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Aug 22

Daily Newsbyte 8.22

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The Prodigy - Voodoo People (Pendulum Mix) [XL]
Major Lazer feat. Bruno Mars, 2 Chainz, Tyga, & Mystic - Bubble Butt (Flosstradamus Remix) (Preview)
We've got news on a Pendulum reunion, the next Paul van Dyk album, an embarassing moment for Steve Aoki, a new teaser from Flosstradamus, and more in today's Newsbyte.

Pendulum to reunite

The nice thing about pendulums is that no matter how far away they swing, they're compelled to return. That apparently goes for live drum & bass groups as well, specifically one led by Rob Swire, now better known for his role in Knife Party.

While KP is much bigger a name today, Pendulum is where Swire learned how to knife party.
Needless to say, this sent shockwaves of "Holy Shit," and "Ermagherd" throughout the cybertubes, and fans immediately wanted elaboration.
Well, he's right about the time frame, but definitely not the caring part. Fans cared the hell out of Twitter for about an hour while he explained his thinking.
Swire explains that there will be a new Knife Party album before that, but that he is in no way joking.
Praise the EDM gods. We tossed in a classic for your ears while we wait for the good stuff. Enjoy, and check back for more developments on the next Knife Party and Pendulum albums.

Flossin Dem Bubble Butts

Flosstradamus remix major lazer bubble butt

Everyone who's heard any of the Hoodie Boyz whatsoever knew that their Bubble Butt remix was going to work booties into bass-induced frenzies worldwide, and after a short YouTube teaser, we've got an official preview... of sorts.

The preview is about identical to the teaser we heard on YouTube, however this one doesn't sound like it's being bounced off the drywall in J2K's attic. It twerks on for about a minute-and-a-half of Flossy goodness of which we cannot wait to hear the full version, before a strange surprise.

Halfway through, the track completely drops out and transitions into Back That Ass Up by Juvenile... yeah and not a remix or mashup or anything. They straight-up hit "skip." Not sure what to make of this, really. Maybe the boyz didn't feel ready to share the rest of the tune in the preview? Now if there was only a way we could see J2K bobbing his head like in the previous teaser while we listen, it would be perfect.

Daft Continue "Lucky" Streak

Daft Punk get lucky breaks one million 1  plays on Spotify

At this point, you're probably all, "Alright, alright, we're lucky, we're up all night in order to become so... we get it."

But dial back your Get Lucky overload symptoms for a minute to congratulate the disco robots on a milestone of epic proportions, the attaining of which had nothing to do with getting lucky. Music Week reports that since its release in April, Get Lucky has been streamed on Spotify over 100 million times... we'll let that number sink in a bit. Although the spotify plays don't by any means equal the power of an actual sale, imagine how many sales it takes an artist to reach platinum status, then multiply that by 100. Additionally, Music Week reports that the official YouTube video for the track had 111,617,013 plays at the time the story was written--which equates to 676 years of the track being played--and is receiving around 500,000 plays daily.

Congratulations Daft Punk. Y'all some lucky, talented motherf*ckers.

Steve Caught Sticky-Fingered

Steve aoki caught using pirated software

Dim Mak main-man Steve Aoki is catching flak from fans after being caught by vigilant Redditors using a pirated copy of a popular synthesizer plugin, "Sylenth." The image below, borrowed from one of our favorite outlets Stoney Roads, points out the mark of a popular software crack team on his version while playing a set.

Sylenth software pirated by Steve Aoki

Now, that's not to say peeking over the shoulder of 100 DJs, famous or not, wouldn't produce a good portion of pirated software, but Steve, how much did you make last year? $13M? 14M? This fact is what makes us convinced that this was an issue of convenience, as in he grabbed it from a friend in a hurry and didn't notice, and not an issue of poor funding.

Among the heat coming from Reddit, some of the most poignant comments ponder whether or not fans should feel bad pirating Aoki's music now. Definitely up for debate. No response from the man himself on Twitter.

PVD Album + Tour En Route

paul van Dyk politics of dancing 3

Paul van Dyk has announced the third installment of his artist album series, Politics of Dancing 3, slated to drop late Fall of this year. According to a release, the album will bridge the gap creatively and sonically from the first two editions, and van Dyk promises a heap-load of collabs with artists both new and old. The first single, We Are Tonight, hit fans' ears a few weeks back, and is the first in what will be a long string of collaborations and featured vocalists from Politics 3. Pick up your copy here.

Paul has also planned a tour to support the album, heading from San Fran to Atlantic City before skipping across the pond to play Europe. Dates and locations below.

North American dates

Fri - 8/30 - 1015 Folsom, San Francisco
Sat - 8/31 - Intervention, Hard Rock Hotel, San Diego
Sat - 8/31 - Avalon, Los Angeles
Sun - 9/1 - The Mixx, Borgata Hotel & Casino, Atlantic City

Politics of Dancing 3 Show Dates

Fri - 10/18 - Digital, Newcastle, UK
Sat - 10/19 - Gatecrasher, Donnington Park
Sat - 10/19 - Take Off Festival, Southend-on-Sea
Fri - 10/25 - Mandela Hall, Belfast, UK
Sat - 10/26 - Colours at The Arches, Glasgow, UK
Sun - 10/27 - The Academy, Dublin, IE