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May 27

Matoma Meets J-Lo And Derulo On ‘Try Me’

Tropical house hotshot Matoma (pictured) makes for the big leagues with his latest warm-weather production, Try Me by Jason Derulo, on which he's featured alongside Jennifer Lopez.

After snagging his staggeringly popular Notorious B.I.G. bootleg Old Thing Back earlier in 2015, representatives of Big Beat Records and parent company Warner Music told LessThan3 that they had big plans for the Norwegian producer, and they weren't kidding. Matoma, real name Tom Straete, is slapped onto production duties for the American singer-songwriter responsible for such hits as Wiggle, Watcha Say, and Talk Dirty, crafting a white-hot tropical house beat beneath Derulo and J-Lo's 's reflections on summertime hookups.

As the hands-down highest-profile collab in the genre's short history, Try Me has all the makings of a tipping point for the tropical house sound as it sails toward mainstream radio embrace. With the sound's obvious natural appeal already having hollowed itself out a stable niche in dance music, tropical house looks ready to dominate on a larger scale as it gets escorted into the greater pop sphere by names like Derulo and Lopez... and Warner, of course. Simply put, get ready to hear this everywhere.

Grab your copy here, and pick up the rest of Derulo's album Everything Is 4 June 2 from Warner. Stream it now via MTV here.
Jason Derulo feat. Jennifer Lopez & Matoma - Try Me (Original Mix) [Warner]
May 27

MDMA Therapy To Begin In San Francisco

The US Drug Enforcement Administration has given permission to a psychiatrist in San Francisco to begin using MDMA-assisted treatment.

Dr. Philip Wolfson will administer the popular party drug to 18 patients in an attempt to reduce anxiety disorders in people with cancer and other serious, life-threatening diseases.

Wolfson says that MDMA can be "transformationally potent," and that it is "a substance that supports deep, meaningful and rapidly effective psychotherapy.”

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has also got behind the idea. FDA spokeswoman Sandy Walsh believes that "if a drug works for a disabling condition and can be labeled to be used in a safe way in that population... then we think we have an obligation to evaluate the data and do what the data supports, such as allow a trial to proceed.”

Preliminary therapy will begin with 13 patients participating in eight-hour sessions after taking the drug, with the other five patients taking a placebo. The entire project could take up to 15 months, with various follow-up sessions used to check on the mental status of patients.

If you're in the Bay Area, Dr. Philip Wolfson will give a public talk titled “MDMA and the Science of Psychedelic Therapy — The Great Adventure” June 4, 7:30 p.m. at the First Unitarian Church, 1187 Franklin St., San Francisco. Get more info here.
May 27

Hunter Siegel Is ‘Still Waiting’ On ‘Waiting Up’ Follow-Up

De facto drape house poster child and dark PLUR ambassador Hunter Siegel hands out Waiting Up part deux today in Still Waiting, both of which we now know carry vocals from the lovely and talented Delaney Jane.

Waiting Up saw Siegel burst into the blossoming, bass-heavy modern house scene roughly a year ago to the day. Still Waiting brings similar vibes via steely, shuddering basslines and the original's vocals--for which we didn't have a name to credit at the time--however chopped and pitched into new form for what feels like a true sonic sequel and celebration of what he's accomplished since then.

Siegel's giving the track away for free for a week only, so grab your copy here courtesy of Thrive Music while you can.

Hunter Siegel feat. Delaney Jane - Still Waiting (Original Mix) [Thrive]
May 27

The Digitally Imported Dial 12: Electronic Pioneers

We're back with our weekly series with Digitally Imported, The Digitally Imported Dial, where we highlight some of the best channels and shows available on the Web’s premier electronic music streaming radio platform. Every channel is curated by hand, so we’ll hear from the men and women behind the scenes how they bring us the music we love.

DI's Electronic Pioneers channel is on deck this week, a catalog-based channel that takes quite a different approach than most of the channels on Digitally Imported. We spoke to the programmer, BJ Schweinlin, to find out the nuances of curating for such a unique channel and set of listeners.

