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Apr 23

You’re ‘Safe & Sound’ With Markus Schulz

Unicorn slayer Markus Schulz is back at it again. This time, he's teamed up with Coldharbour Recordings darlings Grube & Hovsepian to transform Capital Cities' 2013 indie-pop smash, Safe & Sound, into a tantalizing trance triumph.

Safe & Sound marks the first new piece of music from Markus since he released his fifth studio album, Scream 2, earlier this year, and it's clear from the onset that he hasn't missed a beat. Schulz and company fuse the familiar sing-song vocals that made the original so memorable with some decidedly nasty trance synths and drums. The end result is a dark and ravey club anthem that is not to be missed.

Safe & Sound is out now via Capitol Records, so grab it on Beatport now.
Capital Cities - Safe & Sound (Markus Schulz vs Grube & Hovsepian Remix) [Capitol]
Apr 23

Order Now: ‘NRG,’ Duck Sauce’s All-Curing, Likely Dangerous Miracle Goop

Apr 23

Lone’s Simply Beautiful Remix of Wild Beasts

British producer Matt Cutler, aka Lone, is getting ready to release his next album Reality Testing in just a few short months. In the meantime, Lone has dropped a brand new remix of UK indie icons Wild Beasts' A Simple Beautiful Truth.

Lone made a name for himself last year with his playful dance debut Galaxy Garden. His remixes, as well as sample tracks from his upcoming album like 2 Is 8 and AM Portal, showcase the warm, lush production seen on his debut.

While much of Lone’s rhythm and style is influenced by old-school hip hop and backpack rap, this takes a backseat to his latest remix. Instead, Lone opts to exchange tight percussion and subtle guitar riffs for bright, punching synth. Swift bullets of digital force push their way through a smooth series of airy, electronic loops that fall over vocalist Hayden Thorpe’s R&B-style crooning.

Lone’s remix will be featured on Wild Beasts' upcoming A Simple Beautiful Truth remix EP, and his sophomore album, Reality Testing , is out June 17.

Apr 23

Stay Plugged In 05

Welcome producers and hobbyists alike to our fifth installment of Stay Plugged In. This week we bring you three synth plugins that you may download and play with to your heart's content, as they are completely free.

Roazhon DSP BrainStormer

Our first offering is a real kicker of a synth. Brainstormer has features galore that will appeal to the seasoned producer and newbie alike. All of the controls are neatly laid out on the interface, making it an intuitive synth to manipulate and easily create interesting and powerful sounds. Brainstormer is available in Windows VST format 32 and 64 bit versions.

  • 3 switchable stereo oscillators with retrigger, octave, detune, fine, pan, phase, stretch, and stereo controls
  • All oscillators have selectable waveforms
  • Individual oscillator control sections
  • 2 LFOs with wide frequency range, retrigger, BPM sync, phase, clipping, independent destination level controls, self-modulation
  • Amplifier ADSR
  • Filter section with selectable bandpass, ADSR
  • Panic, main volume, polyphony selection, note mode, portamento, and pitchbend controls

Free Download

Ugo Audio Rez 3

Rez is a very robust synth in a small package. It can create a wide spectrum of sounds useful in a large cross-section of genres. Sounds from dirty to clean can easily be programmed. The interface is simply laid out so the learning curve is low, allowing the producer to create great sounds even in the first session. Three FXP format banks are included with the download package, providing a total of 384 presets to start with. Rez is available in Windows VST format.

  • Virtual analog oscillators, sub-oscillator
  • 2 types of phase modulation
  • Overdrive with 3 tone modes
  • Dual delay with stereo width adjustment
  • Phaser with switchable LFO and velocity modulation
  • Arpeggiator plus step sequencer
  • MIDI learn on all controls

Free download

Xenobioz Kruudster

Kruudster is a hybrid synthesizer plugin available in Windows VST format. It features a wealth of control options and is capable of creating a diverse palate of sounds. 128 presets are included, but you will definitely want to invest some time in tweaking the slides to coax out new and unique sounds.

  • 3 oscillators
  • 3 LFOs
  • 3 ADSRs
  • Filter with 13 different modes, keytracking and filter mix
  • 2 modulate-able delays of which 1 can be tuned for physical modeling
  • Arpeggiator
  • 128 presets

Free download

Apr 23

Ghost Producers For 10-Year-Old Producer Aiden Jude Revealed

Aiden Jude, the pre-teen producer touted as a wunderkind by some and a fraud by others since his debut single, was revealed to have had more than a little help in the creation of Tonight.

According to a press release on behalf of Universal Music Publishing, producer and songwriter Carlos Escalona co-wrote Tonight with vocalist Nafsica for the 10-year-old Jude, meaning he had little to no input on its creation. Escalona won a 2013 BMI Latin Award as part of his songwriting efforts on Paulina Rubio’s Me Gustas Tanto.

Ghost production is becoming more common, as are the associated accusations of using such a service while calling oneself an "artist." But at just 10 years old, is it really necessary? What happened to hard work and persistence? At least we can feel confident that someone is taking care of his schoolwork and his chores in his name while he tours.

Watch the video for Tonight below.