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Jan 31

Les Bons Vivants Are Anything But Cliché

cliche disco soul les bons vivants nuit sur paris old time lovers
Les Bons Vivants - Old Time Lover (Original Mix) [Disco Soul]
Les Bons Vivants - Nuit Sur Paris (Original Mix) [Disco Soul]
Les Bons Vivants - Cliché (Original Mix) [Disco Soul]
Seemingly out of thin air, Les Bons Vivants have hopped, skipped & jumped into the indie beats scene with instruments strapped to their backs. Hailing from Portugal, this group showcases a delectable nu-disco sound that caught our ear immediately. Their use of various different melodic methods is astounding and impressive for a group with only one other solo release to date, and now their new Old Time Lover EP is out on Disco Soul Records with three new groovy tunes.

Old Time Lover couldn’t get any funkier; it features warm bass, a clarinet, electric guitars, horns, & percussion fills that are guaranteed to cover every part of the spectrum. Nuit Sur Paris does not disappoint either, with a bass that sounds like a real recording (and may very well be) in addition to electric guitar strums that drive the mix forward. The rich combination of the aforementioned and the often underutilized bongos go a long way. Rounding off the EP is Cliché, which is a solid blend between the two previous styles. Piano & synth work melt nicely into guitar licks and background horns. Be sure to pick up this EP on Beatport and keep a watchful eye on this group in 2013.