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Aug 04

Instagram Bans ‘EDM’ Hashtag Over Nude Photos

The often controversial, increasingly ambiguous acronym "EDM"--originally coined for "electronic dance music"--found opposition today from a new source when Instagram revealed it added the term to its list of banned hashtags, citing too much skin.

Thanks to an EDMSauce find today, we now know that Instagram has made "#EDM" unsearchable, adding it to a long list of hashtags that are essentially useless without eligibility for search results.

TIME Magazine reached Instagram spokesperson Gabe Madway for further explanation.

“In this case, #EDM was being used to share content that violates our guidelines around nudity,” he said. Madway added that Instagram is working on a way to more quickly restore hashtags that have previously been blocked, and to better communicate its policies around hashtags.
Until then, "#EDM" is exiled to Insta's blacklist along with "#boobs," "#weed," and of course, "#nude." The most recent hashtag to make a comeback from banishment was "#curvy" which supporters claim is used to promote a healthy body image.
Aug 04

LA May Ban EDM Festivals On County Land After HARD Summer Deaths

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted to launch a full investigation and consider a ban on electronic music festivals on county-owned property today in response to suspected drug-related deaths of two attendees at HARD Summer.

Autopsies are still pending, but officials from the Department of the Medical Examiner-Coroner said they believe the two young women, aged 18 and 19, died of drug overdoses while at the event Aug. 1-2 at the Fairplex in Pomona, Calif., which is owned by Los Angeles County.

ABC7 reports that The Board approved a motion set forth by Supervisor Hilda Solis that will launch a full investigation into the two deaths in addition to pursuing new community outreach and entertaining a temporary ban on electronic music fests on County property in the meantime. Solis announced her plan at a press conference Aug. 3, during which she said that the Board will review the safety requirements placed on similar events after the death of a 15-year-old girl at Electric Daisy Carnival in LA in 2010. County attorneys told ABC7 they are deciding whether or not HARD was following such contractual safety obligations.

"I want to provide a safe environment for everyone to enjoy. No one should have to lose their life while attending a public concert," Solis said during the conference.
The incidents were also the topic of discussion during the Aug. 3 Pomona City Council meeting, during which council members John Nolte and Debra Martin both expressed concern that the ban could become permanent if officials are not satisfied, according to a report from SGVT.

"The music festival may never return to Pomona," Martin said.
These incidents total four for HARD in three years after 21-year-old Jonathan Reyes died from a ruptured aorta in 2013--which was later ruled to be non-drug-related--and the death of 19-year-old Emily Tran in 2014, who was confirmed to have died from acute MDMA intoxication. Both HARD and county officials now turn their attention to the upcoming A Night At Fairplex Sept. 10 and wish to resolve the issue before then.

Watch ABC7's coverage of the press conference below, and check back for updates.

Aug 04

The Dos and Don’ts Of Becoming A Successful DJ/Producer

Clearly the electronic music field has never been so competitive. With chances at success coming and going as fast as the next fleeting sound, tomorrow's stars are resorting to some very interesting tactics, indeed. Some are great. Some are not. While an ideal approach to marketing oneself is a moving target, here are some things we know for sure.

DO: Use A Memorable, Punchy Name That People Can Find On Google

DON'T: Use Random Capitalization And Numbers And Get Upset When People Get It Wrong

DO: Cultivate Hype

DON'T: Expect You'll Be A Mystery Forever

DO: Utilize Nostalgic Cartoon Or Video Game Imagery

DON'T: Commission CGI Versions Of Yourself

DO: Strive For Originality In Your Work

DON'T: Expect People Not To Compare It To Things

DO: Ask For Feedback

DON'T: Argue That They're Wrong

DO: Craft Dynamic Productions

DON'T: Cram 10 Tracks Into One

DO: Work Toward An Optimal Output Rate

DON'T: Put Out A Half-Dozen Pieces Of Sh*t At Once

DO: Keep It Real

DON'T: Forget Where You Came From

DO: Reach Out To Relevant Websites With Personalized Emails

DON'T: Spam The Entire Internet

DO: Network As Much As You Can

DON'T: Make It Weird

DO: Offer Feedback On Others' Work

DON'T: Comment With Your Mixtape

And Most Of All, Remember This

Aug 04

Julio Bashmore Releases ‘She Ain’t,’ 3rd From Debut Album

British producer Julio Bashmore channels throwback disco funk in She Ain't, the latest release from his forthcoming debut album, Knockin' Boots.

Bashmore's latest opens with fiery vocals soon joined by a soulful melody of upbeat chords and retro synths. As with his other recent tracks, She Ain't represents a turn from the deep house style of Bashmore's earlier work as he explores the groovier elements of dance music.

She Ain't joins Holding On and title track Knockin' Boots as the third release from Bashmore's first LP, set to release Aug. 7 on Boardwalk Records. Preorder the album on iTunes here.
Julio Bashmore - She Ain't (Original Mix) [Boardwalk]
Aug 04

WATCH: Tiesto, 7UP Seek Next Top DJs In ‘Your Shot’ Series Debut

Dutch dance icon Tiesto has teamed with 7UP to discover and train America's next top DJ for a new web series titled Your Shot.

Already one of the biggest commercial supporters of dance music, 7UP is powering the 10-part, eight-week web series that will document 30 budding DJs as they compete for the opportunity to perform alongside Tiesto in Las Vegas at Hakkasan and at 7UP's Stage 7 at Ultra Music Festival 2016.

What separates Your Shot from other DJ competitions is that this web series requires no previous DJ experience--applicants need only have the desire to learn. Out of thousands of applicants, only 30 people will be selected to receive extensive training at the Your Shot Academy in Los Angeles, before eventually performing in front of a panel of judges that includes Tiesto. The group will be whittled down to six contestants, who will then travel to vegas to receive personal training from the In Search Of Sunrise man himself.

Watch the first two episodes down below now. New episodes will premiere every Monday.