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Nov 22

Dusky Goes Old School With ‘Yoohoo’ Video

Nov 21

Friday Favorites 83

Why be a grumpy cat when you could be a... plumpy... rat...? Sorry, Friday started a bit early for us. Here's Friday Favorites 83.

Josh Bennett
R&B | Azealia Banks - Chasing Time
Few ladies in the R&B/rap game are as crazy as Azealia Banks is, but general insanity aside, Chasing Time is one of the best tunes I've heard in months. The amount of melodic ideas contained in the song is remarkable, especially given how seamlessly each section flows into the next one. And that rap/singing switch-up she does? Not since the glory days of Missy Elliott and Lauryn Hill has someone pulled that off so well. To boot, the music video is an artistic wonder, with amazing dance sequences and fashions that will leave you wondering if there's any look Azealia can't rock. Grab Azealia's new album, Broke With Expensive Taste, here.
Nathan Codd
Big Room/Progressive | Mario Fischetti feat. Kid Alien - Into The Sun [Kontor]
Brazil's in-demand house export Mario Fischetti teams up with our very own Kid Alien, aka Josh Bennett, on vocals for Into The Sun, a poetic, piano-driven score for your next meteoric flight into the upper atmosphere with close friends or alone into the depths of contemplation--major chills either way. Follow Kid Alien here.
Jesse Champagne
Nu Disco | Porter Robinson - Fresh Static Snow (Last Island Remix) [Free Download]
I've fallen in love with Porter Robinson's Worlds album all over again thanks to a recent slew of incredible remixes, and British producer Last Island's remix of Fresh Static Snow is one of the best. He transforms the gnarly French electro cut into groovy a nu disco delight, and delivers a build so pretty you'll think you died and went to heaven. Grab the free download here. Looking for something a little harder? Andiba's rocking rework is equally astonishing.
Mike Davies
Deep House | Lane 8 feat. Solomon Grey - Diamonds [Anjunadeep]
Anjunadeep regular Lane 8 is a central and solid part of the label nowadays, and his latest track is one more reason why he's so popular. Smooth, cool, and sublimely deep house, this time featuring the talents of Solomon Grey, Diamonds is exactly why Anjunadeep is one of my favourite labels. Grab it now on Beatport.
Eric Gossett
Indie/Beats | Jungle - Busy Earnin’ (Clean Bandit feat. Jess Glynne Cover)
Three of my favorite artists of 2014 came together for a recent BBC Radio 1 live lounge session, and it was stunning to say the least. Clean Bandit was joined by single-making machine and collaborator Jess Glynne to cover UK breakout group Jungle's hit Busy Earnin’. Clean Bandit creates a dreamy atmosphere of blended strings, crisp beats, and popping synth arrangements while Glynne takes the lead on vocals. Now, if we could just get Jungle to team up with the others and create a massive, unstoppable supergroup.
Yasmin Damoui
House | Jeffrey Brodsky - I'll Be Strong [Public Release]
The bizarre cat artwork is what initially attracted me to this tune, but the undeniably catchy house beat is what kept me coming back. LA's Jeffrey Brodsky is a man of talents, formerly known as Jeffrey Jerusalem and drummer for both electropop duo YACHT and indie dance favorite, RAC. Purchase the I'll Be Strong 12" record here.
Chris Downar
Trap | Dillon Francis feat. Simon Lord - Drunk All The Time (The Rebirth) [Free Download]
It's been a huge year for Dillon Francis, and his music just keeps getting better. Although I'm not a major fan of moombahton or electro house, his trap tunes really hit the spot. Today I've really been rocking out to his Drunk All The Time collab with Simon Lord. It drops so damn hard, and it's free to download on the Mad Decent SoundCloud page.
Shea Kopp
Pop/Dance | Little Boots - Heroine
Heroine is the latest single from Little Boots' anticipated EP, Business Pleasure. She's not just another pretty front woman when it comes to music; she plays piano, synthesizer, stylophone, and an odd little instrument called the Tenori-on. This track has beautiful, echoed synth work layered with lyrics that remind me of an electro-pop version of deadmau5 and Kaskade's I Remember. The EP is due out Dec. 2, and you can pre-order it on iTunes.
David Kim
Deep House | Jessie Ware - You & I (Forever) (Shift K3Y Remix)
It’s Friday, and this Shift K3Y remix of Jessie Ware’s You & I has me feeling some type of way. Ware’s smooth and smoky voice is perfect for electronic remixes, and the way that Shift K3Y was able to surround her voice with such depth, emotion, and dark intricacies is particularly special.
Azealia Banks - Chasing Time
Mario Fischetti feat. Kid Alien - Into The Sun [Kontor]
Porter Robinson - Fresh Static Snow (Last Island Remix)
Lane 8 feat. Solomon Grey - Diamonds [Anjunadeep]
Jungle - Busy Earnin' (Clean Bandit feat. Jess Glynne Cover) [Radio Rip]
Jeffrey Brodsky - I'll Be Strong [Public Release]
Dillon Francis feat. Simon Lord - Drunk All The Time (The Rebirth) [Mad Decent]
Little Boots - Heroine [This Is Music Limited]
Jessie Ware - You & I (Forever)(Shift K3Y Remix)
Nov 21

Interview: Moon Boots

The drawback of festivals is that at the end of the day you realize people aren’t there to see you--they’re there for the experience. It’s nice to play in clubs for people who are there for a night out of dancing and not for all the other things that festivals have to offer.
Moon Boots - There's No Love (Original Mix)
Nov 21

Is ‘EDM’ Dead? A-Trak Weighs In

A-Trak has taken to Facebook to discuss the current state of dance music and answer the question on everyone's mind: Is "EDM" dead?

"EDM is still alive and kicking. There’s been chatter for a while now that the bubble might burst any minute, but don’t be fooled, the business is still very healthy. Ride around Hollywood, every billboard shows a DJ. Festival attendance is enormous. And every 14 year old kid knows how to sidechain a compressor. But it’s also easy to see that the genre has reached an almost comical level of self-aggrandizement, with soaring emotional ballads and an overdose of cheese that many have likened to Hair Metal. (For the record, I like Hair Metal.) What’s interesting is the sort of babushka dolls that come with the term EDM: for the press it denotes all electronic music; but for insiders it’s only the maximal big-room caricatural stuff. Sometimes, however, an initial wave of flashy music can knock down the doors and more interesting music can come after. That’s where I feel we are now. From the producers’ standpoint, a lot of us just feel like simply making music, any kind of music, whatever genre it might be. Rather than dictating an entire style, EDM can now broaden itself to little characteristics in the sonics within an otherwise genre-less song. Avicii really did us all a favor by making a (successful) country record. Thanks Tim! If I feel like putting out a polka song tomorrow, I can. I might. And from the audience’s standpoint, after that initial gateway drug of hands-in-the-air anthems, I’m seeing more and more kids get interested in good, nuanced, forward-thinking music. It’s super encouraging. And even from the DJs’ standpoint, over the last 2 or 3 years we all felt a certain pressure to play more bigroom beatport hits, whereas now it feels like the genres are opening up again. There is more freedom in the selection. Maybe it’s finally going back to #RealDJing. What do you guys think? Are we entering this post-EDM chapter?"
Is A-Trak right? Is electronic music "still alive and kicking?" From our view of the action, the mind, body, and soul of dance music are as strong as ever.
Nov 21

Porter Robinson’s ‘Sad Machine’ Gets An Incredible Acoustic Cover