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Nov 02

Axwell @ XS Las Vegas

axtone axwell feel the vibe las vegas XS
Axwell - Feel the Vibe (Original Mix) [Axtone]
Halloween is a time that allows one’s imagination to run wild. We can be whoever we aspire to be. We indulge in our vices and laugh fear in the face. What better place to do than than in Las Vegas? And what’s even better? Spending Halloween in Vegas with one of the three titans of house music! On Saturday, October 29th, Swedish House Mafia member, producer and remixer Axwell created a collective dream at XS Nightclub that sent an unsuspecting crowd into a world that Freddy Krueger couldn’t even pull off.

Overlooking the pool, under the impressive jet-black towers of the Wynn and Encore hotels, a large turnout of ninjas, superheroes, villains, peacocks, and everything in between shifted their way through the enormous nightclub and stunning pool area. The anticipation for Axwell to arrive was so dense that you could breathe it in. Spirits were in good faith and everyone was there to have a good time. People I walked past seemed to have a sense of accomplishment on their face, as if they made it into Willy Wonka’s factory or they were at Disneyland. There was no question that this was the place to be.

The opening act, Las Vegas-based DJ Nathan Scott, warmed up the crowd before setting up a nice transition for Axwell to take center stage. The moment the Dracula-dressed superstar stuck his head up everyone lost it. He responded to the glorious greeting by dropping Heart Is King with steam shooting straight up in front of him, initiating a set that seemed like a life-journey compressed into just under three hours. He held nothing back, going through his arsenal of musical genius like a war machine. He played many of his staple tracks, along with plenty of Swedish House Mafia tracks interwoven with his own remixes and loops. The energy never decreased the entire time. The lighting played an integral part of the show, not to mention two confetti drops filling the air with an endless sparkle that was almost dreamlike.

This set made me reminisce of Day 3 of EDC, where I watched the Swedish House Mafia for the first time and they blew me away. It was an absolute spectacle. Watching how much work Axwell puts into those decks makes you appreciate him as an artist and performer. Each buildup and drop intensified the mood of the experience as if they were chapters of an epic novel. While maintaining a constant, flavorful beat that kept you connected to the earth. His loop manipulation was incredible, giving you subtle clues of what was to come next. Sometimes he’d play a clip, it would disappear, and as you were forgetting about it, it would come back with a vengeance. Near the end of the performance, you could hear up to four different songs coming in and out of the mix creating a groove that possessed you. Axwell’s expertise in mixing and producing imposes a standard not met by many. He is an artist who truly enjoys what he does.