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Apr 01

ZHU And Lido Cosign Gallant And His New Single, ‘Open Up’
Gallant - Open Up (Original Mix) [Mind of a Genius]
Apr 01

The Rinse 06: Curated By Dr Meaker

(Pictured from left to right: Tom, Laurent, Lorna, Clive)

Ladies and gents, The Rinse is back to again to sate your D&B addiction for the week. For this special episode, multi-genre outfit and LT3 favorite Dr Meaker gives us their weekly selection of tracks worth a proper rinsing.

Originally starting as a live band back in 2004, Dr Meaker has explored various genres of electronic music over the years, crafting a sound that can be described as mildly acoustic with layers of heavy synthetics. The group eventually hit their stride in the late 2000s, coalescing around a funk-inflected style of D&B, bubbling with dancefloor energy.

Success-bound, the Bristol natives reached new heights in 2012 after releasing their massive tune Music in the Night on Bryan Gee's V Recordings. Since then, Dr Meaker has gone on to produce a slew of D&B anthems such as Fighter, Don't Think It's Love, and Right Back, while making appearances at huge festivals like Outlook and Bestival, to name a few.

Now, the streaking band readies their superb new drum & bass tune called Freaks, due out April 16th on Circus Records. Already getting huge support from MTV and BBC Radio 1Xtra, the tune is available for pre-order on iTunes and can also be streamed via Spotify.

Without further ado, let's have a listen to the selections handpicked by Dr Meaker, and check out what they had to say about this eclectic mix of tunes for this episode of The Rinse. In the inimitable words of Dillinja, "All Aboard!"

Iyes - Simmer (Acoustic)
Clive: The chords, melodies and harmonies are so sad and soulful. It's a beautiful track and although it is produced in an almost demo-esque live lounge style, I wouldn't have it any other way. Perfect.

Kwabs - Perfect Ruin (Orignal Mix) [Warner]
Tom: The vocal is amazing and the music supports this perfectly. His voice really impresses me in this track. The production is next level. I especially love the piano in this as it reminds me of Massive Attack, it has a darker edge.

Jack Garratt - Chemical (Original Mix) [Island]
Laurent: He has a great voice with a particularly smooth falsetto. I like that the texture in the song is apparent in every aspect of it - from the production, to vocal technique, to lyrical content. It's very gritty, yet lovely all at once.

Madeon feat. Kyan - You're On (Original Mix) [popcultur]
Ben: Hooky vocal snippets, sparkling Chiptune elements with uplifting chords, soaring vocal chorus and a slamming four-to-the-floor beat.

DJ Hazard - Bricks Don't Roll (Original Mix) [Playaz]
Clive: A wicked, rolling DnB tune with all the funk and groove to keep me coming back for more. Long live the king. Reeeeewind!!

Follow Dr Meaker:
Iyes - Simmer (Acoustic)
Kwabs - Perfect Ruin (Original Mix) [Warner]
Jack Garratt - Chemical (Original Mix) [Island]
Madeon feat. Kyan - You're On (Original Mix) [popcultur]
DJ Hazard - Bricks Don't Roll (Original Mix) [Playaz]
Apr 01

Jimmy Edgar And Machinedrum Reunite JETS For ‘The Chants’ EP

Jimmy Edgar and Machinedrum (pictured left to right) reunite their JETS collaborative to announce the duo's second release together, The Chants EP, and you can stream the title track now.

The pair describe their creative approach for this EP on the track's SoundCloud, saying, "we spent a lot of time on the sounds, which were mostly from digital hardware sources. We also focused on the recording process more than ever, as we mixed the record on mastering equipment and experimented with bouncing parts onto tape."

The title track is an edgy piece of work filled with tons of sub-bass and minute detail, validating their self-description of the EP as loaded with "experimental sounds and other analogue obsessions."

The Chants EP will be released on Jimmy Edgar's Ultramajic imprint on May 11. Check out the full tracklist below and head to Ultramajic's SoundCloud to hear past JETS work here.

