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Sep 11

Daily Newsbyte 9.11

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Figure feat. Mr Lif - Eagle (Original Mix) [OWSLA]
Figure feat. Del The Funky Homosapien - War Call (Original Mix) [OWSLA]
Figure feat. Nick Thayer - Astro (Original Mix) [OWSLA]
If we see that camel on TV again doing his "hump-day" thing, we're launching a camel genocide... JK. But seriously, sick of that camel. Happy Wednesday, everyone. We've got new Figure, a Boys Noize tour, the Rotella-Madison wedding recap, and one very interesting, Daft Punk-themed job interview in the UK. This is the Newsbyte. No camels allowed.

Up All Night To Get Hired

Daft fever has spread even further today, as news of it infiltrating our hiring process hit the internet. BBC reports that a chain electronics store in the UK, Currys, is publicly apologizing after they broke hiring protocol by splitting up potential employees up into groups for a Daft Punk dance-off

”I just felt so embarrassed and uncomfortable” Alan Bacon, who was not ultimately offered a job, told the BBC. "I ended up dancing to Around the World by Daft Punk, doing rubbish robotics in my suit in front of a group of strangers. I told my dad it was like a scene out of The Office. I would have walked out but I need a job.”
Apparently after apologizing, Currys announced they will be inviting all applicants back for another interview. BBC even got a video interview with the poor, embarrassed job-seeker. Read the full story here, and check out the video interview with Bacon while you're there.

When Tomorrowland Is In The Past

It's here! The official Tomorrowland 2013 aftermovie from ID&T. It opens with the explanation of the origins of the festival we all know, something about a brilliant scientist discovering stars aligned to make a giant party, or something... whatever. It's one of the best festivals on Earth. Who cares where it came from?

Featuring music and footage of Avicii, Axwell, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, and way more, experience or re-live the massive Belgian festival that is Tomorrowland in the 30-plus-minute documentary, and let's start getting excited for next year, in case you haven't already.

Boys Noize Brings The Boom On Tour

Boys noize tour 2013

After what has been quite a busy year for one Alex Ridha, aka Boys Noize, he has topped it all off with a cherry to sweeten the deal already stacked with new music this year. That cherry is a fall world tour, and it's already underway. Kicking off in Berlin, the Boys Noize brigade will trot the globe from there to Paris, hitting Cape Town before skipping the Atlantic and rocking stages from Baltimore to Seattle and back and returning to Europe for the final leg. No ticket link just yet, but scope the dates and locales below, and check back for an update.

Boys Noize Tour dates 2013

Figure Sounds His Horns Of The Apocalypse

Figure horns of the apocalypse EP

One of OWSLA's many bad boys of bass released his blasphemously badass EP yesterday, titled Horns Of The Apocalypse, and we imagine this is exactly what we'll hear at "The End."

We shared a preview of the lead-off track, a collab with glitch-happy Aussie Nick Thayer, titled Astro not too long ago, and we've been waiting on the full version since. Well, thank Figure for one-upping our expectations and posting the entire EP to SoundCloud yesterday. U da best.

The first track is a molten dubstep tune dubbed Beast Mode, featuring vocals from Del The Funky Homosapien (Gorillaz, Heiroglyphics), and following on its heels is a more sexy 4/4 glitch tune, Eagle, featuring Mr. Lif. It's back to dubstep for Super Sonic Brain Waves, and War Call once again calls upon the vocals of Del, and is even being offered up as a free download. Figure, you know the way to our hearts. Rounding out the EP is the Nick Thayer collab, Astro, with enough signature sound from both parties to get the party saturated in sweat.

Download War Call here, and pick up the entire EP here on Beatport.

The Happiest Wedding On Earth

Madison rotella disneyland wedding recap

Disneyland hosted the wedding of dance music's cutest couple last night when Insomniac CEO Pasquale Rotella and former Girl Next Door Holly Madison tied the knot in Anaheim, Calif.

Perez Hilton reports that over 150 guests joined in the celebration after the park was shut down early, including their daughter, Rainbow Aurora. The bride-to-be was carted down Main Street in a glass carriage to New Orleans Square (near "Pirates Of The Caribbean") in a white gown and a blue sash. The wedding took place in the Blue Bayou Restaurant (the one you see on the right while on "Pirates"), then the couple took their maiden voyage on the pirate-themed ride. Hopefully she didn't get the dress too wet on that first splash!

Read the full story here, which includes tons more adorble Disneyland locales.