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May 30

Gouryella Returns With ‘Anhara’

We admit that we were among the many who jumped the gun a little when Ferry Corsten started to tease a new track on his Flashover imprint, hypothesising that the mystery producer was in fact the return of Ferry's legendary Gouryella alias. We were all wrong of course, Origami turned out to be the work of Spanish producer Dimension, but the furore seems to have planted a seed, because now the Gouryella name really is back, with a brand new track entitled Anhara.

Despite a 13-year gap since the last Gouryella release, Anhara jumps right back into the style that made the name so popular in the first place. Uplifting trance builds and drops don't get much bigger than this--the classic supersaw sound is out in full force, the drums are simple yet banging, and with the addition of a rolling bassline, we're transported right into the midst of trance's "glory days" at the turn of the millennium. Yet despite the nostalgic element, Anhara shows that while trance may have had a golden era 15 or so years ago, the genre isn't doing too badly in the present day. Tiesto may have moved on--the Dutch legend was part of the Gouryella project for their first three releases--but with the likes of Ferry Corsten at the helm, trance may yet be moving towards its finest hour.

Anhara is out on June 15 on Flashover Recordings. Listen on Spotify below.

May 29

Friday Favorites 110

Take heed, my friends. This is the end of days--weekdays, of course. The end of weekends? That would be Armageddon. It's Friday Favorites 110.

