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Jul 18

Daily Newsbyte 7.18

Afrojack alexander technique Chicken Lips Disco Killah eats everything Hard He Not In jack that body LAIDBACK LUKE Luca Masinsky Newsbyte ones to watch skyscraper The Gaslamp Killer wall
Afrojack - Jack That Body (Preview) [Wall]
Alexander Technique & Disco Killah feat. Luca Masinsky - Skyscraper (Laidback Luke Remix) [Ones To Watch]
Chicken Lips - He Not In (Eats Everythings All American VIP Remix)
Hear that? Afrojack does. It's the news train screaming into town on its daily literary race against time and space that is the Newsbyte. Today, we've got new tunes from Eats Everything, Laidback Luke, and Afrojack, a near-death experience for The Gaslamp Killer, and more.

Afro Jack That Body

Afrojack's latest teaser shares its name with the classic '86 house jam Jack That Body from Steve Hurley, but that's about all they share. The preview rocks a slowly developing piano melody until a nasty sawtooth bassline enters stage left, and an eponymous vocal sample starts giving orders. Jack That Body builds quickly after that, ramping up to a drop that ushers in a classic Afrojack sound full of juxtaposed bass and synth lines. Pick up a copy of the tune when its out Aug. 5 on Wall Recordings.

Luke Lays Down A New One

laidback luke

After some discussion over the existence of rust in those legendary production hands, Laidback Luke has taken to Twitter and SoundCloud to set the record straight.
So today, Luke pops a new tune onto Beatport, his remix of Skyscraper by Alexander Technique & Disco Killah feat. Luca Masinsky.

Laidback Luke

Labelled on SoundCloud as "Real classic big room epicness," the track has some nice airy synth work and a pleasurable drop. Only time, and the fans, will tell if the old Luke is back or not. Pick up the track here.

dirtybirds Eat Everything On Tour

Eats Everything

DB power-player Eats Everything is still buzzing from the wildly strong reaction to his collab with fellow bird Justin Martin, The Gettup, but he's not slowing down. The Bristolian beat glutton announced yesterday that he will be kicking off his "All-American Summer Tour" at HARD Summer and continuing for seven more dates across the US.

The guy has also been busy in the studio and just released a tech house remix of Chicken Lips' He Not In, dubbing it the Eats Everythings All American VIP Remix, removing the elongated breakdown, and giving it more of an edge than the compartively smooth previous version, Eats Everything Chicken Tits Rewix. Check out the dates and venues below, and keep an ear out for his next jam, Catz Eats Dogz, presumably a collab with Catz 'n Dogz.

Sunday 4-Aug Hard Summer LA
Thursday 8-Aug Refuge Portland
Friday 9-Aug Shine Vancouver
Saturday 10-Aug Beta Denver
Sunday 11-Aug Shambhala Festival Salmo, BC
Saturday 31-Aug Electric Zoo Festival NYC
Sunday 1-Sep Green Dolphin Chicago
Monday 2-Sep Piknic Electronic Montreal

Good Vibes To The Gaslamp Killer

The Gaslamp Killer

The world nearly lost The Gaslamp Killer July 9, but thankfully, he's on his way to recovery. LA's bass beast is recovering from an unfortunate scooter accident in Highland Park, CA July 9, which left him minus one spleen and up a ton of staples. LA Weekly reports that the man otherwise known as William Bensussen left a friend's place in the early morning hours when he lost control of his scooter trying to keep his hat on in the wind and flipped over, the bike landing on top of him.

"Two firemen dudes showed up in an ambulance and were very unsympathetic," he went on. "They kept moving and jerking me around and they were like, 'Man, you're fine. You just have a few cuts.' I told them my shoulder felt like it had been ripped apart and my stomach feels like my organs are scrambled up inside. They said: 'Well ... did you eat dinner tonight?' I'm like, 'Yeah, at 9:00 p.m.' They're like, 'Well, maybe you need to shit.'"
After being taken to the hospital, staff opened him up, removed his spleen, which was ruptured, and closed him back up. He will be back performing in time, but the open fan of psychedelics will never again be able to use drugs or alcohol without his spleen.

"I feel like the universe kept pushing me in this direction," said Bensussen regarding sobriety, "but I just wasn't willing to accept it. Now this is pretty much the guillotine, the ax to the head of the demon snake that begs for more ... I literally could fucking die from alcohol. I could load up and turn blue and die from a night of drinking. Fall asleep and not wake up ... I don't have anything against partying. It's fun. I get it. It's just not an option anymore."
Best wishes to GLK and his friends and fam.

Daft En Vogue

Daft Punk Vogue

That statement has never been more true. As the list of Daft Punk headlines in 2013 continues to pile up, the dynamic French duo have checked another outlet off their media to-do list. Stoney Roads reports that after New Yorkers caught a glimpse of the shimmering stars strutting down the street in Manhattan with model Karlie kloss, the pictures have been revealed via a Vogue photo shoot. Check out the entire shoot here on Do Androids Dance.

We Want Armin And Armin Only

The trance-father's brainchild event series, Armin Only, will make its long-awaited return to the US in 2014. According to a post on InTheMix, van Buuren shared his plans for returning to the States with his one-of-a-kind show during a run-in at Ultra Europe.

“Definitely in 2014,” Armin told InTheMix at Ultra Europe’s debut in Croatia. “It depends on venues, it depends on availability, it’ll depend on the promoters.”

Contrary to the article, however, the last time armin only was in America was NYE 08-09, not '11, which was to promote Armin Only: Imagine. The all-night events usually consist of high-priced special effects, unparalleled production value, and van Buuren spinning for an unholy amount of time. As one of the most calendar-tipping, high-profile events ever conceived by any DJ ever, the Armin Only return to the US will undoubtedly sell out in a timeframe similar to that of this year's festivals, so don't waste a second picking up tickets when they become available. We'll be sure to clue you in when that happens. There's no telling what the ringleader has in store for fans this time around, but get yourself a taste of Armin Only: Imagine from 2008.