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Jan 25

The Golden Pony’s Got Us Going Up On A ‘Tuesday’

Following in the wake of their dynamic Seinabo Sey remix, Brooklyn disco disciples The Golden Pony return with a reinterpretation of ILoveMakonnen's viral hit Tuesday.

Though ILoveMakonnen's original was made popular after Drake made his own remix of the tune, it's The Golden Pony's added house bassline that takes this track into new dance territory. The hi-hat ornamentation and trap influence deviate from the producers' more traditional disco roots to nestle the remix nicely between classic house and future bass.

Grab your free download here.
ILoveMakonnen - Tuesday (The Golden Pony Remix) [Free Download]
Jan 25

Martin Solveig & GTA Get ‘Intoxicated’

It can't be said for certain, but there's probably an obscure law out there that says that you can't start festival season unless you've got a quirky big room house anthem with a whacky message about getting drunk or partying. Right on cue, we bring you the aptly named Intoxicated by French producer Martin Solveig (pictured) and Miami-based duo GTA.

With a name like Intoxicated, it's clear that subtlety isn't the song's strong point. There's a synth hook that you and your friends can chant along to, some vocals about being in love--which we totally believe--and a big drop where CO2 cannons will go off and confetti will fire into your face if you've managed to fight your way down to a spot in the front at Ultra. Even if you aren't making it to a festival this year, you're still bound to hear this one pretty much everywhere you go in the coming months.

There's even an unusual music video to go along with it, complete with obligatory dance moves that you and your friends can try to copy--and don't lie, you'll all be trying it. Intoxicated is out now on Beatport via Spinnin' Deep, and will be staggering into all other stores on Feb. 2.

Martin Solveig & GTA - Intoxicated (Original Mix) [Spinnin' Deep]
Jan 24

Madeon’s ‘You’re On’ Gets An Oliver Remix

Smooth beatmaking kings Oliver turn everything they touch into gold, and Madeon's You're On is the latest recipient of their flawless remixing prowess.

Known for their distinct ability to blend electro and nu disco sounds, the LA production duo mellows out Madeon's heavy banger with robust basslines and groovy, spaced-out synths for a melody that is undeniably Oliver. The original's soothing vocals from Kyan are alive in well in Oliver's spin, but they heighten the funk quality with saxophone notes and upbeat percussion.

No word on an official release date for the track, but the original track is the first single from Madeon's debut album Adventure, set to drop in March.
Madeon feat. Kyan - You're On (Oliver Remix)
Jan 24

Entranced 07

As always here at LessThan3, the end of the week is time for your weekly dose of trance in the shape of five of the finest productions from the best talent the genre has to offer. There’s a bit of contrast on offer for Entranced 07, with some tough and acidic monsters alongside some dreamy big room anthems.

Bastian Salbart - iMagine (Original Mix) [High Contrast]
First up this week is Polish up-and-comer Bastian Salbart, who returns to High Contrast with his latest track iMagine. Tough drums and gritty basslines combine with dreamy synths, floaty vocal chops, and the odd piano motif--so far so normal, but iMagine has a trick up its sleeve. The start-stop technique is nothing new, but Bastian takes it to a whole other level to create a crazy groove that should sound insane in a club. Grab it now from Beatport.

John 00 Fleming - Tik Tok (Part 1) [J00F]
If that wasn’t quite crazy enough, wait until you get a load of John 00 Fleming’s latest track Tik Tok. Split into two parts, Part 1 isn't just a piece of music; it's a bit of a history lesson. For all you kids out there (and I tentatively include myself in that): long before Ferry Corsten and the supersaw, this is what trance was all about. Psychedelic riffs, relentless tribal rhythms, a dark and moody atmosphere. Fleming is bringing it all flooding back, and he’s doing so with style. Tik Tok is out now on John’s own J00F label.

Ost & Meyer - Liquify (Original Mix) [Enhanced Progressive]
Things get a little bit more chilled next for Ost & Meyer’s latest outing on Enhanced Progressive. Liquify starts out as a bit of a stomping big-room trance record, but quickly evolves into a stunning break, complete with big atmospheres and delicate little piano lines. Things move back into big room territory after the drop, but it’s never overbearing and makes for a solid prog-trance anthem. Liquify is out now as a Beatport Exclusive.

Sneijder - Acid (Original Mix) [Subculture]
Right back into crazy territory now, as Irish legend Sneijder takes us on an utterly mental journey with the appropriately named Acid. Unsurprisingly, it’s all about those acid lines, but there is a nice little break complete with some classic supersaw riffs, and one can't fail to mention the earth-shattering kick drum that gives the track some relentless energy. Acid is out now on John O’Callaghan’s Subculture label--where else, really?