Surprisingly enough, most of BJ's early musical experiences were not electronic:

My musical background is diverse, and oddly enough doesn't involve much electronic music. My parents both listened to mostly Classical music and Big Band/Swing from the '40s and '50s. I had piano and drum lessons from a very early age, and as a teenager and young adult I played drums in various rock bands. In my mid-20s I started studying world music and music theory, and performed in various touring world music and percussion groups. In my early 30s I started learning music recording and engineering, which led to eventually opening my own studio and record label, which is mostly focused on electronic music these days. I'm currently a music producer, working in television and film, and writing, recording, and producing for two chillout electronica projects, in addition to programming the DI Electronic Pioneers channel.
BJ's criteria for who is a "pioneer" stems mostly from the era in which the music was produced:

"Pioneer" status is based on two criteria in my mind: The first is whether the artists are actually early pioneers of electronic music, and the second is whether they are still true to those early sounds. The early artists that I choose are from the "expansion" and "popularization" eras, which means anyone from the '60s to early '80s. During these eras electronic music has a very unique, sequencer-driven style to it. New artists like Redshift and Arc are still doing music in that vein, so also I include them in the mix.
We asked BJ to share which content he enjoys the most on the channel:

It has to be the live concerts. I'm always blown away by how they created the majority of the music on the fly; the amount of preparation that needed to be done prior to playing a single note is insane. It shows how much the early artists really loved the music, and why we call them Pioneers today. The live concerts are regularly aired on the channel, so check them out next time you tune in, and take yourself back to those early days of the music we all love.
BJ's favorite track find while curating? A rare Pink Floyd recording from 1974:

I really love Pink Floyd's On The Run Live 1974. It was a hard track to find, sounds awesome, and really shows how far those guys were getting into the electronic music scene. Currents by Craig Padilla is another one. That one was recorded in 2008, but has the feel of early '80s electronica before slowly developing into a much more textured piece, and then falling off into something ambient in the end.
BJ keeps the channel interesting with rare artist and album finds:

I try to keep the channel interesting by including hard-to-find past artists and rare albums and placing them with tracks that fans will already know and love. DI Electronic Pioneers is a bit of a different animal than the other channels in the sense that it's mostly music from a past era, rather than the latest music available. However, I think that the definition of "new music" has a different connotation for this channel as I’m not only finding music that's been recorded and released recently from new artists, I'm finding rare gems from past artists that most fans aren't even aware of. So in that sense, I get to find music that's old for the time frame, but new for all of us.
Well-known classics get the best fan reaction, while Classical reworks get the worst:

The music that gets the best feedback are the famous classics, like well-known Tangerine Dream tracks, Jean Michel Jarre, artists like that. The worst are always when I try to slip in something that's a Classical music cover song done with synthesizers. I'm not the biggest fan of these types of tracks, and it seems that the vast majority of the listeners aren't either.
Listen to the Digitally Imported Electronic Pioneers channel here.
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Download the Digitally Imported app here.
May 27

10 Must-Hear Sets From Mysteryland USA 2015

America's take on the Mysteryland festival took place over Memorial Day weekend at the one-time grounds of the legendary Woodstock festival, the sets and stages showcasing the depth and breadth of styles, vibes and sounds surging into dance's festival-loving mainstream. If you weren't able to be there live in attendance or are ready to head back to the countryside, we compiled 10 of the top Mysteryland USA sets from the weekend. In no particular order, here are 10 performances that truly stood apart from the rest.

1. Diplo

Free Download Here

2. Dillon Francis

Free Download Here

3. A-Trak

Free Download Here

4. Empire of the Sun

Free Download Here

5. Claptone

Free Download Here

6. Matthew Dear

Free Download Here

7. Anja Schneider

Free Download Here

8. Josh Wink

Free Download Here

9. TJR

Free Download Here

10. Gramatik

Free Download Here
Diplo - Live @ Mysteryland USA 2015
Dillon Francis - Live @ Mysteryland USA 2015
A-Trak - Live @ Mysteryland USA 2015
Empire of the Sun - Live @ Mysteryland US 2015
Claptone - Live @ Mysteryland USA 2015
Matthew Dear - Live @ Mysteryland USA 2015
Anja Schneider - Live @ Mysteryland USA 2015
Josh Wink - Live @ Mysteryland USA 2015
TJR - Live @ Mysteryland USA 2015
Gramatik - Live @ Mysteryland USA 2015