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Jul 06

Heartbeat Pres. Magnosis

Exclusive Heartbeat magnosis
LessThan3 Heartbeat - Guest Mix 043 – Magnosis
Brace yourself for a session of sensory stimulation with this week’s Heartbeat podcast at LessThan3. Switching gears from a trap-filled mix from Snails, we have now moved into the realm of psytrance with a mix from Mike Magno, known to the psychedelic realm as Magnosis. Magno has concocted an exclusive Heartbeat guest mix for us after being selected as the winner of Insomniac’s Discovery Project which landed him a slot to perform at EDC New York this year. Later this month, his first EP titled Tripwire will be released on Solid Recordings. It seems the wheels are turning quickly for this producer from New Jersey.

This episode is a signature representation of the psytrance, scene with rolling basslines and acidic synth work. Featuring tracks from notables such as Ritmo, Vertical Mode, and Normalize, the mix demonstrates the power of an often overlooked genre of dance. Perfectly placed within the set are two new tracks from Magno titled Tripwire and Anaconda Love that provide a snapshot of his sound at the moment. Check out the podcast on SoundCloud as a free download and subscribe to Heartbeat on iTunes today.

(0:00:00) Mute - On/Off (Ritmo Remix)
(0:07:35) Freq - Dreambody (Liquid Soul Remix)
(0:14:40) Magnosis - Tripwire (Original Mix)
(0:21:05) Vertical Mode - Mr. Fix (Original Mix)
(0:26:33) Zen Mechanics & Egorythmia - Dragonfruit (Original Mix)
(0:34:36) Ritmo - Declare (Meander Remix)
(0:41:20) Magnosis - Anaconda Love (Original Mix)
(0:48:21) Normalize - Blind In Darkness (Original Mix)
(0:56:25) Terahert - Inner Sky (Original Mix)