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May 03

Friday Favorites 02

What's the LessThan3 team got on repeat this week? Check out what we're serving up in the newest addition to our Friday Favorites series.

Josh Bennett
Moska feat. Antoine Becks - Insane (Original Mix) [Mad Decent]
Big room DJ/producer Moska becomes the first Colombian to release on Mad Decent with new track Insane, which features an absolute onslaught of syncopated rhythms and high-flying synths. This guy is the next big thing in stadium-sized house music. Download Insane for free here.

Chris Downar
NEHON - Bolli World (Original Mix)
Jesse Slayter and Rattraps have entered a new project into the trap game called Nehon and so far they're off to a great start with their track Bolli World. This banger is dark, aggressive, and when it drops, the ground shaking bass really fills up the room. You can download it for free off their Soundcloud.

Marcos Milos
David August - I Don't Care About Your Goals (Original Mix) [DIYnamic]
A classically trained pianist, Hamburg native David August is not your typical 22 year old. His long-awaited album Times, available now, was forged during a year off, allowing him to shirk every day responsibilities and delve deep into his artistic vision. An investment that paid off in leaps and bounds, I keep finding myself returning to immerse myself into his crafted and meticulous work.

Jorge Meza
Flying Lotus - Sketchbook
"I have no idea what is going on ... I just want to hear the beats of Flying Lotus." Its been 5 years since I first discovered the majestic beat making of Flying Lotus. This tune was my Los Angeles anthem and will forever feed my brain. Pack one up, light it up, and let this tune feed your brain too.

Ilenia Cangelosi
Joris Delacroix - Missing M (Original Mix) [Timid]
Took a trip down memory lane with 23 year old French producer Joris Delacroix, who creates a fresh spin on alternative tech house with his 2009 production Missing M. A ethereal balance of pulsating bass combined with a sophisticated instrumentals makes for a catchy dancefloor melody.

Jon April
Bondax - Gold (Snakehips Bootleg)
There have been quite a few remixes of Bondax's popular single Gold although the one that has really stuck with me is the bootleg by Snakehips. Gold is a terrific track in and of itself although the Snakehips bootleg really brings the sexy factor up a notch.

Mike Davies
Tangle & Mateusz - Basilisk (Original Mix) [Air Up There Recordings]
Newcomers Tangle & Mateusz have spent the past year putting out some quality trance on the likes of Enhanced and High Contrast. Now they release Basilisk on Tritonal's imprint, Air Up There. The epic build and bouncy synths, develop into a drop that moves towards progressive house, with a massive bassline that makes this the perfect big-room anthem for the early summer months.

Jesse Champagne
Lana Del Rey - Young & Beautiful (Chloe Martini Remix)
The biggest song on one of this Summer's biggest movies just got sexier, if that's even possible. 20 year old Polish producer Chloe Martini adds dark, humming synths and epic harps to propel Miss Del Rey's voice out of your heart and into the stratosphere. Turn the music up and the lights down low for this one - it's the perfect slow burner for those hot and steamy nights.

Jerry Shikhman
Yeasayer - Longevity [Secretly Canadian]
Brooklyn's own Yeasayer will spend this summer going between many cities and festivals across the continent, including Governor's Ball and Electric Forest. Their third album, titled Fragrant World, included many great hits, such as Longevity. Just another act to add to this summer's 'must-see list.

Ari Evans
Stefan Biniak - The Read All About It Bootleg
Despite the power of the internet to eliminate geographic boundaries, every once in a while I come across an artist whom I've never heard of that is huge in some other part of the world. Stefan Biniak is a perfect example of this; he's garnered serious attention in Germany and other nearby parts of the world, but somehow he hasn't taken off stateside. Stefan's tracks are deeply emotive, beautifully arranged and expertly engineered. Take a listen to this bootleg and I'm sure you'll dive in to experience more of his music, just as I did.

Bryan Stauffer
Michael Woods - IndepenDANCE
In appreciation of his beloved fanbase last July, Michael Woods gave his followers the chance to name his new single that he would be releasing for free in celebration of our nation’s birth. With its mesh of raw bass wobbles and fervent progressive melodies, IndepenDANCE is the perfect song to celebrate just about any occasion with. It's never too late to pick it up, so make sure to grab it here

Josh Stewart
DJ Taka - ΕΛΠΙΣ (Original Mix) [Beatmania IIDX]
Making its way from the craziest DJ-based video game ever, Beatmania IIDX, ΕΛΠΙΣ (pronounced Elpis) is honestly beyond any expectations you may have. The game that it's featured in puts the track into the "Romantic School Variations" genre (wut) but in layman's terms it's merely 4/4 classical death at 175 bpm.

Matt Heidkamp
Owl Eyes - Closure (Giraffage Remix)
Nothing like some laid back 808s for this glorious spring Friday from Giraffage. The producer recently released his debut EP Feels on Alpha Pup and is embarking on a European tour with LessThan3 favorite's XXYYXX and Beat Culture.

Arthur Shikhman
Andre Lodemann - Where Are You Now? (Original Mix) [Best Works]
One of my favorite deep house tracks of all time. It's a fun exercise in tension and release, with a heavy bassline that makes it a weapon and synth work that induces chills. Will never stop playing this.

