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Jul 11

Daily Newsbyte 7.11

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Steve Aoki & Chris Lake & Tujamo - Boneless [Ultra]
Marlena Shaw - Woman of the Ghetto (Flume's Jackin House Mix) [Verve]
Ellie Goulding - Burn [Cherrytree/Interscope]
Oh, hey. We didn't see you there. Welcome to the Newsbyte. Breaking the news isn't easy, but if you remain mean and ruthless enough, and don't let it eat or call for help, it will break eventually. Today, we've got a new Flume remix, an all-new Steve Aoki single, and a big, big moment in a very familiar little blue monkey's life.

Steve Prefers Boneless

Steve Aoki Boneless

For his first single since Phat Brahms, Dim Mak's main man Steve Aoki teamed up with Tujamo and Chris Lake for big room electro banger Boneless.
Out "soon very soon" on Ultra, the track runs on a heavy bassline that leads to a minimal drop powered by descending chord progression with a big and brassy feel. Check back for an official release date and what we assume will be a long string of remixes similar to the Phat Brahms engagement.

Flume Is On Full Blast

The Verve Remixed

After his "Orchestral Crunkwave" remix of You & Me, there's really no anticipating what Flume will do with his next re-work. This explains why his latest, a "Jackin House Mix" of the '69 classic Woman Of The Ghetto, delighted but didn't surprise in the least. For his contribution to Verve Remixed: The First Ladies, the awesome Aussie brings big, bad kicks and bass to bear on Marlena Shaw's haunting vocals.

The comp is out now, and features work from Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, RAC, and more. Pick it up here.

Letters From Camp

It's not summer without camp. Camp Bisco, specifically, and New Yorkers are heading out today for a weekend of getting down upstate. If you're one of the poor souls who won't make it this year, live vicariously for a moment as we highlight the sentiments of those who are.
All us bitter homebound folk can do is wish them the best time ever... and maybe the teeniest, tiniest bit of poison oak for leaving us behind.

Ellie Goulding Lets It Burn

Ellie Goulding Burn

Interscope announced today that Ellie Goulding's sophomore album Halcyon will be followed up by a special edition, titled Halcyon Days, featuring her collaborations with Madeon (Stay Awake), Calvin Harris (I Need Your Love), and DJ Fresh (Flashlight). Also included on the 10-track release is her latest, Burn, a dance-inspired pop single that will undoubtedly capture as many ears as her other originals. Pick up Halcyon Days when it drops Aug 27.

Tommy Trash Plays With His Monkey Some More

You know what they call Tommy in Latin America? Tommy Basura. Not surprising.

Anyway, Señor Basura is back with the official video for his single Monkey In Love that officially uses a Jim Henson puppet doing things that Jim Henson & Co. would officially not approve of. The deceivingly well-mannered monkey meets the love of his little monkey life in the streets while cruising around with Tommy in an American muscle car. Girl and monkey hit it off, make out in a club, and eventually make it back to what we assume is her place, judging by the lack of tire swings and bananas. What happens next might have to be shown rather than told, but one thing is certain: if this little blue monkey wasn't a man before, he is now.