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Mar 27

Zya Ditty Turns Facebook IM Text Into A Song

Your dream of sounding like T-Pain has finally become a reality with Zya Music's new app, Zya Ditty, which takes your Facebook Messenger text and converts it into auto-tuned conversation.

With Zya Ditty, users can convert any message up to 70 characters into conversation and set it to a few pre-selected popular songs. The result is a short 20-second clip that you can save to your phone and send to friends. The app timed its launch alongside Facebook's announcement that it would be opening its Messenger platform to third-party developers.

Zya Music's Dean Serletic explained to Wired the complicated technology behind the app.

"There’s an ingestion process where we study the melody of the song and the phrasing of the original melody versus what a user types in,” says Dean Serletic, head of licensing for Zya Music. “The syllable count could be entirely different. We’ve got to make that work somehow. Our team goes all the way back to classical music theory, how Bach and Mozart handled music composition, up to modern techniques like stutter techniques and things in pop culture.”
You can currently choose from 30 tracks within the app's platform, but it is their hope to flood the catalog with 100 more songs in the next 90 days. You can hear a demo of what the auto-tuned conversation will sound like below.

Zya Ditty is available for free inside the iOS App Store and Google Play store now, and you can find more info about it at Zya Music's website.

Mar 27

The Beatport Box 47

Welcome back to our series with Beatport known as The Beatport Box, where we bring you the best of Beatport exclusives on a weekly basis. This week, Carl Craig and Green Velvet drop a collaborative album, Avicii protege Syn Cole makes another bid for superstardom, Andrew Bayer teaches us how to be Super Human, and more.

Tech House | einsauszwei - Tiny EP [Heulsuse]
Loose, organic tech house is the name of the game in einsauszwei's latest package through Hanne & Lore's forever forward-thinking imprint Heulsuse. Tiny is tightly wound melancholy tech perfect for late nights or open-airs; we're certain you'll be hearing tracks from this tasty three-tracker next time you're dancing to a DJ with a sonically sophisticated palate. Grab it here.
Deep/Tech | Roberto Apodaca & Guti Legatto - Devils Lair [Tres 14]
Draft label head Roberto Apodaca and tech house production mastermind Guti Legatto have teamed up to bring you the kind of package that will undoubtedly soundtrack your next pitch black, 4 a.m. warehouse high. Devils Lair and each of the included remixes pummels speaker stacks and hypnotizes dance floors like few other deep/tech releases we've had the pleasure of playing out this year. If all roads lead to the dancefloor, then this is what you should be listening to on the way there. Get it here.
Tech | Carl Craig & Green Velvet - Unity [Relief]
Detroit and Chicago come together for a collaboration with Carl Craig and Green Velvet's Unity LP. "From the outer reaches of the galaxy come two captains from two worlds--worlds that hold traditions which shape the branial particles and molecules of the munchkins, who will and have come to dominate the not-so-distant future with multiple galaxies and intercosmic cosmo cities," says the voice on the intro to the album. Stoked yet? Get the whole thing here.
Big Room/Electro | Syn Cole - It's You (Original Mix) [ICONS]
One of Avicii and Ash Pournori's many proteges, Syn Cole has been cranking out non-stop prog-pop hits since the release of his EDM chart topper April a mere two years ago. His breakthrough barometer has just about reached boiling point and his latest solo single It's You could be just the sing-along, saccharine-soaked anthem needed to propel him to the mainstage in 2015. Check it out here.
Trance | Andrew Bayer feat. Asbjorn - Super Human (Original Mix) [Anjunabeats]
Debuted at ABGT100, Andrew Bayer's latest musical masterpiece, Super Human, is an extraordinary journey through uplifting sounds and subtly soulful vocals from Asbjorn. Certainly one of our favorite releases of 2015 thus far. Pick it up here.

