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Sep 10

Review & Giveaway – Sennheiser Momentum Headphones

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The more I started getting into music a few years ago the more people drilled into my head that it was worth investing in a nice pair of headphones. Just about everyone seemed to have their opinion about which pair of cans was best to grab, but the recommendation that I heard far more than any other headphone or headphone company was to "grab just about any pair of Sennheisers and you won't be disappointed".

Several years and about many pairs of headphones later, I fully agree with that statement. My trials of Sennheiser headphones range from the most the high-end HD650s to the most simplistic 20 dollar HD201s, and what I've learned to love about the company is what they prioritize in making a pair of headphones. By no means have their cans ever been the flashiest on the market, but time after time the Sennheiser brand has checked out to provide top sound quality as well as enough comfort to make them able to be worn for hours on end.

Sennheiser recently released the Momentum On-Ear headphones, an attempt to reach wider demographic with a sleeker and more portable imagining of their classic cans. I grabbed myself a pair to see how they stacked up with the latest influx of similar 'phones, hoping that Sennheiser hasn't forgotten about their priority for both comfort and pristine sound.

Opening my Momentum headphones, I got an immediate sense of the diligent work that went into designing the entire package. The pair came tightly packed in a trendy yet protective case, which would fit snugly in a travel bag or something of the sort. Everything from the embossed logo to materials used in the case itself make a terrific first impression for a newcomer to a very competitive market.

Sennheiser Momentum Case

The headphones themselves look nothing short of class. I had certain expectations knowing that they were a part of the Style series, but where something like Beats By Dre (and most other competitors in this space) strive to be flashy, the Momentums sport more of a cool, calm and collected feel to them. A very nice approach to "style" since I personally like to wear my headphones in public without having to let everybody know I'm wearing my headphones in public. Coming in a total of seven fitting color schemes, it seems like the Momentums have a look for just about everyone.

Sennheiser Momentum Colors

The build quality on the Momentum headphones is also a clear step up from my previous experiences with Sennheiser products. Between the metal banding and top-to-bottom leather (supplied by renowned UK leather company Pittards), it's clear that the time and effort put into this product will pay off not only in terms of durability but overall comfort as well. Some headphones really make themselves apparent the longer you wear them, but these bad boys proved just about the pinnacle of comfort no matter how long they're worn.

Last but not least comes the sound put out from the Sennheiser Momentum headphones, which I've always considered to be the German company's bread and butter. Their latest product is no exception as the Momentum headphones offer a truly perfect sonic balance for dance music, encouraging the high end to really pop while allowing the low end the ability to bring some of the power from the club to your ears.

Sennheiser has always come off as the most honest of headphones companies, striving to give consumers what they pay for, always with an underlying focus on quality sound. With that in mind, it's no surprise that the Momentums deliver on all fronts, offering a trendy, durable and portable pair of cans with fantastic output. For over 100 dollars less than their Momentum Over-Ear cousin, these are highly recommended! Get some more details or grab a pair yourself HERE.

If you like what you've read and want a chance at winning a pair of the new Sennheiser Momentum headphones enter our contest below! We'll be drawling a winner at 5pm EST on Sunday 9/15!