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Jan 25

Jay Lumen Gets Funky

Get Yaa! great stuff Jay Lumen My Definition Warehouse
Jay Lumen - Get Yaa! (Original Mix) [Great Stuff]
Jay Lumen - My Definition (Original Mix) [Great Stuff]
Jay Lumen - Warehouse (Original Mix) [Great Stuff]
Great Stuff, the revered music label responsible for a release that found itself on LessThan3's Top 15 Tech House Tracks of 2012 chart, has begun their tenth year with the release of Jay Lumen's Get Yaa! EP. Jay Lumen's history goes back to 2006, when he was beginning to make a name for himself in the European club circuit as a progressive house DJ before he switched to techno in 2006. The Hungarian's productions, picked up by both world-renowned labels such as Ministry of Sound, Armada and Anjunabeats, as well as by underground imprints like 100% Pure, Klimaks, and Trapez, reflect an artist who doesn't limit himself to any one genre.

Get Yaa! is an offering of three quality tracks that flawlessly combine driving funk, addictive bass, and groovy melodies. The title track balances between heads-down, thumping techno, and the more funky, house side of the genre. My Definition takes on a mood typical of an Ibiza pool party; a muted bass provides the foundation for a hip-shaking percussion ensemble. Warehouse utilizes fast-paced bass shots, vocal reverbs, and sidechained atmospheric effects to alternate between building anticipation and releasing tension. All in all, Get Yaa! is a fantastic production sure to set a perfect mood for a sunset beach gathering as well as an underground warehouse event. Do yourself a favor and head over to beatport to pick up your copy now.