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Mar 25

Somebody Call The Futurecops!

Atlantis 1997 Cavaliers of Fun free download Futurecop! P.A.F.F. uppermost
Futurecop! feat. Cavaliers of Fun - Atlantis 1997 (Original Mix)
Futurecop! feat. Cavaliers of Fun - Atlantis 1997 (Uppermost Remix)
Futurecop! feat. Cavaliers of Fun - Atlantis 1997 (P.A.F.F.'s Hipstercop Remix)
UK synth-pop duo FutureCop! like to party, and they know how to keep it groovy. Similar to artists like M83 and Kavinsky, Futurecop! (Pete Carrol and Manzur Iqbal) are known for catchy, synth-driven productions that feel right at home in the '80s. The duo have just released a brand new single - Atlantis 1997, the first track off their highly anticipated debut album, Hopes, Dreams & Alienation - with a few fantastic remixes.

Atlantis 1997 is an uplifting summer anthem featuring euphoric vocals from Cavaliers of Fun frontman Ricco Vitali. Rich, dreamy synths work perfectly with funky Italian disco grooves to create a carefree and nostalgic romp that feels lifted out of a pastel soundtrack. On the remix side of things, masterful French producer Uppermost (an all-time favorite of mine) transforms the original into a bouncy, growling, epic tune - it's just phenomenal. P.A.F.F.'s Hipstercop Remix is an infectious indie-electro remix, complete with a huge, rousing chorus and a fantastic melody. P.A.F.F also include a banging Bigroom Remix, which should please festival fans and ravers alike. In all, the single package is outstanding on all fronts and serves as a great prelude to the album release. To download the songs and check out more releases, go to their Soundcloud page now. Also make sure to check out the music video of Atlantis 1997 below.