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Apr 17

Kaskade’s Redux Performance Canceled At Coachella

The Do Lab averted certain peril this weekend by canceling Kaskade's surprise Redux set at their Big Fish stage at Coachella this Saturday. The performance was canceled in light of the fact that Kaskade's weekend one performance drew record numbers to the main stage--numbers that would have easily overwhelmed the smaller Big Fish stage.

While the performance was largely unadvertised, fans were tipped off that Kaskade would be performing at the Big Fish stage when the word "Redux" popped up on Saturday's published stage schedule. See below for image.

Kaskade and The Do Lab offered official apologies on social media (here and here, respectively), with Kaskade stating that "the Do Lab just isn't set up to handle it," and the Do Lab posting "we broke the internet, but we can't go breaking our stage."

Kaskade fans are not totally out of luck however, as the Grammy-nominated artist will still be performing on Sunday at Coachella's main stage. Cheers to The Do Lab and Kaskade for keeping fans safe and EDM off of big brother's radar.

Apr 17

Friday Favorites 104

Looking for alternatives to the Indio desert this weekend? There's "Beauchella," the weekend in with bae, or "Doughchella," where you eat all the cookie dough. Of course there's "Goghchella," a few days spent studying post-impressionist paintings, or perhaps you'd prefer a weekend on the open ocean with "Rowchella." The cheapest? "Nochella." That still includes Friday Favorites 104 tho.

Nathan Codd
Booty House | Azari & III - Reckless (Will Clarke Remix)
dirtybird booty-houser Will Clarke's remix of Azari & III's Reckless (With Your Love) has me excited for a follow-up EP to the massive 12-item package from Permanent Vacation. Tiga, who produced one of the original remixes, will release Clarke's moody booty-tech mix and more on Turbo April 20.
Jesse Champagne
Indie/Beats | Jamie xx feat. Romy - Loud Places (Eekkoo Edit)
Eekkoo, Montreal's magic maestro of mau5trap, returns with a new edit of Jamie xx' recent single Loud Places, from his upcoming album In Colours. In stark contrast to his usual dark and driving productions, this time around Eekkoo takes the listener on a summer-sweet journey through pulsing synths, deep basslines, an enticing grooves. The vocals, courtesy of Romy, have never sounded better.
Mike Davies
Tech House | Sydney Blu & DRamirez - You Were The One (Original Mix) [Hotfingers]|
With Miami over and Ibiza just around the corner, the sounds of rough and ready tech house will be the soundtrack to plenty of people's lives right now. This collaboration between Sydney Blu and D.Ramirez certainly fits the bill, with plenty of hot and heavy groove sitting underneath some nicely understated little hooks and motifs. You Were The One is part of the Need We Say More EP, available now on the ever reliable Hotfingers imprint.
Yasmin Damoui
Indie/Beats | YATES - VIRTUE
You know that feeling when you listen to a brand new artist and you just know that he or she is destined for success? I had that feeling, and quite overwhelmingly, the first time I heard Australian singer/songwriter YATES' debut single, MAKO. In the short time since then, we've been graced with the bass-driven DIVE and the more acoustic VIRTUE. All three singles exhibit YATES' undeniable talent with a perfect mixture of smooth, powerful vocals and crisp, subtle production that simply leave you wanting more. I'd definitely keep an eye on YATES this year.
Shea Kopp
Nu Disco | Keljet feat Holychild - What's Your Sign (Original Mix)
Keljet is one of those underrated nu-disco acts that it seems impossible that more people don't know. Their remixes and originals keep nostalgic disco synths relevant, but in a contemporary light that is always irresistibly catchy. What Is Your Sign is taken from their forthcoming EP Transatlantic and features the talent of Holychild to round out another fun slice of bouncy nostalgia. Be sure to grab a copy of Transatlantic on May 11, and head to Keljet's SoundCloud for more tunes here.
Megan Murphy
Pop/Dance | Coasts - Modern Love (RAC Remix)
Nothing says Friday like a new remix from RAC, and his latest has arrived just in time for the weekend. Andre Allen Anjos turns this track from British rockers Coasts into a glistening dance anthem complete with energetic percussion, a sunny bassline, and synth-laden vocals. Look out for both RAC and Coasts at Coachella this weekend, and head over to RAC's SoundCloud page to hear more.
Marcus Dowling
House/Techno | Ying Yang Twins - The Whisper Song (Julius Jetson Remix) [Free Download]
Though seemingly a well-worn style for remixes, Washington, DC's Julius Jetson carves a unique and bassline-driven G-house groove from snap-rap combo the Ying Yang Twins' decade-old pop hit The Whisper Song. In not taking the fat breaks of the original in the expected festival trap direction, Jetson actually opens a door to a number of potentially simple-to-execute throwback concepts. The throbbing, techno-friendly production adds a haunting note to the original's sensual invitation that makes it ideal for taking a party deep into a mysterious night ahead. "Hey girl, wait'll I show you this," indeed. This one is free to download here.
Michelle Gardner
Trap | Slander & NGHTMRE (Original Mix)
Surprise! My pick this week isn't a vocal-heavy track. It's a booty-shaking new release from my friends Slander and NGHTMRE, the fourth track from their upcoming collaborative EP Nuclear Bonds. You can pick it up for free here.
Chris Porter
Electronica | Submotion Orchestra - Thinking (Maths Time Joy Remix) [Exceptional]
Hailing from just outside of London, Maths Time Joy is an expert at crafting soulful, R&B-esque electronica. Sometimes 2-step and sometimes 4x4, his music is refreshingly eclectic, but is uniformly beautiful. This particular remix of Submotion Orchestra's Thinking is landscape of ambient bliss, with muted pads and polyphonic synthesizers awash in reverb. The track turns incredibly rhythmic half-way through, introducing a 2-step beat replete with snaps, claps, and hats. Pick up Maths Time Joy's remix of Thinking right here on Beatport.
Azari & III - Reckless (Will Clarke Remix) [Turbo]
Jamie xx feat. Romy - Loud Places (Eekkoo Edit)
Sydney Blu & DRamirez - You Were The One (Original Mix) [Hotfingers]
Keljet feat Holychild - What's Your Sign (Original Mix)
Coasts - Modern Love (RAC Remix)
Ying Yang Twins - The Whisper Song (Julius Jetson Remix)[Free Download]
Slander & NGHTMRE - You (Original Mix)
Submotion Orchestra - Thinking (Maths Time Joy Remix) [Exceptional]
Apr 17

