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Jul 02

Crystal Castles Share ‘Deicide,’ 2nd With New Vocalist

Crystal Castles share their second original Deicide, made with new vocalist Edith, since former front-woman Alice Glass parted ways with the group last year.

After announcing the split back in October of 2014, producer Ethan Kath (pictured) has kept the Crystal Castles project alive with help from a mysterious new vocalist simply going by Edith. Frail, the first release without Glass, maintained the heavily distorted vocals that the band has become synonymous for, which lead some to believe that it was the last production to feature Glass. It was later revealed that Edith sang on Frail, and she now lends her vocals to their newest output Deicide.

It is a driving production that features Edith's warped vocals set against screeching chord progressions and a medley of lo-fi effects. Both Frail and Deicide stay true to the sound and experimental tendencies of Crystal Castles, showing that Kath has not lost his edge since the split.

No word yet as to whether Kath plans to tour, or release a new album, but you can hear more tunes from Crystal Castles' SoundCloud here.
Crystal Castles - Deicide (Original Mix)
Jul 02

The Beatport Box 60

Welcome back to our series with Beatport known as The Beatport Box, where we bring you the best of Beatport exclusives on a weekly basis. This week, Pep & Rash pep up Alesso's Sweet Escape, Alex Niggemann shows us all how to techno (again), Daniel Dubb drops a masterpiece of an album, and more.

Deep/Tech/Indie | Daniel Dubb - Pieces Of The Past LP [Rejected]
Here we find Daniel Dubb lending his hand to the long player format on Joris Voorn’s Rejected label and doing so in fine form. The tracks on Pieces Of The Past have a definite story arc to them--a trait many electronic albums miss. From the funk samples to the swingin’ garage beats, it manages to sound varied and coherent at the same time. Grab it here.
Techno | Coyu - Apparition EP [Noir]
Difficult to fit into a specific category, Apparition perfectly displays Coyu's diversity in the studio. Deep, grooving tech house rhythms are accented by Marissa Guzman's featherlight vocals to create a delicate bounce inspired by the producer's early club visits in Barcelona. A true throwback tribute to house and techno right here. Pick up the whole release (including an acapella) here.
Techno | Alex Niggemann - Stellar EP [Aeon]
Alex Niggemann effortlessly captures darkness and melancholic beauty in each of his releases and his latest, Stellar through his own Aeon imprint. is no different. Teasing, tension-building energy combine with driving drumlines to create a release that mirrors the style of his peak-hour DJ sets. Get the full release here.
House | My Digital Enemy - Make It Thrоugh (Original Mix) [Zulu]
Off the back of releases on Toolroom, Size Records' sister label X, and Spinnin' Deep, duo My Digital Enemy are back with a soulful, tribal-tinged house record called Make It Through. Toss this one into a tropical set to switch up the sound without completely changing the mood. Purchase here.
House | Alesso - Sweet Escape (Pep & Rash Remix) [Refune]
Pep & Rash follow up on the success of Red Roses with a take on Alesso's Sweet Escape that manages to take the current "in" sound of "Heldens house" and switch it up just enough to sound like its own track, rather than just another copycat. The progressive breakdowns further add to the distinctness of the remix. Download here.

Matt Ferry of Beatport contributed to this article.
Daniel Dubb - Movin On (Original Mix) [Rejected]
Coyu feat. Marissa Guzman - Apparition (Original Mix) [Noir]
Alex Niggemann - Stellar (Original Mix) [Aeon]
My Digital Enemy - Make It Through (Original Mix) [Zulu]
Alesso - Sweet Escape (Pep & Rash Remix) [Refune]
Jul 02

PREMIERE: Mendoza – Houdini (S-Man Remix) [Love & Other]

Veteran house producer Roger Sanchez, aka S-Man, has just retooled Mendoza's standout track Houdini, and LessThan3 has the official premiere ahead of its worldwide release on July 6 on burgeoning imprint Love & Other.

Mendoza's original mix debuted late last year, delivering early '90s hip-house vibes with Mendoza's sexy R&B vocal, piano stabs, and a thumping bassline. S-Man's treatment takes the original in a deeper direction, keeping a strict four-on-the-floor cadence suitable for extended dancefloor activity while keeping Mendoza's sugary vocal fully intact. The remix features a growling bassline subdued under a taut filter and glimmering string sequences for a truly mental experience .

S-Man's remix of Houdini will be available alongside a stunning remix from Steve Lawler exclusively through Beatport on July 6.

Mendoza - Houdini (S-Man remix) [Love & Other]
Jul 02

deadmau5 Covers Jack U’s ‘Where Are U Now’ On A Recorder Flute

You know Diplo and Skrillex' Jack U smash Where Are U Now has reached the absolute pinnacle of hype when deadmau5 plays his own rendition on a recorder.

mau5 goes full-on fourth grade in the short clip that he says "still needs mastering." He even takes the time to respond to Mr. Bieber's insatiable desire to know where we are with his own title, where im at.
deadmau5 - where im at
Jul 02

We Can Now Brew Coffee With Sound Waves

Audio waves having more uses than making beats has been in the news a great deal as of late. Thus, the idea that they can also be used to make a cup of coffee really shouldn't be that surprising at all.

That's exactly the case when it comes to Australia's Elixir Specialty Coffee, which uses a pre-step process called "ultrasonic-assisted extraction" that applies low heat to coffee beans using ultrasonic sound waves. More specifically, the process destroys the cell walls of coffee beans and diffuses caffeine and other flavors through the water.

LA Weekly states that the coffee “looks like whiskey and taste like a watered-down cold brew." The drink is currently sold at Los Angeles' Copa Vida Coffee, and is sold in capped jars labeled with both the coffee’s country of origin and the number of hours that the drink was processed.

For more information regarding the process, check out the video below.