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Aug 30

The Rinse 25

Warehouse raiders, The Rinse has returned with a massive salvo of new drum & bass for the week. This week's episode is brimming with music from D&B vets like Wilkinson, Wickaman, DJ Sly, and Break, to name a few. Without further ado, let's dive in!

Wilkinson feat. Shannon Saunders - Breathe (Original Mix) [RAM]
For a limited time, RAM Records' star producer Wilkinson made his most recent tune Breathe available for free on his website as a 'thank you' to his fans. For those that missed it, the tune is now available for purchase and is definitely worth the price of admission. Breathe sees rising UK songstress Shannon Saunders belt out an irresistible vocal on top of a legato bassline and muted lead. The tune is also accompanied by an uplifting music video that can be seen here.

Homemade Weapons - Mileena (MVP Mix) [Samurai Music]
Burgeoning Baltimore native Homemade Weapons just dropped an off-kilter, bass opus titled Clarion Call and it delivers a huge serving of low frequencies and fresh rhythms. One of the EP's high points is the MVP mix of Mileena--a horror-tinged, bass frenzy built around a relentless kick drum and metallic percussion hits. Make sure to check out the original mix of Mileena for a subtler take, which is also featured on the EP.

Submorphics - Outer Mission (Original Mix) [SGN:LTD]
San Francisco-based producer Submorphics made serious noise last year with his smooth roller Long Been Gone on Shogun Audio sister-label, SGN:LTD. Now, the producer returns with another release on SGN:LTD titled The Devine--a four-track EP with typical soulful vibes and frenetic rhythms Submorphics is so great at crafting. The EP brings along a notable cast including Jenna G and T.R.A.C., but also shines with the featureless productions such as Outer Mission. Perhaps taking its name for the area of San Francisco, Outer Mission glides along with a thick pad, resonant pad and vocal steeped in delay.

Friske - Down (Original Mix) [Metalheadz Platinum]
Londoner Friske just released a pressurized, six-track EP on Metalheadz sister label, Metalheadz Platinum--and all six tracks are spectacular. Ant TC1 and TLR render a ruthless remix for the EP's lead off track, but it's the rolling salvo Down that gets the spotlight on this week's episode of The Rinse. Down's chesty bass and syncopated break are essential ingredients for sparking a dancefloor fire.

Riya feat. Break - I Don't Need (Original Mix) [Spearhead]
Delivering perhaps one the year's biggest D&B albums, Riya has simply been an unstoppable force in 2015. Her album, titled Sublimation, comes by way of Spearhead Records, and showcases production from a bevy of artists including Total Science, Enei, and Emperor. Just one of the album's stellar 14 tracks, I Don't Need features production from Break, who brings Riya's sultry voice together with head-knocking breaks and vintage Reese bass.

Mob Tactics feat. Joell Fender - Neon Gold (Original Mix) [Viper]
Mob Tactics have made a name for themselves across some of the biggest labels in the scene like RAM, Playaz, and and MTA, among others. Now, the duo has signed exclusively to Viper Recordings and just dropped their label debut, Neon Gold. The tune features a plucked lead, heavily filtered bassline, and UK vocalist Joell Fender's inimitable voice.

Wickaman & Maverick - The Break Goes On (Original Mix) [Jungle Strikes]
Industry staples Wickaman & Maverick deliver a ragga-inflected gem with their new tune, The Break Goes On. A sample from Sonny & Cher's The Beat Goes On, brings nostalgia to what is otherwise a dancefloor-ready stormer, and the classic break sample combined with a pizzicato lead make for a highly accessible, late-night experience.

DJ Sly feat. Pretty P - Hands Up (Original Mix) [Higher Stakes]
Out via Dj Sly's own Higher Stakes Recordings, DJ Sly and Pretty P's upfront Hands Up is the lead-off track to DJ Sly's new, seven-track EP, Breaking the Rules. A biting lead and a soothing R&B vocal makes Hands Up a peak-time rollercoaster.
Wilkinson feat. Shannon Saunders - Breathe (Original Mix) [RAM]
Homemade Weapons - Mileena (MVP Mix) [Samurai Music]
Submorphics - Outer Mission (Original Mix) [SGN:LTD]
Friske - Down (Original Mix) [Metalheadz Platinum]
Riya feat. Break - I Don't Need (Original Mix) [Spearhead]
Wickaman & Maverick - The Break Goes On (Original Mix) [Jungle Strikes]
DJ Sly feat. Pretty P - Hands Up (Original Mix) [Higher Stakes]
Aug 30

Madeon Releases Fun & Funky “Pay No Mind” Remix EP

If you're like us and you can't get enough of French wunderkind Madeon's incredible debut LP, Adventure, you're in luck, because he's back with a new remix EP of one of the album's biggest hits, Pay No Mind featuring Passion Pit.