1. The Chants
2. U-N-I
3. Pyrite Blue
4. Pink Beat
JETS - The Chants (Original Mix) [Ultramajic]
Apr 01

PREMIERE: Royksopp – I Had This Thing (Sebastien Remix)

Norwegian duo Royksopp and their lyrical lament of loss get a plaintive piano-driven house remix from Sebastien, and LessThan3 has the exclusive premiere.

Despite its understated title, I Had This Thing immediately clarifies its somber nature which, as he's proven with past remixes, is one of Sebastien's fortes. The simple beat and piano lead supporting such sorrowful words immediately recall his edit of Moby's Almost Home, also an extremely emotional tune made even more heartrending by Sebastien's signature approach.

Pick it up April 3 via Interscope.

Royksopp - I Had This Thing (Sebastien Remix) [Interscope]
Apr 01

EDM’s Newest Mystery Producer: Ulrich von Lichtenstein

Arrivederci Burial, zay gesunt ZHU, and excuse you UZ, because there's a new hotshot mystery producer tearing up the dance music scene: Ulrich von Lichtenstein.

Although the true identity of the enigmatic, Gelderland-based producer remains hidden, from the information we have gathered as a result of a super fancy inside source, it's clear that the potential for this Dutch DJ is almost unparalleled in the scene. Conceived during an all-night party at Ostgut, Ulrich spent the majority of his formative years surrounded by electronic music. At the tender age of 12 he was a sound technician, and by the age of 14 he was training under the tutelage of Richie Hawtin. At 16, he had already retired and made a comeback tour, delivering a raucous headlining performance at esteemed Berlin club Vorspiegelung.

Rumored to be the ghost producer behind some of dance music's biggest breakout hits, including "the good parts" of Daft Punk's recent album, Random Access Memories, von Lichtenstein has long preferred to remain in the shadows... until now. We reached out to the PR company Kehrtwende, who scored us an exclusive interview with dance music's most unknown and unrecognizable artist.

LessThan3: How do you make your music?
Ulrich von Lichtenstein:I don't make music. music makes me.
LessThan3: Why the secrecy?
Ulrich von Lichtenstein: All I want is for my music to speak for itself, you know? … but I’ll tell you a secret: I have no idea what it should say... do you have any ideas? What does your music say? I’m thinking it should say, “let’s party.”
LessThan3: But if nobody knows who you are anyhow, why does it matter if your real name is public?
Ulrich von Lichtenstein: To be completely honest, that’s why I’m doing it. I’m not that interesting in reality. Isn’t it way cooler that people think I might actually be, like, Daft Punk, or Beyonce, or or somebody? I’m getting excited just thinking about it.
LessThan3: What’s up with that image?
Ulrich von Lichtenstein: Oh, this? This is not an image. This is a painting. I had my portrait done by a pop-out, candid portrait artist from Luxembourg. They rely on the element of surprise to attain a natural feel. Pop-out portraits, they call it. I was just getting into bed, and he jumped out of my closet. Look at me in my PJs! [giggles]
LessThan3: What about when you want to perform live? Won't people take photos of your face?
Ulrich von Lichtenstein: I haven’t really thought that far ahead to be frank. I’ll just find something cool to put over my head like a shoebox or a toaster or a horse head or something. I could be Toa5ter. Or deadhor5e. I like that. deadhor5e.
LessThan3: Did you really have a hand in producing Daft Punk's Random Access Memories?
Ulrich von Lichtenstein: Just the good songs, you know, like Happy.
LessThan3: What genre do you find yourself producing these days?
Ulrich von Lichtenstein: Post-contemporary agrotech mixed with sidestep tumblr-wave.
LessThan3: Who is your favorite DJ in the scene?
Ulrich von Lichtenstein: Hanzel, so hot right now. Hanzel. He even goes vun deeper than I do, and I go deep.
LessThan3: Do you have anything to tell upcoming producers and DJs?
Ulrich von Lichtenstein: Whatever you do, don't show your face. Mystery is all that matters. Wear a mouse head if you have to.
You can listen to Ulrich von Lichtenstein's newest single, Glückliche Aprilscherz-Tag, exclusively on LessThan3 down below.