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Apr 12

Movie Date with Skrillex

Benny Benassi Cinema d:vision equinox gary go Skrillex
Benny Benassi feat Gary Go - Cinema (Skrillex Remix) [D:Vision]
Much-loved dubstep and heavy electro champion Skrillex is back with his remix of Benny Benassi's new track Cinema. The epic track starts with glitchy, almost IDM-esque drums over a beautifully trancey arpeggiator along with Gary Go's fantastic vocals. Skrillex brings you to new heights in this ASOT-worthy buildup, and after a sped vocal section once again drops you into a filthy river of his typical talking basslines and cringeworthy wobbles. After a second verse with heavy, headbang-worthy drums that very much hearken back to his days in From First To Last, the track repeats itself with 8-bit synths intermixing with breakdowns and killer basslines, delivering one of his heaviest remixes to date.

Also notable is his preview of what he's calling his "best track yet" (according to a post on his last week on his Twitter), simply titled Equinox. After being released on multiple YouTube channels, the track became an instant hit, despite not even being out yet. An incredible amount of hype has surrounded Skrillex's new banger and rightly so; it's a straight up dubstep heater with awesome dub influences. Take a listen to this epic preview in the YouTube video below and see for yourself.