Stan Arwell - Memories (Original Mix) [Macarize]
Rounding things off this week is young New York-based producer Stan Arwell, with another fine release on Macarize. Memories is a feel-good piece of big room trance with a hands-in-the-air riff, some bright piano chords, and a nice bouncy groove. He’s got more than a touch of Audien about his style and could certainly reach the same heights if he continues to kick out tunes like this. Grab Memories now, and turn it up loud!
Bastian Salbart - iMagine (Original Mix) [High Contrast]
John 00 Fleming - Tik Tok (Part 1) [J00F]
Ost & Meyer - Liquify (Original Mix) [Enhanced Progressive]
Sneijder - Acid (Original Mix) [Subculture]
Stan Arwell - Memories (Original Mix) [Macarize]
Jan 23

Friday Favorites 92

It just makes the weekend that much better, right? I mean, unless you get called "in." It's Friday Favorites 92.

Josh Bennett
Drum & Bass | Brookes Brothers feat. Camille - Anthem (Original Mix) [Viper]
Brookes Brothers are the kings of uplifting, soulful drum & bass (especially since DJ Fresh decided to go chase butterflies or whatever it is he's been doing), and they've proven that once again with their newest track Anthem. I really hope I start hearing tracks like this on American radio--I think it's high time the public got a piece of that pop & bass. Pick up Anthem here.
Nathan Codd
Glitch/Funk | Mr. Bill & Slynk - Girl You Got Me Insane (Original Mix)
I like what I've been hearing from the glitch and funk world over the past year, and two of the game's usual suspects team up for Girl You Got Me Insane off the Melbourne-based Mr. Bill's Settling For Mediocrity. He and fellow ozzie Slynk fortify one another's funk abilities for a freakishly smooth beat that features a heavy dose of Bill's calling card vocal dicing. Slynk is on a tear of his own as well. Get more here.
Jesse Champagne
Progressive House | Len Faki - Kraft Und Licht (Wellenrausch's Dark Matter Bootleg)
I'll never forget the moment when I first heard Len Faki's spiritually transcendent original--it opened my mind (and ears) to a world of electronic music that I was previously blind to. This bootleg from Berlin-based duo Wellenrausch is just as powerful and poignant, but with a slightly more upbeat energy and some ghostly guitar plucks thrown in for good measure. No release date on the horizon, but I've reached out the duo in hopes of finding out more information.
Mike Davies
House | Shermanology - I Want You (Original Mix) [Work]
I've no idea what the technical term is for the funny bloopy detuned sound that leads Shermanology's latest track I Want You, but it's a house classic that seems to appear on every synth I've ever used. It certainly works brilliantly here, with the Dutch collective kicking out a funky house anthem--complete with a track title vocal hook--that has all the potential to be a massive summer hit. I Want You is out now on Spinnin' imprint Work as a Beatport Exclusive.
Eric Gossett
Indie/Beats | Aphex Twin - Diskhat ALL Prepared1mixed [snr2mix]
The last few months have been heaven for Aphex Twin fans. After finally releasing his first new album in a decade, Richard D. James announced the release of a 13-track EP entitled Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt. 2. In typical Aphex Twin fashion, the producer has given fans a taste of the EP with a free download of the delightfully twisted opening number Diskhat ALL Prepared1mixed [snr2mix]. You can download the track for free on Aphex Twin’s SoundCloud here and purchase the EP in full here.
Megan Murphy
Indie/Beats | Luca Lush - Promise (Original Mix) [Free Download]
It's hard to know how to even begin describing the latest from Luca Lush. Featuring sultry basslines, bouncy synths, funky sound bites, and vocal samples from R&B princess Ciara, Promise is an intense fusion of beats that the New York-based producer somehow manages to blend in perfect harmony. Grab this one for free here.
Shea Kopp
Indie/Beats | Chilly Gonzales & P. Morris - Late Visitor (Original Mix)
Pop music entertainer and master pianist Chilly Gonzales has teamed up with P. Morris for a track that is simply being classed as "piano bass." It is a stunning track, but there are really few works that Gonzales cannot make beautiful with his piano prowess. I have followed his career from a very early stage, from his collaborations with Feist and Daft Punk, all the way up to his Octave Minds project alongside Boys Noize. You can bet that I will be patiently awaiting his forthcoming album Chambers which is set for a suspenseful release sometime this year.
David Kim
Deep House | Camelphat feat. A*M*E - Paradigm (Original Mix) [Axtone]
Following a premiere on BBC Radio 1, UK house duo CamelPhat and Grammy-nominated vocalist A*M*E are proud to release Paradigm, out now on Beatport via Axtone Records. The sleek and seductive collaboration is something different from the label’s usual style, emphasizing their commitment to signing quality music regardless of genre. Grab your copy on Beatport and get ready to enjoy the smoothest track i’ve heard all week.
Brookes Brothers feat. Camille - Anthem (Original Mix) [Viper]
Mr. Bill & Slynk - Girl You Got Me Insane (Original Mix)
Len Faki - Kraft Und Licht (Wellenrausch's Dark Matter Bootleg)
Shermanology - I Want You (Original Mix) [Work]
Aphex Twin - Diskhat ALL Prepared1mixed [snr2mix] (Original Mix) [Warp]
Luca Lush - Promise (Original Mix) [Free Download]
Chilly Gonzales & P. Morris - Late Visitor (Original Mix)
Camelphat feat. A*M*E - Paradigm (Original Mix) [Axtone]