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Nov 28

Experience Tomorrowland In 4K With GoPro

Nov 28

Skrillex Premieres Collab With What So Not

While on tour in New Zealand, Skrillex stopped in on local radio station George FM for an hour-long takeover, sharing an all-new track with previous collaborators Flume (pictured, left) and Emoh Instead (right), known together as What So Not.

Skrillex and WSN enlist rising Australian star KLP for vocals on the punchy trap item now known as Goh, which sits nicely next to much of Skrillex' recent output. Goh is another boisterous bass cut from the OWSLA bawse that screams Flume/Emoh with a drop that builds extra tension through hesitation, stuttering briefly before uncoiling itself in a flurry of snare and rattlesnake hi-hat rolls. KLP's energy completes the tune the way Kiesza's does in her Jack U appearance, leaving us little choice but to fall in love with her and the rest of the fun-loving trap item.

Listen to the full radio show in two parts here and here, and keep an eye out for release details on Goh.
Skrillex & What So Not feat. KLP - Goh (Radio Rip)
Nov 28

PREMIERE: Marco V – Nashoba [Flamingo]

Ready to shake off the Thanksgiving turkey and tryptophan? Dutch producer Marco V has a cure in the form of a vivacious electro release called Nashoba, and LessThan3 has the exclusive premiere.

Nashoba opens with a progressive build and warped tribal chants before quickly transitioning into a searing electro drop, replete with gnarly arpeggios, blistering synths, and rolling bass. A momentary reprieve is offered midway through thanks to a melodic synth lead, but then it's right back to floor-stamping electro--expect this track to be a peak-time powerhouse in clubs throughout the season.

The titanic tune is also accompanied by two stellar remixes, one from Marco's own son Thomas Newson, and the other from up-and-comer Jaden Daves, who provides a booming big room rework with a new hands-in-the-air melody. The remix still carries some of the original's edge, but it also has an uplifting aura that is sure to please mainstream fans.

Nashoba is out Dec. 1 via Fedde Le Grand's Flamingo Recordings.

Marco V - Nashoba (Original Mix) [Flamingo]
Marco V - Nashoba (Jaden Daves remix) [Flamingo]
Nov 28

Spotify Revenue Passes $1bn Despite $80m Loss

Spotify have revealed their financial earnings for 2013, and while the most striking figure is an $80 million net loss, it's an improvement on their $115 million loss in 2012, and their revenue is over $1bn for the first time--a 74% increase from the previous year.

These stunning figures highlight the unusual nature of the way Spotify operates. The company says that 70% of their revenue goes to artists, and despite the vocal criticism from some, Spotify still heavily relies on the "freemium" model, with most of their cash coming from a relatively small number of subscribers. The tide seems to be turning though, and with streaming set to become more and more relevant in the near future, Spotify is certainly heading in the right direction.
Nov 27

Songs For 7 Things We’re Thankful For

It's that time of the year again. Time to awkwardly reunite with high school friends, eat too much food, and go into a tryptophan coma on your mother's plastic-lined couch. All awkwardness and gluttony aside, we thought we'd take some time to really pinpoint some things that we are thankful for, and represent each with a favorite track or two:

1. Our significant other.

Without these special people in our lives, we'd get nowhere.

2. A place of our own.

Not even a minute in our childhood home and we're already appreciative of living alone.

3. Living a modest, unassuming lifestyle.

You know, the bare necessities.

4. Our job.

Let's be real, we could be a store owner in Ferguson right now.

5. Beer, wine, and vodka.

7. Our bitches.

Need we say more?