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Aug 02

Crystal Castles Is The Cure

crystal castles health plague suffocation untrust us vs//youthclub
Crystal Castles - Plague (Original Mix)
Crystal Castles - Suffocation (HEALTH Remix)
Crystal Castles - Untrust Us (VS//YOUTHCLUB Remix)
Few musicians in the electronic music world stand out quite so much as Canadian duo Crystal Castles. In addition to their eccentric outward appearance and gritty electro-punk sound is hard to fully describe in words, though generally they like to fuse retro synths, harsh-sounding beats, and cryptic, often screamed vocals by Alice Glass. Their latest production, Plague, has just come out as a free download. The tune's overall theme is quite dark, augmented by some creepy lyrics.

Keeping us busy as we anticipate their next LP rumored to be released in 2013, Crystal Castles have been generously offering free remixes on their SoundCloud. A couple of them revisit tracks from their previous albums, such as the remix of Suffocation by HEALTH (whom they will soon be touring with) a VS//YOUTHCLUB rework of Untrust Us. Both of these left field electronic music acts did an extraordinary job of these already mysterious tunes and carrying them even further down the rabbit hole.