Josh Bennett
Satan Bass | Boombox Cartel & Jackal - Jamba (Billion Dollars Remix)
Mexican newcomer Billion Dollars may have singlehandedly razed a rainforest with this one. Premiered on NestHQ, his remix of Jamba is self-labeled as "Satan bass," but I'd like to offer up a few more genre name suggestions. Jungle apocalypse? Full tilt jungle madness? Defqon jungle? Either way, the amount of times he switches up the rhythm is enough to make you slap the person sitting next to you. Press play and tell everyone to duck.
Nathan Codd
Bass House | Defunct! - Blowin' The Haze (Original Mix) [Audiophile XXL]
Audiophile XXL has been laying it on thick in just the few months since it sprung forth from its namesake parent label, keeping in supply a steady flow of UK funky and bass house, while offering many for free. Pick up the latest three-item from London/Switzerland outfit Defunct! including Blowin' The Haze along with the label's free launch compilation here.
Jesse Champagne
Progressive House | Fehrplay - Slab (Original Mix) [Exalted Tunes]
After a week of non-stop, pounding techno beats, I needed a bit of a breather, and Fehrplay's 2012 track Slab is just what the doctor ordered. Featuring a poignant and serene sample from Ryuichi Sakamoto's Bibo No Aozora, which you hip hop heads might recognize from Jay Electronica's Better In Tune With The Infinite, Slab is a soothing progressive number that works great as a solemn closing number. Grab the free download here.
Mike Davies
Deep House | Bicep - Celeste (Original Mix) [Aus]
This is weird and wonderful deep house with haunting piano lines and smooth rhythms. It's that time of year when other people are in Ibiza and I'm not, so Bicep's sublime track Celeste is perfect for lifting the mood. It will probably sound good on Playa D'En Bossa beach too, I'm hoping to find out before too long. The whole Just EP is worth checking out, so grab your copy here.
Yasmin Damoui
House | Flight Facilities - Down To Earth (Sean Glass Remix)
At first glance, it may seem like this is just another song to add to the endless list Flight Facilities remixes... not so fast. Besides being a superb edit production-wise, there are several unique aspects at play with Sean Glass' remix of the Aussies' well-known 2014 Down To Earth. First, Flight Facilities is the first act signed to LA DJ, producer, and industry wiz Sean Glass' record label, Win Music. If that wasn't enough to make it special for all three artists involved, there is also a philanthropic side to all of this: the remix was released to drive awareness for the Dan Fredinburg Foundation, a charity created to commemorate the boys' beloved friend and dedicated to raising money for the Nepal Earthquake. How's that for a Friday?
Shea Kopp
Jazz/Nu disco | Lianne La Havas - Unstoppable (FKJ Remix)
Multi-instrumentalist FKJ remixes Lianne La Havas' ethereal Unstoppable and completely transforms it into a funky, piano jazz remix. The Parisian made a name for himself after the release of his wildly successful Time For A Change EP and he has since released another equally popular EP as well as multiple catchy remixes. Following his Los Angeles debut just this week, FKJ is truly "unstoppable," and you can hear more of his tunes at his SoundCloud here.
Megan Murphy
Indie/Beats | Bordertown - All This Before (Jack Ritchie Remix) [Love & Other]
The British producer known as Bearcubs has released his first single under his real name, and it's pure indie dance magic. Along with Jack Ritchie's new alias comes a slightly more funky and upbeat style, as he transforms Bordertown's deep house number into a cascade of melodic percussion and offbeat synths. Tropical drums blend with vocal samples from the one and only Whitney Houston for a distinct and dance-inducing sound. Pick up the remix on Beatport here.
Marcus Dowling
Indie/Beats | Misun - Far Away From Me [Aquawave]
DC-to-LA band Misun calls their sound "aquawave," but this track from their just released Feel Better EP is straight up "shoegaze trip hop." The break from Al Green's I'm So Glad You're Mine gives this one it's hard edge, and ace producer/lead guitarist Nacey being on mixing dutues allows for the ambient. swirling and twinkling melody to feel haunting as hell. Throw in vocalist Misun Wojcik's one-in-a-million lead that always feels light as a feather but hits stiff as a board, and this one leaves a mark. Misun's Feel Better EP is available on iTunes here.
Chris Porter
Garage | Maal feat. Sep - No More (Original Mix) [HMWL]
Swedish producer Maal dazzled late last month with two mixes of his captivating tune No More featuring singer Sep. The club edit of the track received considerable attention from the blogosphere and thankfully provided the trail of breadcrumbs necessary to find the artist's original mix. While the club mix is superbly produced in its own right, the original's morose vibe speaks to the ability to convey emotional affectations through song and lyric. No More is an emotional ride, seamlessly integrating a 2-step groove with melancholic melody and Sep's disheartened vocal. Out on Swedish label HMWL, No More is available via Beatport.
Boombox Cartel & Jackal - Jamba (Billion Dollars Remix)
Defunct! - Blowin' The Haze (Original Mix) [Audiophile XXL]
Fehrplay - Slab (Original Mix) [Exalted Tunes]
Bicep - Celeste (Original Mix) [Aus]
Flight Facilities - Down To Earth (Sean Glass Remix)
Lianne La Havas - Unstoppable (FKJ Remix)
Bordertown - All This Before (Jack Ritchie Remix) [Love & Other]
Misun - Far Away From Me
Maal feat. Sep - No More (Original Mix) [HMWL]
May 29

Interview: MaRLo

Don’t be too goal-obsessed. I was so hungry for success that I would not sleep. I would just work, work, work because I had to make a track that people cared about. It's not about that. It's about enjoying the journey as much as the destination.
MaRLo feat. Christina Novelli - Hold It Together (Radio Edit) [Armada]
May 29

Entranced 25

We've reached 25 episodes of Entranced, and as you might expect, it's business as usual as we offer up five more of the week's hottest new trance music. Entranced 25 features new tracks from Andy Moor, Markus Schulz, Genix, and more!

Andy Moor & RAM feat. Christina Novelli - All Gone (RAM Uplifting Mix) [WAO138]
To kick things off this week, how about a collab between Andy Moor and RAM, with Christina Novelli on vocals? Not trancey enough for you? Well how about an Uplifting Mix from RAM himself. All Gone is stocked full of all your favourite trance standards--a rolling bassline, piano riffs, big chords, and a banging kick. But between three of the hottest talents on the trance scene, not to mention Novelli's vocal talents, this is way more than a run-of-the-mill trance record; this is uplifting trance at its best, mixed with some top-notch songwriting for good measure. Get your copy of All Gone here.

