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Feb 28

Dog Blood Enlists Posse Of Producers For ‘Middle Finger Pt. 2 Remixes’

Boys Noize dog blood middle finger pt. 2 OWSLA Skrillex
Dog Blood - Shred Or Die (DJ Sliink Remix) [Boysnoize/OWSLA/Big Beat]
Dog Blood - Shred Or Die (Kevin Saunderson Remix) [Boysnoize/OWSLA/Big Beat]
Dog Blood - Middle Finger Pt. 2 (Alesia Remix) [Boysnoize/OWSLA/Big Beat]
As electronic music's most fearsome thing on four legs, Dog Blood had its pick of the litter when choosing names for their latest remix EP, so naturally, Boys Noize and Skrillex enlisted an eclectic dream team for Dog Blood's Middle Finger Pt. 2 Remixes.

Electro-punk destruction anthem Shred Or Die gets a techy reimagining from Detroit OG Kevin Saunderson while Jersey Club king DJ Sliink kills 'em with machine gun vocal chopping in a much more aggressive take.

Bambounou breaks down Chella Ride into... something, salvaging only a fractional part of the synth in the original's breakdown for a single tone to accent the jackhammering kick drums--creative, but somewhat repetitive. Unfortunately, this is the only remix of the EP's energetic breakbeat banger.

The title track gets the most love with three bass-heavy remixes. S-Type turns in a solid trap mix made spooky by the addition of haunting bells and xylophone, while Night Slugs' Bok Bok brings a stripped-down version, accenting some key elements and adding in a warpy synth to the toned-down breaks pattern of the original. Alesia's take sports wretched, growling bass through the first trap-flavored half before grinding into a four-on-the-floor electro smasher in the latter.

Overall a varied and well-thought-out package, Middle Finger Pt. 2 Remixes is officially out March 4 as a joint effort from Boysnoize, OWSLA, and Big Beat. Listen to all six tracks on SoundCloud here.

Dog Bloog middle finger pt 2 remixes