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Aug 02

Daily Newsbyte 8.2

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Felix Cartal feat. Ofelia - New Scene (Original Mix) [Dim Mak]
Hey everyone, welcome to the Daily Newsbyte. We hope day one of August treated you as well as it did us. On this fine Friday, we've got a Rihmero collab in the works, a new vid from Krewella, more fresh material from Felix Cartal, a bright legal outlook for Pasquale, and more.

Rihanna Ropes In Romero For Round Two

Nicky Romero spilled the beans on a second collab with Rihanna while backstage at TomorrowLand. MTV reports that Romero will follow up his first joint project with the pop star with a smooth new out-of-the-box original.

"I'm working on a song for Rihanna right now… I can't say too much yet… It's gonna be out of the box for me."
Check back soon for the sequel to Right Now from the pair.

Felix Cartal's New Scene

Felix Cartal Past Present New Scene

Felix Cartal followed up his free-spirited and playful Young Love with a decidedly more toned-down original today, New Scene featuring the voice of Ofelia. While the track shares some similar synth elements recognizable from YoLo, the electro house maven mellows out considerably from his previous production, offering a more ambient and buoyant house arrangement with much less electro vibe than the liberal pinch we're used to.

New Scene comes as the fourth and final premiere off the four-track EP, Past Present Felix, for which we've heard Young Love, After Dark (also featuring Koko Laroo's vocals), and Katsu, which dropped on Dim Mak's Free Fridays in June.

Felix seemed pleased with the final product, including that "this is one of my favourite songs i've ever written." Pre-order Past Present Felix here before the release date Aug. 6 on Dim Mak.

Pasquale Gets A Positive Reading

pasquale rotella seeks dismissal

As this year's king of the hot seat, Pasquale Rotella is currently awaiting his next trial date for charges of bribery and corruption connected with Insomniac's once-LA-based party, EDC.

With an update on the boss owl's legal standing, LA Weekly reports that during a hearing this week, a judge decided to give Rotella's dismissal case a full airing in September, which will allow Rotella and involved parties Reza Gerami of Go Ventures and former LA Coliseum events manager Todd DeStefano to leave this issue in the dust, save for LA's opportunity to re-file following a decision.

Pasquale's defense maintains that the DA's case is based on an "unprecedented misapplication of embezzlement law." According to the defense's dismissal filing, Insomniac already secured use of the venue via a $25k-an-event fee, and that the money paid to DeStefano was for "honest services outside the scope of his duties."

In their response to the dismissal request, the LA DA's office claims that DeStefano was being given 10 percent of ticket sales from raves for use of the venues at which they were held.

"DeStefano used his official position on behalf of Rotella and Gerami to try to see that the Coliseum Commission continued to allow the concerts."
The defense has until Aug. 30 to rebut this response from the DA, and oral arguments will take place Sept. 18, the DA's office told LA Weekly. Read the complete analysis of the sitch here.

UK Joins Miami And Ibiza In Conference Club

Brighton Music Conference 2014

The UK basically raised dance music, but it still has no EDM-specific industry event a la IMS or WMC... until now. What will be called The Brighton Music Conference when it debuts in 2014 will be the UK's first-ever annual music industry event focused on dance music. With claims of being, "by the industry for the industry," BMC takes what seems like a shot at EDMbiz and WMC with this claim:

BMC aims to keep the focus on education and networking in a professional yet relaxed environment, rather than meetings in expensive unsociable environments away from the actual conference. We are creating an affordable professional platform to meet under one roof in daytime hours.
Who wants to talk music during daytime hours? JK. Given the history of EDM and its roots in the UK, this is a long time coming. Learn more and register here.

Krewella Severs Kommunication

Avicii's time-traveling horse was one-upped by Krewella yesterday when the trio unveiled their nuclear plant capable of hosting raves while passing through tiny tears in time and space.

The Krew's latest video, a poignant position on personal gadgets set to Live For The Night, portrays Jahan, Yasmine, and Rain Man as digital-era revolutionaries who sever the line to their city's technological morphine drip in a flurry of defiance and dance inside their friendly neighborhood nuclear power plant. They then proceed to throw a little rager in said station, but like any suburban party, the cops come, but they're prepared for that. They're Krewella.