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Feb 11

Category 4 Drops

Cyber Sax dubvirus Freddy Todd Hold it Together In the Vortex Knowa Knowone Mad Era Sergio Flores shay faded simplify stephan jacobs
Stephan Jacobs feat Sergio Flores - Cyber Sax (Knowa Knowone Remix) [Simplify]
Stephan Jacobs - In the Vortex (Freddy Todd's Hectic Mode Mix) [Simplify]
Stephan Jacobs feat Shay Faded - Hold It Together (Dubvirus Remix) [Simplify]
You gotta love how fast this scene moves: the best producers always seem to have a neverending stream of awesome coming through the pipelines, with remixers lining up around the block. Take Stephan Jacobs for instance. I don't think I ever go more than 2 months without hearing a dope new SJ track. His newest release, Mad Era: In the Vortex Remixed, is a compilation that features remixes of his In The Vortex EP. If the sick glitch-step tunes aren't enough for you, maybe the cameo by Sergio Flores will make it worth your while to check out. The remixers are all stars in their own right, if not promising up-and-comers, and the album as a whole is guaranteed to have something for everyone.

Cue the samples (and add 'em all to your playlist). The Knowa Knowone remix of Cyber Sax is great not just because of the Sergio Flores sax samples--the overall flow of Knowa's came out quite complementary to the original. For my fellow Freddy Todd fans, this album's got a "hectic mode" remix by the king of laser bass himself. Todd's remix of In the Vortex is one of the hypest tracks on the album, and like most Todd tracks, guarantees the party will be kicked into overdrive by the drop. The last remix I want to showcase is by a relatively new artist, Dubvirus, who juxtaposes heavy dubstep bass with other more traditional glitch hop vibes in his rework of Hold It Together--a track that is sure to necessitate you doing a load of laundry.