Overshadows Video Premieres

For the second year in a row, Tim Bergling, better known as Avicii, announced that he has cancelled all remaining shows for the year. The reason? "A well-deserved break."

The interesting thing to note about this sudden and imperative break is that it completely overshadows his new self-directed videos (below), which were released today and were a central part of the hefty workload that forced him to need a break in the first place, at least according to the official statement. So why not announce the break a week ago with the first cancellation approaching Sept. 4? Avicii's need for rest must've been pretty gravely urgent, indeed, to decide to shoot himself in the foot like that, publicity-wise.

His six remaining shows at XS and Encore Beach Club at The Wynn, Las Vegas will be filled in by fellow A-listers like Zedd and Diplo, and those at the Storm Festival in Shanghai and the Fuji-Ku Conifer Forest and Maishima Special Stage in Japan will be pushed into a "larger tour initiative" in 2016.

In addition to what his team calls an excessive summer workload while prepping his album Stories and directing two new videos himself, the 26-year-old EDM star cites touring "nonstop" since first gaining fame at age 18. He is quoted in the official statement as wishing to have some time to become an adult.

"In moving my tour promotional responsibilities to next year, I have a great opportunity to focus on myself and spend time trying to grow up in a way I never got the chance to–-normal, or as normal as it could get.”
Avicii last had to cut his tour off completely less than a year ago to recover from surgeries removing his gallbladder and appendix, the very surgeries that forced him to cancel his Ultra performance in 2014, which of course led to the infamous Animals troll by replacement deadmau5.

The fruits of his reported excess labor the past few months are available now in his two-part video package, which, as mentioned, he directed personally, for For A Better Day and Pure Grinding. His Stories album will follow Oct. 2. See the complete list of replacement Wynn shows below. Avicii will resume his Wynn residency in 2016 in addition to launching a new album tour.

Encore Beach Club
Friday, Sept. 4 - Dillon Francis (Zedd previously scheduled)
Saturday, Sept. 5 - Zedd
Sunday, Sept. 13 - Diplo

Friday, Sept. 4 - Skrillex
Saturday, Sept. 12 – Diplo
Saturday, October 31 – TBD

Sep 03

Manila Killa & Kidswaste Share Beautiful Cover Of Caribou

It's no easy task to cover a song as layered and nuanced as Caribou's Can't Do Without You, but Manila Killa (pictured) and Kidswaste do beautiful justice to the original with their rendition.

Lilting piano chords dance against atmospherics that sway like a light breeze before Caribou's iconic reverbed chorus echoes to the surface of the remix. Kidswaste's added vocals mirror the original's to add another unique facet to their version, while subtle guitar notes accentuate the producers' shimmering effects and delicate hi-hats.

While Kidswaste is a new name on our radar, we have no doubt that we will hear more from the Frenchman in the months to come. Check out his SoundCloud for more tunes, and grab your free copy of his and Manila Killa's cover here.
Caribou - Can't Do Without You (Manila Killa & Kidswaste Cover) [Free Download]
Sep 02

Watch Getter Trip Face On Suspect Pickles In ‘Head Splitter’ Vid

Sep 02

Crookers Crowned Club ‘King’ With Years and Years Remix

Dancefloor-friendly Italian production boss Crookers' remix of the bright, UK chart-topping synthpop anthem King by Years & Years is a bumping and breaking soulful house jam.

Crookers himself states that this was to be an official release from Interscope/Polydor, but that "everybody involved forgot about this remix," which he believes is "pretty sexy." Official remixers for the track included the likes of The Magician and Arty, so it was certainly a top-tier affair. Crookers continues that he's releasing his take without the label behind it to share it with us and "see what happens."

Download Crookers' excellent remix here.
Years & Years - King (Crookers Remix) [Free Download]
Sep 02

Aeroplane Shares Soaring New EP ‘Page One Is Love’

Vito de Luca, known to most as Aeroplane, releases his Page One Is Love EP, which includes a couple elegant new originals and the message, "if life is a book, page one is love."

de Luca shared new material from his house-centric side project Flush in July's Come Back Baby. He keeps his disco and house roots at the forefront of his Aeroplane project as well with the EP's title track and Dancing With Each Other, which, while both are follow-ups to the lilting synth-happy number Let's Get Slow, take a less pop-oriented approach.

Proving that "less is more," Luca's simple chord progressions drive the track against rich, self-made vocal clips. He shares on the Eskimo SoundCloud page that he couldn't find a vocal sample that worked with his production, so instead decided to make it himself.

The tracks rely on a traditional house rhythm, with Page One Is Love taking a heavy-handed piano direction, while Dancing With Each Other gets funkier with Luca's impeccable synth lines. Though the house rhythm is a prevalent element throughout the tracks, each production factors in well-placed interludes to break the tension and showcase Luca's seemingly infinite creativity when it comes to crafting dance floor anthems.

Grab the Page One Is Love EP, with remixes from CASSARA and Ten Ven, now via Eskimo here.

Aeroplane - Page One Is Love (Original Mix) [Eskimo]
Aeroplane - Dancing With Each Other (Original Mix) [Eskimo]
Aeroplane - Page One Is Love (CASSARA Remix) [Eskimo]
Aeroplane - Dancing With Each Other (Ten Ven Remix) [Eskimo]