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Nov 26

Only 200 Pressed Available For James Blake’s ’200 Press’

Call 1-800-Dinosaur, James Blake’s new song 200 Press is about to be released. The elusive singer has said that the title is not cryptic, but is meant to inform fans that only “200 are going to be pressed up.” It will be available as a 12" and 7" double pack for those who consider themselves strict vinylphiles.

The track is yet another brooding addition to Blake’s catalog and the 1-800-Dinosaur imprint that he helmed alongside former R&S Record manager Dan Foat. 200 Press follows an old-school hip-hop style, which is not uncommon for Blake but brings in his nuanced atmospherics for a sinister finish.

Alongside the release of this track and Building It Still, Blake has also informed fans that his album is “about 70-percent done” and will possibly include a collaborative track with Kanye West.

Follow 1-800-Dinosaur's SoundCloud for more updates on James Blake's forthcoming album.
James Blake - 200 Press [1-800-Dinosaur]
Nov 26

20syl Remixes ‘Thinking Out Loud’ By Ed Sheeran

Whether or not you are a fan of much buzzed-about singer Ed Sheeran, there's simply no denying the luscious sex appeal of 20syl's (pictured) remix of his track Thinking Out Loud.

20syl's version of the track is a complete transformation from the slow, guitar-laden original ballad, instead marked by a beat full of rolling bass. The French producer inserts a surge of energy into the song, using bright synths and funky vocal effects to create an upbeat yet soothing melody that combines perfectly with Sheeran's emotive voice. 20syl, who's successfully remixed tracks from the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Rihanna and flexes turntable talents as part of the group C2C, further showcases his versatility with his latest work.

Check out more of 20syl's dreamy beats on SoundCloud.
Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud (20syl Remix)
Nov 26

Diplo Says Have ‘A Very, Very Decent Christmas’

What started as an inside joke at the Mad Decent office turned into one of the label's most talked-about releases of 2013, and Diplo's questionable cast of Christmas characters is back with nearly twice the holiday hype for all the ho-ho-hoes in A Very, Very Decent Christmas.

This year's follow-up reads like a MD fan's wish list of holiday-themed edits and remixes, with standouts including Snappy Jit's twerk-style Lil Drumma Boy, Aquadrop's Troll The Halls, and the kickoff track from Jesse Slayter and Wuki, who Deck The Halls with their collaborative item Rock Them Bells, a holiday version of That's Right from a few months back.

Listen to all 10 tracks here, and pick up your copy on iTunes here.
Jesse Slayter & Wuki - Rock Them Bells [Mad Decent]
Snappy Jit - Lil Drumma Boy [Mad Decent]
Aquadrop - Troll The Halls [Mad Decent]
Nov 26

Datsik Gets ‘Down 4 My Ninjas’ With New EP

The ferociously filthy bass producer known as Datsik is back with the new five-track Down 4 My Ninjas EP, and, as expected, it's an uncompromising, take-no-prisoners audial onslaught from start to finish.

The EP not only offers up a face-melting array of hard-hitting dubstep cuts, it also serves as an homage to the aggressive "Wu-Tang style" hip hop that has so clearly influenced American bass music. Mayor Apeshit delivers razor-sharp lyrics in Katana, DJ Paul of Three Six Mafia brings his Dirty South attitude to Get Smashed, and hip hop legend KRS-One delivers his distinctive underground swagger to No Requests. Along the way, Datsik delves deep into gangsta rap with the Walt Grizzly collab Astronomical and the closing track When They Drop. Some hardcore "brostep" fans my cry foul at the amount of lyricists to feature on the EP, but the in-your-face bass and disruptive synths should be more than enough to please Datsik's legion of fans.

Down 4 My Ninjas is available on iTunes now via Datsik's own Firepower Records.

Datsik is heading out on the Ninja Nation Tour late January with a 100,000-watt system, the famed Vortex 3.0 stage from V Squared Labs, and homies Kennedy Jones, ETC!ETC!, and more. Tickets here, complete dates below (click to enlarge).
Datsik feat. Mayor Apeshit - Katana [Firepower]
Datsik feat. DJ Paul K.O.M Of Three 6 Mafia - Get Smashed [Firepower]
Datsik & Twine - When They Drop [Firepower]
Nov 26

Stay Plugged In 18

Welcome to episode 18 of Stay Plugged In. This time around we have three additional free synthesizer plugins on offer.

Mormox Imitate

First up is the Mormox Imitate, an emulation of a hardware synthesizer from Greece called Murmux Initate. The plugin rewards the user with great sounds from the start. Mormox Imitate has two oscillators with a sub-oscillator, and is available in Windows VST format.

  • Two OSC with saw and pulse, two octave tuner knobs and FM modulation (Osc1 > Cutoff)
  • Sub-oscillator (one octave lower as Osc1) with pulsewave
  • Combined lowpass/bandpass/filter with cutoff, resonance, ADSR EG
  • LFO with rate and depth pots for oscillator or cutoff modulations
  • Special ADSR EG with embedded LFO/loop (ramp and S/H waves)
  • Delay section with pan-LFO, glide, and warm shaper/overdrive

Free download

Morfiki massTURBOtar

MassTURBOtar is a hybrid synthesizer with unique morphing capabilities. Pulsating or plucked sounds can easily be coaxed forth from its interface. MassTURBOtar features two morphable oscillators, LFO, filter, mod envelope, amp envelop, and effects sections. MassTURBOtar is available in Windows VST format.

  • Two morphable oscillators
  • Low pass/Band pass/High pass (band type and width controlled via 12dB/octave low pass and high pass filter)
  • A/R amplifier envelope
  • Modulation: sine/pulse LFO and A/DR envelope both with morphable destination
  • Voice control: polyphonic/legato
  • Effects: chorus, sample rate reduction, soft saturation, delay
  • Parameters are controlled by MORFIKI preset system, velocity to bank modulation with adjustable smoothing included
  • Dropdown menus with fixed values for oscillator scale transposition and tempo.
  • Host synchronization for LFO speed

Free download

TN Audio Transcendental 2000

The Transcendental 2000 is a full-featured two oscillator analogue synthesizer based on the Powertran Transcendent 2000, a DIY kit synthesizer from 1978. It faithfully creates the original but also adds some features along the way (outlined below) This synthesizer is a must-have for your plugin collection, and is available in Windows VST format.

  • Two oscillators
  • Noise generation
  • Portamento and pitch bend controls
  • Oscillator VCO section with shape control/pitch control sections
  • Filter VCF
  • VCFAD shape controls
  • Envelope section
  • "Page" buttons section to access additional control screens

Free download (Scroll Down)

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