Matt Ferry of Beatport contributed to this article.
einsauszwei - Tiny (Original Mix) [Heulsuse]
Roberto Apodaca & Guti Legatto - Devils Lair (Just A Mood Remix) [Tres 14]
Carl Craig & Green Velvet - So What (Original Mix) [Relief]
Syn Cole - It's You (Original Mix) [ICONS]
Andrew Bayer feat. Asbjorn - Super Human (Original Mix) [Anjunabeats]
Mar 27

ATTLAS Shrugged: The Truth Behind mau5trap’s Mystery Man

Whether it be for privacy or profit, these days it seems like every up-and-coming electronic musician from UZ to ZHU is playing a game of hide-and-seek on the rest of the world by refusing to reveal their true identity. The newest name on the list is the mysterious mau5trap artist known as ATTLAS, who until now has hidden behind a veil of anonymity and let his music do the talking. And the music thus far has been absolutely fantastic.

Our story begins at HARD Day Of The Dead on Nov. 1, 2014, when, during his B2B with Eric Prydz, deadmau5 dropped a new, unreleased remix of his own production, Aural Psynapse. Fans watching live and those who later listened to the full stream online were gobsmacked at its quality and brilliance. With the 5 Years of mau5 compilation album set to release later that month, many expected to see the remix on the two-disc tracklist. It wasn't. deadmau5 again dropped the song during his special 5 Years of mau5 performance at the Honda Stage in New York. Thanks to an accidental video leak by mau5trap, a full version of the song was floating around YouTube by the end of November, and the name ATTLAS made its first appearance.

With nothing to go by but a name, rumours abounded as to the identity of the mysterious producer. Many people--myself included--guessed that it was deadmau5 himself behind the curtain. The Aural Psynapse remix contains many of the hallmarks of a Zimmerman production from the quality, style, percussion, and synths. On Dec. 12, the song was released as a free download via mau5trap along with the launch of an official website. Fans dissected the ATTLAS cover image, a black-and-white cropped photo showing only the bottom half of a male face, comparing it to deadmau5 photos and hypothesizing that the image was a photoshop. Whoever ATTLAS was, he was definitely affiliated with mau5trap.

In February 2015, mau5trap unveiled the We Are Friends Vol. 3 compilation, and not only did ATTLAS provide a minimix trailer for the release, his track Sabs was also the lead song. At this point, alarm bells were ringing.

Hounded at every turn, deadmau5 took to the internet to set the record straight.

With the most obvious suspect proving to be a red herring, and with ATTLAS' debut EP fast approaching, we decided to dig a little deeper.

Originally, when using Shazam on the Aural Psynapse remix, the name "Jeff Hartford" appeared.

This listing, along with a SoundCloud page of the same name, was eventually taken down. A search of ATTLAS' Twitter page revealed that several members of the Hartford family were following the enigmatic producer. Although some have since un-followed the account, one member of the Hartford family, his sister Shannon, still does, and her recent retweet certainly seemed to support their close connection.

It is also interesting to note that Shannon hails from Oakville, Canada, a suburban town in the Greater Toronto Area, and ATTLAS tweeted "Hello from Canada" on March 2.

As for the mysterious black-and-white cover image, a search revealed the full version of the photo (see top image). Rather than a photoshopped modern image, it is in fact an old photo of Jeff's grandfather, James "Jim" Hartford, who passed away in October of 2012 in Toronto. A copy of the obituary, published in the Toronto Star on Nov. 1 2012, confirms Jeff and Shannon as siblings. Moreover, even a layman's comparison of the photo above with the photo of the deceased supports a connection.

A search on ASCAP, the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers, revealed that Jeffrey Hartford wrote a song with Colleen D'Agostino called Deep Dark Sound. Colleen released her debut EP, Collide, on mau5trap March 15, however their collab was not included, suggesting it might appear on ATTLAS' EP instead.

Given the overwhelming evidence, we're confident deducing that ATTLAS' true identity is indeed Toronto native Jeff Hartford. His first EP, Sirens, is set to drop on mau5trap March 30 following his recently released debut standalone single Scarlett. The producer created an Overture to tease the EP's incredible productions, which range from downtempo and progressive house to glitch hop and techno (listen above). Kayla, the EP's latest single, features vocals from Kristian Attard of Intergalactix and is available now for your listening pleasure up above. Although his identity is no longer a secret, we still can't wait to get our hands on what looks to be an absolutely stunning EP.
ATTLAS - Kayla (Original Mix) [mau5trap]
ATTLAS - Overture
deadmau5 - Aural Psynapse (ATTLAS Remix) [mau5trap]
Mar 27

DJ Mag’s Top 100 Clubs Lists Green Valley As #1 Club

The results are in for the 2015 edition of DJ Mag's annual Top 100 Clubs, and contrary to popular belief, this was not the true top 10 list.

