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Apr 18

Louis La Roche Needs Your Love

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Calvin Harris feat. Ellie Goulding - I Need Your Love (Louis La Roche Remix)
Michael Jackson - Remember The Time (Louis La Roche Remix)
Justin Bieber - As Long As You Love Me (Louis La Roche Remix)
Nu-disco wizard Brett Ewels, better known to the world as Louis La Roche, is considered one of the best "French touch" artists today, and he's not even French! His newest release is a funky remix of I Need Your Love, Calvin Harris' huge collab with Ellie Goulding; if you like groovy disco, you need to play this song immediately.

Louis' remix features a fantastic combination of future funk, '80s synths, glitched-out vocals, and glossy nostalgia--aside from Ellie's voice, there really isn't much here that isn't completely original. If you listen closely, you can pick out several different instruments and gain a glimpse at Louis' incredible attention to detail; this is a sophisticated slice of summertime fun, and a track that's not to be missed. Just in case you've been sleeping on Monsieur La Roche, we've got two more fantastic remixes that you have got to check out--he does the King of Pop justice and even makes Justin Bieber listenable (yes, you read that right). May 21st may be on the horizon, but Daft Punk aren't the only ones who can cut a groove. Head over to Louis La Roche's Soundcloud now to download I Need Your Love for free.