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Dec 05

Dive Into The Deep 01

defected Dive Into The Deep mobilee visionquest Watergate
Marco Resmann - Thursdate (Steve Bug Remix) [Watergate]
Re.you - Do I Know (Anja Schneider Remix) [Mobilee]
Re.you - Hurt Me (Original Mix) [Mobilee]
Alexi Delano & Shaun Reeves feat. Charlotte Carter-Allen - The Breeze (Original Mix) [Visionquest]
Cueber feat. Marrisa Guzman - No Doubt (Shlomi Aber Remix) [Defected]
We hope you’re all geared up for our first ever Dive Into The Deep session, as we together embark on a rhythmic expedition through the vast trenches of underground dance music.

Every Thursday, LessThan3 will keep you up to date with the freshest material from the realm of deep house, tech house, and techno, with five choice picks from the week’s hottest releases. Whether or not the lesser-known styles are your personal cup of tea, check in with us for each new edition to hear the best we have to offer. Your ears will thank you.

Suit up with a cozy pair of headphones or a loud set of speakers, and dive right in.

Marco Resmann – Thursdate (Steve Bug Remix) [Watergate]
Deriving from Marco’s latest Life About To Change EP, Steve Bug shelves out a progressive revamp that has "Germany" written all over it. Once again, Berlin’s reputable Watergate label bestows us with a string of dancefloor-appropriated symphonies--the perfect complement to any sunrise set.
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Re.you – Do I Know (Anja Schneider Remix) [Mobilee]
Mobilee’s female figurehead brandishes her harmonic hypnotism in this recent re-press for label-mate Re.you. We have to hand it to Anja though: when it comes to spacey minimal trips, no one does it better. Don’t be intimidated by the track’s near 10-minute duration; just let the smooth bass-taps sink in.
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Re.you – Hurt Me (Original Mix) [Mobilee]
“It hurts so good!”--the organic percussion, that is. Even without Anja’s tenderly touch, fellow German producer Re.you can still lay down a proper bassline, as demonstrated in this down-tempo drum tease. If you listen closely enough, you can even hear the discreet shuffling of the various instrumentations. Give it to us nice and slow, Re.you.
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Alexi Delano & Shaun Reeves feat. Charlotte Carter-Allen – The Breeze (Original Mix) [Visionquest]
Imagine a heavenly draft of warm house music splendor as it sifts through your eardrums--in essence, that’s the ideal metaphor for the newest Visionquest single. Usually one to forge more abrasive techno rompers, Alexi tones it down a notch in pairing up with quest-force youngster, Shaun Reeves. If you’re a fan of vibrant chords and jazzy female vocals, this track is for you.
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Cueber feat. Marrisa Guzman – No Doubt (Shlomi Aber Remix) [Defected]
Rule of thumb going forward: whenever you glimpse the word “Defected” alongside a release title, expect to hear a quality tune. Perhaps my personal favorite selection from this week’s edition, Shlomi’s plush refurbishment for Cueber’s original resembles the dreamy house ballad that I’ve long since yearned for. “No doubt” this remix is a necessity for any DJs dabbling in progressive tech house.
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