While the EP's highest profile track is undoubtedly Dillon Francis' explosive remix of Imperium, the three versions of Pay No Mind are well worth several rinses. Eclectic Norwegian duo Lemaitre delivers a stripped-down electro-funk version that oozes summery vibes and relies on the strength of Passion Pit's vocals. Japanese dance/pop producer Yasutaka Nakata serves up a bouncy, faster-paced production, and the EP ends with my personal favorite, a special "live" version crafted by Madeon himself.

Pick up the EP on iTunes here, and grab the original song on the Adventure album here. Interested in seeing the French maestro live? Click here for tour details.
Madeon feat. Passion Pit - Pay No Mind (Lemaitre Remix) [Sony]
Madeon feat. Passion Pit - Pay No Mind (Yasutaka Nakata 'CAPSULE' Remix) [Sony]
Madeon feat. Passion Pit - Pay No Mind (Live Version) [Sony]
Aug 29

Hear Kill The Noise ‘Kill It 4 The Kids’ With AWOL NATION and Rock City

Jake "The Human" Stanczak, better known as Kill The Noise, shares the second cut from his forthcoming Occult Classic album in Kill It 4 The Kids featuring the talents of Rock City and AWOLNATION's Aaron Bruno.

Hip hop duo Rock City joins the OWSLA OG for their second collab on the album after their feature alongside Tommy Trash in Louder, the album's first reveal. Our second taste is the lead-off track, which wastes no time bringing the aggression with Bruno's repeated request for silence serving as a fitting intro to the 10-track package. The balance of Kill It 4 The Kids is a classic KTN beatdown that even incorporates some of his own guitar work into a blend of twerk and electro at a chugging 102 BPM for a two-and-a-half-minute tear of a bass cut. Combined with the vicious electro house in Louder, the Occult Classic LP is shaping up to be just that.

Hear more about the making of the tune in Kill The Noise's interview with Rolling Stone here, and pre-order the album here.
Kill The Noise feat. Rock City & AWOL NATION - Kill It For The Kids (Original Mix) [OWSLA]
Aug 28

Friday Favorites 123

No? Did he maybe help with those berries in the back? Possibly help water them? You know, while Justin was away on tour or something? No? Ok, nevermind. It's Friday Favorites 123.

Josh Bennett
House | The Knocks feat. Alex Newell - Collect My Love (Leon Lour Remix) [Big Beat]
Mat Zo, Lenno, and Golden Boy may be the more well-known of the remixers on The Knocks' new remix package for Collect My Love, but it's the take from virtually unknown London producer Leon Lour that takes the cake for me. I heard this track for the first time when The Knocks dropped it at their recent show at Mezzanine in San Francisco following the first day of Outside Lands, and I couldn't find them fast enough following the set to find out what this soulful bomb was. The combination of Alex Newell's (aka Unique from Glee) stunning vocals and Leon's percolating, quasi-tropical house rhythms make for one helluva dancefloor ignitor. Check out more from Leon Lour here including a remix of Ginuwine's Pony, and pick up the Collect My Love remix package on Beatport.
Nathan Codd
Breaks | NITEPPL - Under Your Thumb (Original Mix) [POPGANG]
San Francisco's devilishly talented duo of producer Alton San Giovanni and vocalist Sawyer James, known together as NITEPPL, just released a stellar debut album in Nu Flesh. While the fast-rising act typically leans toward the darker side of indie dance with their '80s-longing "space-disco," there's some delicious breakbeat hiding Under Your Thumb, and that's not the only pleasant surprise on the nine-track release. Listen here.
Jesse Champagne
Deep/Tech | Jon Charnis & Hands Free - Leviathan (Original Mix [Connaisseur]
I've been waiting for this one to drop on Berlin's Connaisseur Recordings for a while now, and it came just in time for my trip to Burning Man. Deep, atmospheric, and featuring one of the year's very best builds, this one is tailor-made for the Playa. Expect to soon hear it everywhere else, too. Pick it up on Beatport here.
Shea Kopp
Nu Disco | Kraak & Smaak feat. Keyhole - All I Want Is You (Xinobi Remix) [Boogie Angst]
Xinobi drops funky nu disco magic on Kraak & Smaak's latest release All I Want Is You to make the tune positively addicting and impossible to resist. Elongating the track to seven minutes, Xinobi's disco reimagination has a slightly sinister touch with steady drones that fly just behind the vocals. He strips back the instrumentals during the interlude to highlight Keyhole's lyrics before layering back the bongo drums, drones, and rhythm for a seductive finish. Grab this remix here.
Megan Murphy
Pop | RAC feat. Chelsea Lankes - Can't Forget You (Original Mix) [Battlestation]
Andre Allen Anjos, better known as RAC, returned this week with a gorgeous end-of-summer pop anthem featuring vocals from Chelsea Lankes. With its smooth guitar chords and melodic synths, Can't Forget You is emotive, catchy, and everything else you'd expect from an RAC original. Pick up the track on iTunes here.
Marcus Dowling
Jungle Terror/Trap | Migos - Spray The Champagne (Made Monster Remix) [Free Download]
Los Angeles tandem Made Monster remixes Migos' debauched and celebratory anthem Spray The Champagne into horse-powered jungle terror mania. Weaving the off-kilter minor key keyboard chords between trap makes the original feel woozy. However, those same chords over booming double-time percussion are a recipe for absolute insanity. Toss in Quavo's exhortations and this one is off spiraling downhill with a desire to find the feels that lie beyond being too turnt up. There's a cowbell section as the payoff to a drop in here as well that's so fancifully inventive it bears mentioning too. Pick up this manic panic of a remix for free here.
Jon April
House | Goshfather & Jinco x 1DAFUL - UBER (Original Mix) [Free Download]
The combination of pitched-down vocals and deep, bassy synths is something that I can't quite seem to get enough of. In Goshfather & Jinco's collaborating with 1DAFUL named UBER, they expertly implement this match made in heaven. I hold this track in the same regard as Tiga's Bugatti, similar in the way that they both repeat lyrics that find their way getting stuck in your head for hours after listening. Grab a free download of the track on their SoundCloud here.
Michelle Gardner
Trap | Slander feat. WAVZ - Love Again (Original Mix) [Free Download]
Slander is definitely in my top 10 list of producers right now. Their latest track is taking me back to why I first fell in love with them--their heaven trap remix of Above & Beyond's Love Is Not Enough. They've promised their upcoming EP is a story and based on this track, I can't wait to hear what the rest of the story is. Pick it up for free here.
The Knocks feat. Alex Newell - Collect My Love (Leon Lour Remix) [Big Beat]
NITEPPL - Under Your Thumb (Original Mix) [POPGANG]
Jon Charnis & Hands Free - Leviathan (Original Mix [Connaisseur]
Kraak & Smaak feat. Keyhole - All I want Is You (Xinobi Remix) [Boogie Angst]
RAC feat. Chelsea Lankes - Can't Forget You (Original Mix) [Battlestation]
Migos - Spray The Champagne (Made Monster Remix) [Free Download]
Goshfather & Jinco x 1DAFUL - UBER (Original Mix) [Free Download]
Slander - Love Again (Original Mix) [Free Download]
Aug 28