Anske - Little Dreamer (Ariel & Danilo Remix) [Lange]
Lithuanian talent Anske has come up with a fantastic track in its own right with Little Dreamer, but really putting the icing on the cake is a remix from Argentinian duo Ariel & Danilo. Tear-jerking-yet-feel-good chords, big builds and epic drops, not to mention those incredible little vocal snippets, Little Dreamer is a sublime piece of progressive trance with a touch of uplifting, perfect for raising the roof as well as your mood. The whole Little Dreamer package is worth getting your hands on, and it's out now on Lange Recordings. Get your copy here.

Genix - Muto (Original Mix) [Armind]
British talent Genix might just be one of the most prolific producers on the trance scene at the moment. Already a firm favourite and poster boy for Anjunabeats, he's now showing off his skills on trance's other behemoth Armada, this time with a release on Armind. Muto is that mix of uplifting and big-room that we've come to know and love from Genix. Stompy drums juxtaposed with delicate piano lines and some subtle-yet-crazy synth goodness in the middle--what more could you ask for? Muto is out now, so get your copy here.

Markus Schulz - Bombay [Mumbai] (Original Mix) [Coldharbour]
Markus Schulz offers up the latest track in his ambitious City Series, with a follow up to Golden Gate , this time with an Indian flavour. Bombay [Mumbai] has a confusing name--the city of Mumbai was previously called Bombay--and a historic background. If it sounds familiar, that's because it pays tribute to the Trouser Enthusiasts' 1999 classic Sweet Release, by borrowing the main melody. We're not sure how this links to the Indian theme either, but either way, this one is a belter, so get your copy here.

Rafael Frost & Maria Nayler - No Mistakes (Original Mix) [Frost Recordings]
Some more vocal epicness to round things off this week, this time with Dutch producer Rafael Frost, who is joined by the angelic talents of Maria Nayler for No Mistakes. A start-stop banger mixed with some utterly enormous atmospheres, No Mistakes is prime big room club material, but with a hefty helping of emotion and feeling that lets it stand out as a track you can kick back to at home. No Mistakes is out now of Rafael's own Frost Recordings, so grab your copy here.
Andy Moor & RAM feat. Christina Novelli - All Gone (RAM Uplifting Mix) [WAO138]
Anske - Little Dreamer (Ariel & Danilo Remix) [Lange]
Genix - Muto (Original Mix) [Armind]
Markus Schulz - Bombay [Mumbai] (Original Mix) [Coldharbour]
Rafael Frost & Maria Nayler - No Mistakes (Original Mix) [Frost]
May 29

Yotto Joins Anjunadeep With ‘Memento/Azzuro’ EP

Talented young Finn Otto Yliperttula, better known by his alias Yotto, has joined the Anjunadeep crew, bringing with him a solid two-track EP that firmly places his mark on the deep house scene.

With the "deep house" tag hotter than ever among the cool kids, it's easy for the plethora of tracks that get released every week to crowd out the gems. A name like Anjunadeep certainly helps, but as we've become accustomed to with the label, Yotto's work oozes with class and style that allows it to stand out above the rest on its own merits. Title track Memento is a bold and atmospheric opener, with simple little bass riffs and plenty of cool percussive effects. So far, so deep, but the real killer is Azzuro, which offers more of the same spacey rhythmic elements, but several more bucket loads of bassy goodness.

Anjunadeep needs to do very little to cement their place as one of the most respectable labels on the deep house scene, but giving a platform to stellar talent like Yotto is a sure-fire way to ensure they retain their place at the top of the tree. Memento/Azzuro is out now on Beatport, so get your copy here.
Yotto - Memento (Original Mix) [Anjunadeep]
Yotto - Azzuro (Original Mix) [Anjunadeep]