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Aug 14

Daily Newsbyte 8.14

coelacanth Deadmau5 digitalism fck a coelacanth free download jericho lift memorecks Newsbyte zeds dead
deadmau5 - fck a coelacanth
deadmau5 - coelacanth
Zeds Dead feat. Memorecks - Jericho
Digitalism - Lift EP Minimix
Happy hump-day. Ugh, can't believe we just said that. Let's get to the news. Today, we've got Forbes' top 10 highest-earning DJs of 2013, new deadmau5 and Zeds Dead, and more in the Newsbyte.

Calvin Tops Forbes' Highest Paid DJs List

Forbes followed up the popularity of their 2012 top-earning DJs list with an updated chart for 2013, and Calvin came out on top.

Naturally, after being named the highest paid DJ under 30, Calvin Harris said, "uh-uh! Ain't no WAY that Tiesto guy is makin' more money than me this year," and jumped past him to claim the #1 spot at a staggering $46M, thanks to, like, 70 sets at Hakkasan.

“The rise of dance music has been astronomical in the last three years,” he tells Forbes. “I happened to be in the right place at the right time.”
Tiesto came in runner-up, followed by David Guetta moving up one and taking Swedish House Mafia's spot from '12.

Wanna see something scary? Compare last year's top 10 earners, which add up to just $125M altogether, with this year's complete figures (below), to see just how much more money we spent on DJs of the highest caliber as a civilization this year (SPOILER: A TON [$241M]).

1. Calvin Harris - $46 million
2. Tiesto - $32 million
3. David Guetta - $30 million
4. Swedish House Mafia - $25 million
5. deadmau5 - $21 million
6. Avicii - $20 million
7. Afrojack - $18 million
8. Armin van Buuren - $17 million
9. Skrillex - $16 million (tie)
10. Kaskade - $16 million (tie)

1. Tiesto - $22 million
2. Skrillex - $15 million
3. Swedish House Mafia - $14 million
4. David Guetta - $13.5 million
5. Steve Aoki - $12 million
6. Deadmau5 - $11.5 million
7. DJ Pauly D - $11 million
8. Kaskade - $10 million
9. Afrojack - $9 million
10. Avicii - $7 million

mau5-Coelacanth Symbiosis

deadmau5 coelacanth

deadmau5 posted two Ichthyological-themed tracks today, fck a coelacanth, and the shorter-named, much longer coelacanth. fck a coelacanth is one-and-a-half minutes of pleasingly classic deadmau5 prog house with a charming and vulgar vocal sample. coelacanth, at over 10 minutes, feels more reflective of the fish species' impending extinction. It's a steady, minimal beat which opens much like his Suites and sounds perfectly intended to soundtrack the nearly extinct fish as it pursues something much smaller through the waters of the South Pacific and engulfs it in one gulp.
deadmau5 always seems to post groups of tracks to SoundCloud rather than just one, and more often than not, those grouped tracks are all similarly themed and/or named. Perhaps we'll see these two combined for one fish-themed track on his next album.

Zeds Dead Sound The Horns

zeds dead memorecks jericho

The duo of Hooks and DC, Zeds Dead, joined their musical murder machine with Canadian producer Memorecks for a dubstep-flavored piece of trap available free to fans of Zeds Dead on Facebook.

Titled Jericho, the track primarily follows a trap formula infused with deep wubs and growls we've heard from ZD's vicious dubstep productions. Play this one at the walls, and they're definitely coming down. Pick it up for free here.

Collaborationalism Drives New EP

Digitalism lift ep

German duo Digitalism have wrapped up their next EP, and the guys have been kind enough to share a minimix today showcasing the three originals collabos to be released on Lift.

Out Sept. 23 on Kitsune, the EP comprises three collaborations, a rare occurrence for the duo. For the lead track, they dig down deep and rhythmic with the Bay Area brothers, The M Machine, for the very vocal title track. The second tune sees them kick it with their dude Steve Duda for Dudalism, a bass-laden electro house jam with smooth yet powerful energy. To wrap it up, Digitalism joined up with Michael Diamond for the darker Electric Fist.

Pick up the Lift EP Aug. 23 when it becomes available on Beatport, and check the recently announced August and September tour dates for Digitalism below.

DJ Tour

29 August - Output, New York
30 August - Voyeur, Philadelphia
31 August - SAT, Montreal
4 September - Monarch Theatre, Phoenix
5 September - Sound, Los Angeles
6 September - Ruby Skye, San Francisco
12 September - Voyeur, San Diego
13 September - Foundation, Seattle
14 September - Hard Rock, Las Vegas

Berlin Club Leads Anti-Anti-Gay Charge

berlin berghain club homosexuals russia putin olympics 2014 2013

In case you hadn't heard, Vladimir Putin's Russia hates homosexuals. That is in no way an exaggeration. If you aren't yet aware of this or convinced, read this. We'll wait...


Disgusting, huh? The Russian Government has even passed laws which allow for almost any act of homosexuality--admitting to being gay, being seen with a same-sex partner, etc.--to warrant arrest, and they plan to enforce these laws at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

In protest of these violent and very real policies, Berghain, a Berlin nightclub, has "come out" as the first venue to sponsor an event specifically targeted at raising awareness surrounding the situation and to publicly condemn the actions of the Russian government. Called "Promote Diversity," Berghain's event Sept. 12 will be followed up by similar events at clubs Harry Klein in Munich and Output in Brooklyn. A press release from Berghain’s in-house record label, Ostgut Ton, explained what inspired the club to act:

“Equality and tolerance are basic values that the club and music scene has always supported. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that the level of freedom we have achieved cannot be taken for granted, be it here or elsewhere.”
Fact has the full story, which says that all proceeds from the Berghain event will be donated to All Out, an organization that supports LGBT rights globally.