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Aug 29

Daily Newsbyte 8.29

Amnesia beverly knight DDJ-WeGO2 ivan gough john dahlback Lucas Nord Nervo not taking this no more Paris Hilton Pioneer RAM spinnin sub focus Turn It Around Ultra urban cone we were gods
Nervo feat. Ivan Gough and Beverly Knight - Not Taking This No More (Original Mix Edit)
John Dahlback feat. Urban Cone & Lucas Nord - We Were Gods (Preview)
Happy Thursday! Whether you're heading off to the desert for The Burn or NY for EZoo, we've got your daily news fix with another Amnesia Ibiza residency in 2014 for Paris Hilton, new John Dahlback and Nervo, sweet new hardware from Pioneer, and more in the Newsbyte.

Paris In Ibiza For 2014

Apparently after drawing crowd after excited crowd to her Wednesday Foam & Diamonds party at Amnesia Ibiza this summer, the socialite has earned herself a second round by inking a deal with Amnesia for 2014.

The specifics of the deal aren't clear yet, but breaking outlet TMZ reports that the owner of Amnesia admitted he was "nervous" when he first brought on Hilton, but his apprehension was quickly replaced with delight when she stepped into the booth ... "and the crowds went insane."

"The number of people attending kept on growing and the positive word of mouth in Ibiza was just phenomenal," the owner told TMZ.

Paris flew back to L.A. on Thursday, bragging that she "killed it" -- and said her Ibiza success is already translating into tons of offers.

Who knows? Maybe we'll see miss Hilton land herself a spot on the DJ Mag Top 100. It is more of a popularity contest these days anyway, and this series of events has definitely helped with her popularity, or at least her exposure.

We All Go With DDJ-WeGO2

DJ hardware giant Pioneer announced the October release of their DDJ-WeGO2, the second generation of their portable, entry-level mixing interface. Improvements include an augmented built-in sound system for monitoring and improved audio-out function and, possibly the most notable improvement, iOS compatibility. This means all the sweet new iOS DJ software we've been talking about are directly manipulatable via the DDJ-WeGO2 crossfader, jog wheels, etc., and your iDevice slides nicely into the new stand while plugging in directly to the interface.

While the price has been bumped up a tad to $429, Pioneer is offering a choice of red, white, or black. More info here.

John Dahlback, Dance Demigod

John Dahlback we were gods

Hot off the heels of the slithering, striking Cobra, super-Swede John Dahlback dropped a preview of his next smasher of a big room progressive tune today, titled We Were Gods.

The short teaser features fellow Swedes Lucas Nord and pop group Urban Cone for a high-energy, synth-infused number with the occasional abrasive electro stab resulting in a refreshingly aggressive yet smooth slice of Swedish prog house. Considering the sheer volume of music coming from the Swedes these days, maybe he meant to call it "We ARE Gods."

Pick up the original when it's out Sept. 13 on Ultra and cop the complete mix package Oct. 1 on iTunes.

Nervo Is Not Taking This No More

Nervo Not Taking This No More

Nervo hung up their vocal chords (not literally) for this one, stepping back to produce Not Taking This No More alongside Ivan Gough while Beverly Knight layers vocals atop the latest from the Aussie duo. The tune is an oversized big room track with thick kicks and slick synth work from Gough and the sisters. Expect the girls to work crowds into a frenzy with this one for some time.

Pick it up Sept. 23 when it drops on Spinnin' Records.

Turn Your Life Around With Sub Focus

Sub Focus dropped the video today for his latest tune, Turn It Around with Kele, featuring a young lady on a journey of emotional fulfillment in a modern-day materialist world.

The leading lady sets her character out by spitting into a river off abridge, and we're off, following her as she encounters one dirty disappointment after the next in her local nightlife scene. She returns home to her cats for a moment alone before hopping an early-morning train out to the middle of nowhere to vent, at which time the clear water of the forest vents with her--very different, very striking imagery and video overall.

Watch the vid below, and preorder Turn It Around here before its Sept. 22 release date on Ram Records.