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Mar 05

PREMIERE: Hirshee – Royal Flush (Original Mix) [Hysteria]

Canadian powerhouse Amaan Hirshee is back with more of his melodically aggressive electro house in Royal Flush, and LessThan3 has the exclusive premiere.

His first original in over a year sees Hirshee leave his previous home of Big Fish to join such established names such as Bingo Players and Tommy Trash on EDM mainstay Hysteria. Hirshee reminds us why we fell in love with hammers like Salt Shaker and after hearing Royal Flush, we'd bet the farm on him.

Pick it up March 9.

Hirshee - Royal Flush (Original Mix) [Hysteria]
Mar 05

Get Juiced With Boombox Cartel x Jackal’s ‘Jamba’

We never thought that saying “bum dum ba dum bum” over and over again would be so much fun, but then again, we should know by now not to underestimate OWLSA, who brings us Jamba, the debut collaboration between LA-based producers Boombox Cartel (pictured) and Jackal.

From start to finish, Jamba is a juiced-up, festival-ready romp replete with the aforementioned sing-song sample, energizing snares, and synth-heavy drops. If the booming big room bass doesn't get you, the trap-fueled drum rhythm change during the second drop certainly will.

Listen to the full stream of Jamba up above, and pick it up on March 17.
Boombox Cartel x Jackal - Jamba (Original Mix) [OWSLA]
Mar 05

Huxley Gives Away Unreleased ‘Blurred’ Demos

UK house producer Huxley has released a free bundle of never-before-heard demos from his debut album Blurred

The 13-track collection features demos and sample tracks that never made it onto the producer’s first record. Huxley noted that none of the tracks are “finished, mastered, or mixed,” but invited his fans to “feel free to play, listen or delete at will.” The batch features everything from basic house arrangements to catchy vocal collaborations with artists like Dynamite, Wilby, and Ria Moran.

You can listen to and download all of the demos over on Huxley’s SoundCloud page here. His debut album, Blurred is available on Beatport here.
Huxley - Halloumi V3 (Original Mix) [Aus Music]
Huxley feat. Dynamite - Roll It (Original Mix) [Aus Music]
Huxley feat. Wilby - Betting Games (Original Mix) [Aus Music]
Huxley - GLHACH (Original Mix) [Aus Music]
Huxley feat. Ria - Don't Tell Me (Can't Sleep Version) [Aus Music]
Mar 05

Derrick Carter Trolls EDM With #DerpHouse Hashtag

Legendary Chicago house producer Derrick Carter took to Twitter to poke a little fun at (and shine some truth on) the current state of EDM and its new generation of superstars with a hilarious hashtag titled #DerpHouse.

Clearly disgruntled with the direction that dance music is heading, Carter took shots at the ketamine-bumping, V-neck-wearing, crowd-surfing DJs of today.

In the middle of things, Derrick took a quick timeout to explain his feelings to fans on Facebook.

... And then it was right back to our scheduled programming.

Check out Derrick's new "official" #DerpHouse logo below, and follow him on Twitter here.

Mar 04

Karma Fields Debuts On Monstercat With ‘Build The Cities’

Newcomer Karma Fields took the Monstercat family by surprise in February by siezing control of the label's Twitch podcast and makes the arrival official with Build The Cities featuring Kerli.

You might remember Kerli from her flirtatious performance in SNBRN's own debut original Raindrops. Not much can be said of Karma Fields though, at least until he or she develops past the ever-popular "mysterious producer" stage.

In the meantime, pick up the upbeat and funky Build The Cities here, and watch the video below.

Karma Fields feat. Kerli - Build The Cities (Original Mix) [Monstercat]