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Jul 13

Tokyo Bliss pres. KIWAMU

Exclusive KIWAMU Otographic Music tokyo bliss
LessThan3 pres. Tokyo Bliss - Guest Mix 030 – KIWAMU
Back for a fourth hosting of Tokyo Bliss, KIWAMU has whipped up a deeply seductive podcast that is guaranteed to steer your weekend in the right direction. This dreamy set works between traditional deep house vibes and a tech house groove steadily throughout. It starts with a few remixes by Roland Nights and Gulivert, followed by five back-to-back remixes of his own. Each remix displays the capability and versatility this artist possesses and is truly a highlight within the podcast.

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(0:00:00) 01. Paul & Zax - Coffee Break (Roland Nights Remix) [Grouper]
(0:06:15) 02. Basemental Level - Moments At Jazz (Original Mix) [Groove Life]
(0:10:19) 03. Isaac Silva - Desiree (Gulivert Remix) [Movements]
(0:16:47) 04. KIWAMU - Galaxy Kiss (Original Mix) [Otographic]
(0:23:02) 05. Mango - Citylanes Airplanes (KIWAMU vs. Tokyo Bay Cruise Remix) [Silk Digital]
(0:28:46) 06. Fabio Mazzei & Marco Calanni - Night (KIWAMU Remix) [Mandarine]
(0:33:27) 07. Kyohei Akagawa - As No World Idealized (KIWAMU Remix) [Otographic]
(0:40:44) 08. Positive Addiction - Bittersweet (KIWAMU Remix) [Nueva Deep]
(0:46:58) 09. Shingo Nakamura - There For Me (KIWAMU Remix) [Silk Digital]
(0:54:43) 10. Minson - She Was Made In Heaven (Original Mix) [Mascota]