This year, the #1 club in the world is Green Valley in Camboriu, Brazil, which moves up one spot from the previous year by jumping Space Ibiza, which now sits in #2. Hakkasan, sitting at #3, is the highest-ranked US club; the next highest US spot is Washington-based Echostage at #18. Unsurprisingly, three of the top five clubs in the world are in Ibiza.

Check out which club made the top 10 below and view the full list here.

Mar 26

The Rinse 05

The Rinse is back to supply another dose of brand new drum & bass for the week. This week's episode highlights up-and-comers and veterans alike, showcasing works form Octane, Mark System, and the ubiquitous Hamilton, among others. Also featured this week is a new mixed set from the mighty Critical Music, which comes ahead of the imprint's massive live show later this week. Without further ado, let's get those knees above the elbows, shall we?

L 33 - Scream (Original Mix) [Eat Brain]

First up is a neuro-maniacal track from rising Bulgarian producer L 33. Appropriately titled Scream, this track is pressurized to the point of combustion, combining a raucous break and snarling bassline in an enveloping stereo field. The tune comes as part of a four-track EP by way of prominent neurofunk label Eat Brain, and is available right here on Beatport.

Mark System - Optix (Original Mix) [Exit]

Mark System, popularly known for his MC talents in years past, just dropped a two-track EP on Exit Records and it's definitely a statement piece. The Londoner delivers two minimalistic rollers on the EP, but it's Optix' piercing lead synth that quickly cemented its spot on this week's Rinse--proof positive that Mark is just as good behind a keyboard as he is a microphone. Make sure to head over to Beatport to pick up Mark's latest.

Hamilton - Track 8 (Original Mix) [RAM]

Hamilton is gearing up to release two dancefloor-ready tracks on his forthcoming EP via RAM Records titled Feel the Fury and Track 8. Both are typical heavyweight Hamilton productions, but it's Track 8's unconventional arrangement that immediately etches itself into the auditory cortex. The tune was premiered recently by Annie Mac and will hit stores on March 29. Pre-order the EP right here on iTunes.

Sigma feat. Labrinth - Higher (Extended Mix) [3beat]

Sigma is definitely one of the hottest acts in the scene right now, and their latest collaboration with Simon Cowell-signed artist Labrinth is nothing short of spectacular. Titled Higher, the tune is filled with uplifting vibes derived from its triumphant string and piano harmonies. As always, Labrinth delivers an emotive vocal composition with his trademarked hymn-type chants when the tune begins. Out via 3beat, Higher is now available alongside several house remixes on Beatport. Also make sure to check out the official music video.

DLR & Octane feat. Break - Murmur (Break & DLR VIP) [Dispatch Dubplate]

Break, DLR, and Octane's 2012 track Murmur made huge waves on the DJ circuit, garnering support from the likes of Andy C, Friction, and Goldie, to name a few. When Break and DLR gave it a VIP treatment, the tune's darkness quotient was ratcheted up by a factor of ten. Out on Dispatch Recordings' sister-imprint Dispatch Dubplate, Murmur VIP comes flanked by two other DLR productions, and all three can be had in limited vinyl form or as a digital download from Beatport.

Hyroglifics - Critical Sound Bristol Promo Mix [Critical Music]

The last entry on this week's episode of The Rinse is a special Critical Sound mix from famed D&B label Critical Music. Curated by British Columbian newcomer Hyroglifics, the mix was released to promote Critical's upcoming live show on March 28 in Bristol featuring Kasra, Emperor, and neuro-extraordinaire Mefjus, to name a few. For tickets and event info, visit the Motion website. To download this mix for free, head over to the Critical Music SoundCloud page here.
L 33 - Scream (Original Mix) [Eat Brain]
Mark System - Optix (Original Mix) [Exit]
Hamilton - Track 8 (Original Mix) [RAM]
Sigma feat. Labrinth - Higher (Extended Mix) [3beat]
Octane & DLR feat. Break - Murmur (Break & DLR VIP) [Dispatch Dubplate]
Hyroglifics - Critical Sound Bristol Promo Mix