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Jul 05

Friday Favorites 11

alvaro angels antenna art of vengeance Bart B More Bonobo BUDO Different Sleep Everything friday favorites Get Ahead grey goose Harvard bass Jonas Mantey justin jay lil jon mercer Ninja Tune Pari R&B revealed Sailor & I secure southern fried the xx Tough Love Welcome to the Jungle Whitenoize
Sailor & I - Tough Love (Jonas Mantey's Triebkraft Remix) [Art Of Vengeance]
Alvaro & Mercer feat. Lil Jon - Welcome To The Jungle (Original Mix) [Revealed]
Different Sleep - Get Ahead (Original Mix)
WhiteNoize - Grey Goose (Original Mix) [Instereo]
Justin Jay - Everything (Original Mix) [Southern Fried]
The XX - Angels (BUDO remix)
Bonobo - Antenna [Ninja Tune]
Bart B More & Harvard Bass - Pari (Original Mix)
We know what your favorite day of the week is. And like every Friday, we're back with your favorite part about Friday, Friday Favorites. Enjoy some new tunes, and have a great weekend.

Chris Downar
Deep House|Sailor & I - Tough Love (Jonas Mantey Triebkraft Remix) [Art Of Vengeance]

Jonas Mantey's Triebkraft remix of Tough Love really hits those deep emotions of paralyzing despair. I find myself quite addicted to its somber melodies and saddening lyrics. It's due for release on July 21.
Josh Bennett
Big Room/Electro|Alvaro & Mercer feat. Lil Jon - Welcome To The Jungle (Original Mix) [Revealed]

There's nothing particularly groundbreaking about Alvaro and Mercer's new release Welcome To The Jungle; it's just good, dirty, headbanging fun. Adding vocal shouts from Lil Jon somehow always manages to up the energy level, too. Welcome To The Jungle is out now on Hardwell's Revealed Recordings.
Jesse Champagne
Indie & Beats|Different Sleep - Get Ahead (Original Mix)

About 15 seconds into Get Ahead, it hits you—Chicago-based producer Different Sleep has something truly special here. Simply put, this track is pure auditory bliss. Underneath a dreamy hip-hop beat sits pitch-lowered vocals (hello, Drake), melodic synths, and soul-melting guitar chords, all playing during a rain storm. It's almost therapeutic how good this feels. Grab Different Sleep's new r&b-flavored electronica on his Soundcloud now.
Nathan Codd
House|WhiteNoize - Grey Goose (Original Mix) [Instereo]

For my money, it doesn't get better than my boys WhiteNoize out of The Bay... just add some Grey Goose and a whole lotta hydro, and you're got yourself a top-notch San Fran afternoon. Pick up their latest here, out now on Instereo Recordings.
Jerry Shikhman
Deep House|Justin Jay|Everything (Original Mix) [Southern Fried]

Justin Jay is a name that has been gaining a lot of attention in the world of deep house. He was featured on the last Dirtybird compilation, and he's been giving Southern Fried Records something to brag about as well, with his Everything EP released on that label. Everything was also featured on this year's Southern Fried & Tested, the fourth of such compilations on Fatboy Slim's label. This two-disc treasure chest was mixed by the UK's own Doorly, a man that's been taking house music for a ride of his own as of late, and this reckless driver of ours made sure to include names such as Eats Everything, The 2 Bears, and of course, Justin Jay.
Jorge Meza
Indie & Beats|The XX - Angels (BUDO remix)

Seattle-based producer Budo fused soothing layers of tambourines and synths to make an incredibly emotive track even more heartwarming. Stay up late, turn off the lights, visualize your crush, and feel that desire.
Ilenia Cangelosi
Deep House/Electronica| Bonobo - Antenna [Ninja Tune]

Antenna is one of 13 exceptional works of art off Bonobo's fifth studio album, The North Borders, released earlier this year. Sprucely and whimsical in its composition, Antenna's blooming chords float you along a magical path of wondrous electronica sound. Bonobo eloquently makes you melt from your sound canals.
Bryan Stauffer
Electro House|Bart B More & Harvard Bass - Pari (Original Mix) [Secure]

Personally, it surprises me how little attention Bart B More & Harvard Bass have been getting over the past couple of years. The two have teamed up for a number of high-powered collaborations, but there's one that stands out in particular. Pari is a dirty, quirky play on the what goes on inside the minds of these two beat junkies, and it's nothing short of amazing.