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Jul 01

LIGHT Las Vegas Announces Independence Day And July Lineup

Where can you get trapeze artists, amazing visuals, and DJs all in one place? LIGHT Las Vegas, the Cirque du Soleil-associated nightclub at Mandalay Bay. The club has put together a stacked lineup for July, starting with Independence Day festivities with Norman Doray, GTA, and Alesso. The month continues with appearances from Henrix, Hook N Sling, A-Trak, Morgan Page, and more. View the full July lineup below, and pick up tickets to all shows here.

Jul 01

Electric Forest Shuts Down DanceSafe Booth Mid-Festival

Michigan’s Electric Forest festival has been operating since 2011, and each year the public heath group DanceSafe has been in attendance as a vendor—until their booth was unexpectedly shut down mid-weekend at this year’s event.

Operating as one of the leading drug awareness and safety groups in dance music, DanceSafe has become a staple at TomorrowWorld, Imagine Festival, Mysteryland, Lightning in a Bottle, and other electronic music events. Their mission is to provide all festival attendees with unbiased drug information, free water, condoms, ear plugs, and--in some cases--provide free substance testing for any festival-goer that has decided to take drugs.

This drug testing service is their most controversial, but DanceSafe National Outreach Director Mitchell Gomez made clear the company's policy in a site announcement detailing the incident.

“In recent years, we’ve worked with many event producers who are uncomfortable with providing this service onsite, and in cases where we’ve been asked not to, we never test onsite, sell kits, or provide any other service that is not wanted.”
Beginning Thursday of the festival, the DanceSafe booth began to receive complaints from festival officials about specific services, in which the booth immediately complied by stripping back each service in question. Early the next day, representatives from the festival’s co-promoter (alongside Insomniac) Madison House Presents asked the booth to shut down entirely.

Madison House Presents gave Gomez little explanation for the group’s quick removal, though the DanceSafe has fears that the RAVE Act may played a part in changing the promotion group’s stance on their presence at the festival. Proposed in 2003, the act, whose acronym stands for Reducing Americans' Vulnerability to Ecstasy, prohibits “an individual from... making available for use, or profiting from any place for the purpose of manufacturing, distributing, or using any controlled substance.”

Legal jargon aside, and this act could make any promoter a little leery if they might be considered “making available for use” any sort of substance within their event grounds. Gomez argues that providing harm reduction services should not be grounds for RAVE Act prosecution, in theory.

It’s not new information that people take drugs at raves and, in unfortunate cases, sometimes harm themselves. The rift that comes to the surface of the issue is how festival promoters (and ultimately, higher legal jurisdiction) handle the presence of drugs at these events. Some decide to ignore the use of drugs within festival bounds and opt for stricter prohibition tactics to keep drugs from getting through their entrance at the event's beginning. Others make sure that guests have all the proper drug information and safety necessities available to them, inviting groups like DanceSafe to help keep their attendees hydrated, informed, and dancing.

Read Dance DanceSafe's complete recap and reaction to the incident here.

photos: DanceSafe
Jul 01

The Digitally Imported Dial 14: Latin House

We're back with our weekly series with Digitally Imported, The Digitally Imported Dial, where we highlight some of the best channels and shows available on the Web’s premier electronic music streaming radio platform. Every channel is curated by hand, so we’ll hear from the men and women behind the scenes how they bring us the music we love.

Think you know what Latin house is? Think again. The DI Latin House curator, Federico Saretzki, breaks down what Latin house really means and explains the truly global origins of the genre. Find out more below.

Federico was first exposed to electronic music in Colombia:

I was born in Bogotá, Colombia, a city that has become a bastion for electronic music in the region since the late ‘90s. I have a degree in philosophy, and am also an event manager and disco selector (DJ) with some training in audio technology and music business. In 2001 I moved to New York and worked with a label called La Leche promoting Latin beats and hosting some events and parties. I was a DJ for more than 10 years in different clubs and lounges, and also worked for a label called Surfonic as the label’s manager. I hosted my own party called “La Suite” back in 2008, with local DJs bringing world and house music to the scene. When I moved to Canada in 2010, worked as host and producer for a Latin show called “La Onda Latina” on CHIN Radio 97.9 for two years.
Latin house is defined by a specific sound rather than the ethnicity of the producer:

Latin house is just a reflection of Latin culture--a melting pot of different ethnicities, grooves, and musical backgrounds. Latin House is produced all over the world, from European producers in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, and Spain all the way to Central and South America. There is no specific sound like other genres; Latin house overlaps with African music, Brazilian moods, Caribbean drums, salsa percussion, and Iberian--a wide music experience. Latin house sometimes sounds like Latin jazz, and sometimes like tribal music, but it is always consistent with its roots in heavy percussion and making people dance no matter the specific time on the dancefloor.
The audience is much more global than you might expect:

We have a worldwide audience--people from the US, Russia, Latin America, even some Japanese followers. We try to offer a selection of classics, some current productions to stay fresh, and also some deep uplifting tracks for the more experimental listeners. Latin music is not only for a Latin/Hispanic audience; there is a global audience that enjoys the vibe, the percussion, and the massive uplifting tracks. Not all Latin house vocals are sung in Spanish, but also in French, Portuguese, or even African languages.
DI Latin House currently has one recurring show:

We just launched our first live show with Raffael De Luca every third Friday @ 2:00 p.m. EDT, with the latest in Latin house, uplifting tracks, and remixes. We started this show three months ago as an opportunity to bring more producers and DJs to the channel as curators.
Federico features a mix of up-and-comers and familiar names:

David Penn, Dani Cohiba, Little Louie Vega, Gregor Salto, Akabu, MAW, Miganjos, Dr Kucho, Copyright, Kiko Navarro, Marcos Baiano, DJ Meme, Bah Samba, Michel Cleis, Chus & Ceballos, Jerry Ropero, Olav Basoski, Wally Lopez, and Todd Terry, among others can be heard on the channel. I try to keep the channel as updated as possible, showcasing some of the more “famous” names but also playing all types of Latin house, from experimental to mainstream.
When asked what his favorite track finds have been, Federico gave us an extensive list:

· Mr. Bongo Ray Barretto - O Elefante (SHH Remix By Philip Cohan Solal)
· Malena - Vida Mia (Faze Action Remix)
· Kiko Navarro - Soñando Contigo (Kerry Chandler Remix)
· Ian Pooley - Coracao Tambor
· Yonurican - Kokotaso
· Masters At Work - Brazillian Beat (Dope Mix)
· Louie Vega pres. Luisito Quintero ‎- Percussion Maddness
· Cesaria Evora - Sangue de Beirona (Francois K Club Remix)
· Bah Samba feat. Isabel Fructuoso - Calma
Federico is involved with Latin electronic curation across the Internet:

I don’t curate any other channels for DI at the moment, but I am also the senior channel director for FrescaRadio.com where we have other electronic channels such as Brazilectro, Electronic Tango, and Sambass (Brazilian drum & bass).
Listen to the Digitally Imported Latin House channel here.
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Jul 01

The Technodrome 12 – Canada D’eh Edition

Grab your BeaverTails, maple syrup, and poutine, because today is Canada Day! In celebration of The People's Republic of Canuckistan, this week's edition of The Technodrome focuses on new techno music from some of the country's finest, including tracks from Justin James, Nathan Barato, and Johnny Trika. We the North.

Julan Jeweil - Django (Justin James Reix) [Form]
Windsor's Justin James continues to prove that his city is a hotspot for terrific techno with his latest, a peak-time remix of Julian Jeweil's Django. The "D" may be silent, but this banger sure isn't. Pick it up on Beatport here.

The Junkies - Got To Do It (Nathan Barato Remix) [Transmit]
Toronto favorite Nathan Barato delivers a chunky and chuggy spin on The Junkies' Got To Do It, injecting a raw, tech house vibe and slowing down the BPM for a fun and funky rework. Pick it up on Beatport here.

Johnny Trike - Punk Fools (Original Mix) [SCI+TEC]
If Dubfire was born in Montreal, his name would be Johnny Trika. The 22-year-old recently released the Punk Fools EP, a three-track onslaught of masterful minimal techno. The title track is the perfect addition to any late-night underground party. You can almost feel the grime. Listen to LessThan3's premiere of the entire EP here, and pick it up on Beatport here.

Ramon Tapia - Module XOX (Carlo Lio Remix) [Incorrect]
As one of Toronto's biggest breakout stars, Carlo Lio's deep, pulsing techno tunes have earned him recognition throughout the globe. On his Module XOX remix, Lio delivers a dynamite daytime track perfectly suited for lounging around the beach and soaking in the sun. Considering Canadians spend half the year dealing with the winter, we'll take whatever we can get! Pick it up on Beatport here.

Gesaffelstein X Jean-Michel Jarre - Conquistador (REZZ Revision) [Free Download]
20-year-old Niagara producer REZZ has been called "Girlsaffelstein" by her fans, a testament to her ability to unleash dark, sinister, electro-tinged techno. One comment on the track's SoundCloud page sums it up best: "it feels like Hulk just slapped my brain!" Grab the free download here.
Julan Jeweil - Django (Justin James Reix) [Form]
The Junkies - Got To Do It (Nathan Barato Remix) [Transmit]
Johnny Trika - Punk Fools (Original Mix) [SCI+TEC]
Ramon Tapia - Module XOX (Carlo Lio Remix) [Incorrect]
Gesaffelstein X Jean-Michel Jarre - Conquistador (REZZ Revision) [Free Download]
Jul 01

Apple Music Debuts, Premieres Gallant’s ‘Weight In Gold’ Via Zane Lowe

As of Tuesday morning's Apple iOS 8.4 upgrade, Apple Music--Apple's relaunch of Beats Music--went live to the world.

The service is free for three months when users sign up, but after that, Apple Music will cost $9.99 a month. There's also a "family deal" that allows up to six family members to sign up under one account for a total of $14.99 a month. Available through all iOS devices, PCs through a desktop app bundled with iTunes, and on Android devices in the fall, it's an ambitious step forward into the future of music for Apple.

Aside from gaining access to previously unavailable streaming content like Dr. Dre's album The Chronic and Taylor Swift's 1989, Beats 1 Radio launched as well. Former BBC Radio 1 presenter Zane Lowe took to the air and exclusively premiered (for Lowe's first Apple Music premiere) none other than Los Angeles-based soul crooner and future bass producer Gallant's (pictured) latest single Weight In Gold. Bluesy guitar licks, thick breaks, and a sly synth sliding into the mix make for quite the impressive production in what is a continuing series of them from the fast-rising name.

If so inclined, sign up for Apple Music here. Also, purchase Gallant's new single via iTunes here.
Gallant - Weight In Gold (Original Mix) [Mind of a Genius]