Entranced 19

Entranced is here once again to take your through the weekend with more of the week's best new trance music. For this edition, we've got some of the genre's finest producers including John O'Callaghan, Lange, Joonas Hahmo, and more.

Dan Stone - Topaz (Original Mix) [Always Alive]
First up this week is Dan Stone with Topaz, marking his return to Daniel Kandi's Always Alive imprint. Taking things on an uplifting tip as always, Dan combines rolling basslines, expert synth work, and some utterly enormous atmospheres to create a timeless trance anthem that is bound to get the goosebumps going. Already climbing its way up the charts, you can help it along by grabbing your own copy now.

Johan Gielen – Confusion (Original Mix) [High Contrast]
A proper trance veteran up next in Johan Gielen, who returns to High Contrast with Confusion. Contrary to the title, this one is as clear as day, a proper old-school trance anthem with bright synths and a melody that gets right into your soul. Johan is playing Tomorrowland in July, so if you're there, be sure to catch one of the real champions of uplifting trance. In the meantime, you can head on over to Beatport and get your own copy of Confusion to tide you over.

John O'Callaghan & Deirdre McLaughlin – Stay With Me (Original Mix) [Subculture]
A bit of an epic now as John O'Callaghan teams up with fellow Irish songwriter Deirdre McLaughlin for Stay With Me. As you might expect from JOC, there's a bit of a tough edge to the track, but Deirdre's floaty vocal gives the track a delicate edge that works beautifully. Stay With Me is out now on John's own Subculture label, so head on over to Beatport and grab your copy now.

Joonas Hahmo – Rosetta (Original Mix) [Hahmo]
For our penultimate track this week, we're proud to present the return of Finland's very own Joonas Hahmo, who brings us another feel-good anthem, this by the name of Rosetta. The stompy percussion and bright, happy synth chords are familiar to fans of big room trance, but it's worth remembering that Joonas has been a purveyor of this sound for years now, making him something of a pioneer. Rosetta is more of the same top-notch quality we've come to expect from Hahmo, so get your own copy now and help give it the recognition it rightly deserves.

Lange – Formula None (Original Mix) [Lange]
Rounding things off this week is yet another veteran, this time British producer Lange and his latest effort Formula None. Starting off as a dirty and gritty deep trancer, the track suddenly drops into an ambient film score-esque break that stunningly shows off Lange's ability to work some orchestral magic. With support already from the likes of Andy Moor, BT, and PvD, you'll certainly be in good company when playing this one. Formula None is out now on Lange Recordings as a Beatport Exclusive.
Dan Stone - Topaz (Original Mix) [Always Alive]
Johan Gielen - Confusion (Original Mix) [High Contrast]
John O'Callaghan & Deirdre McLaughlin - Stay With Me (Original Mix) [Subculture]
Joonas Hahmo - Rosetta (Original Mix) [Hahmo]
Lange - Formula None (Original Mix) [Lange]
Apr 17

PREMIERE: Vinyl Theatre – Breaking Up My Bones (Jenaux Remix) [Fueled By Ramen]

24-year-old producer Jenaux (pictured) of New York follows up his last remix with another flip of an alternative act, this time taking on Breaking Up My Bones by Milwaukee-based newcomers Vinyl Theatre, and LessThan3 has the exclusive premiere.

Jenaux builds his remix around giant walls of synth that surface as the light, fluttering tune hits abrupt patches of slow motion for a smooth finger-snapper with a stylish hint of a stutter and gorgeous overall atmospherics.

“The Jenaux remix of Breaking Up My Bones struck a chord with all of us the first time we heard it, and each listen since has us finding new things we love about it," Vinyl Theater says. "The laid-back verse builds to a huge drop that's enhanced by creative vocal sampling and fresh, ambient synth work that's right up our alley. Though unique and creative in its own ways, we love that it still stays true to the high-energy feel of the original track.”

Pick it up April 20 from Fueled By Ramen.
Vinyl Theatre - Breaking Up My Bones (Jenaux Remix) [Fueled By Ramen]
Apr 17

Ultra Music Festival Says ‘Thank U’ To Fans With Video