The Beatport Box 67

Welcome back to our series with Beatport known as The Beatport Box, where we bring you the best of Beatport exclusives on a weekly basis. This week, the Italians go on a tech house tear, W&W and Moti channel Pirates Of The Caribbean, and more.

Deep/Tech | Max - Area 51 EP [Innocent]
You know those times when there's nothing the crowd wants more than pummeling bass, or at least, you know that's what they want? Our friends over at Innocent Music are purveyors of some of the world’s finest bin-busting deep/tech that can be found on this earth, and this week they deliver yet again with Max's Area 51 EP. Three cuts of chrome-polished tech perfection that roll like nobody's business. These right here are real deal dancefloor demolishers. Pick up the EP here.
Deep/Tech | Neverdogs & Reelow - Respect EP [HOPELESS]
The Italians are on a tear this week. This week two in-house favorites from Torino, the Neverdogs, team up with another Beatport favorite, Reelow, to crank out another weighty deep/tech EP, Respect. Perfectly executed percussion, massive kicks, and that kind of cyclical drive that only Italian tech house can provide make each original and rework a perfect tool to get bodies even sweatier on the dancefloor. Grab it here.
House | Robbie Rivera & Todd Terry - Sume Sigh Sey (Original Mix) [Juicy]
Robbie Rivera and Todd Terry have teamed up for the revamp of Terry's classic track Sume Sigh Sey, out now on on Rivera's Juicy Music. Rivera's Latin flair is on full display per usual, but we aren't complaining. Hopefully this one has a shelf life that lasts 'til Miami Music Week. Grab it here.
Big Room/Electro | W&W & MOTi - Spack Jarrow (Original Mix) [Musical Freedom]
Silly spoonerism Spack Jarrow entitles the new collab by W&W and Tiesto protege MOTi, and we're getting serious Pirates Of The Caribbean nostalgia with this one. Cinematic builds encase drops that are distinctly W&W, sure to work well on any mainstage. Download here.

Matt Ferry and Ross Jackson of Beatport contributed to this article.
Max - Area 51 (Original Mix) [Innocent]
Neverdogs & Reelow - Respect (Original Mix) [HOPELESS]
Robbie Rivera & Todd Terry - Sume Sigh Sey (Original Mix) [Juicy]
W&W & MOTi - Spack Jarrow (Original Mix) [Musical Freedom]