Chris Porter
Martyn - Popgun (Original Mix) [Brainfeeder]
Syncopated rhythms, Roland TR-808 cowbells, and a sample from Public Enemy's Mind Terrorist make Martyn's Popgun one of the best tunes from his 2011 album Ghost People. Out via Los Angeles-based imprint Brainfeeder, Popgun's sophisticated drum patterns and weighty bass make it irresistible. Prepare for multiple rewinds!
Moska feat. Antoine Becks - Insane (Original Mix) [Mad Decent]
NEHON - Bolli World (Original Mix)
David August - I Don't Care About Your Goals (Original Mix) [DIYnamic]
Flying Lotus - Sketchbook
Joris Delacroix - Missing M (Original Mix) [Timid]
Bondax - Gold (Snakehips Bootleg)
Tangle & Mateusz - Basilisk (Original Mix) [Air Up There Recordings]
Lana Del Rey - Young & Beautiful (Chloe Martini Remix)
Yeasayer - Longevity [Secretly Canadian]
Stefan Biniak - The Read All About It Bootleg
Michael Woods - IndepenDANCE
DJ Taka - ΕΛΠΙΣ (Original Mix) [Beatmania IIDX]
Owl Eyes - Closure (Giraffage Remix)
Andre Lodemann - Where Are You Now? (Original Mix) [Best Works]
Martyn - Popgun (Original Mix) [Brainfeeder]
Sep 09

Meteoric Changes For Fast Distance

Is this the same Fast Distance who delivered Alpine just a little bit earlier this summer? The Belgian producer has taken a detour from his well-worn uplifting niche and, with Ys/Meteor, landed in the kind of proggy territory that’s well-suited to Air Up There, Tritonal’s sublabel home on Enhanced.

Ys is a solid track that sounds as if it’s bidding farewell to the summer; though the break is melodic, it never crosses into floaty anthem territory and remains firmly weighted down by a standard progressive bassline and a lead that’s more matter-of-fact than uplifting. Meanwhile, Meteor kicks up the prog core a notch and showcases a very Enhanced-like series of nuanced effects and subtle arps in its builds while leading up to a break that’s right at home on Air Up There—no wonder Tritonal approves of this release. I still adore Fast Distance’s uplifting roots and hope he’s not abandoning them entirely. But if he is, well, Ys/Meteor isn’t a bad introduction to be riding in on.
Fast Distance - Meteor (Original Mix) [Air Up There]
Fast Distance - Ys (Original Mix) [Air Up There]
Jun 26

LT3 @ Awakening & Ticket Giveaway


Finally there's a proper weekly trance event in Los Angeles. I'm talking about Insomniac's brand new Awakening party that kicked off last Friday June 22nd at downtown nightclub Exchange LA. I was really impressed by the level of decoration with beautiful UV art flowers and a wild laser show blasting across the room. This was definitely the party to be at; judging by the sold out ticket sales and the enthused appreciation the crowd showed, I could tell SoCal's #trancefamily came out in full force.

Upon arrival we immediately rushed to the main floor to see Leon Bolier warm up the show with his discerning selection of hard, techy tracks. He really set the tone nice and dark with tracks like You, his Pulp Fiction remix Vengeance Vengeance, and his latest monster called Me. Next Tritonal took the reins as screams of excitement erupted throughout the room. Continuing their streak of captivating performances, their set held enormous energy, a smooth flow. Proto and I really enjoyed their club mix of Everafter featuring Cristina Soto. Tritonal has built a strong connection with their fans, aka "Tritonians," and after the show they shared their exuberence on Twitter about how it was their best show in LA to date! Finishing the epic night came the DJ behind In Search Of Sunrise, Richard Durand, who drove up the tempo and kept the dancefloor bouncing well into the morning hours.

To win two tickets to this Friday's Anjunabeats Night starring Jaytech, Norin & Rad, and Audien write us an e-mail titled Anjunabeats Night to contest@lessthan3.com explaining why you should win. It will sell out so secure your tickets here today.
Leon Bolier - Me (Original Mix) [Streamlined]
Tritonal feat Cristina Soto - Everafter (Tritonal Club Mix) [Air Up There]
Richard Durand & Bobina - Last Train To Moscow (Original Mix) [Magik Muzik]
Feb 25

Slave 4 You

If you haven't heard Tritonal's Slave remixed by Ben Gold, now's the perfect time. It's a super hot track that quickly gained traction thanks to Armin van Buuren and Above & Beyond. Both hard-hitting artists with a penchant for producing festival favorites, Ben Gold and Tritonal make the perfect collaborators for this track.

The Ben Gold rework of Slave is a clear marriage of both artists' styles. The distinct Ben Gold melody is a perfect complement for the razor-sharp electro bassline crafted by America's top trance duo from Texas. Ben Gold's ability to layer more festival-friendly melodies on top of remixes and his own originals is truly exemplified here. The original Slave was released along with Tritonal's highly regarded debut album last year. Watch out for the big drop!
Tritonal - Slave (Tritonal & Ben Gold Club Dub) [Air Up There]
Dec 25

The Top 15 Trance Tracks of 2011

2011 was quite the year for trance as the genre continued to see tremendous innovation from all over the world. Old and new producers alike have stepped up the game, raising the bar on what is expected of a hit track. In the process, the experimentation has introduced such a great variety of new sounds into the genre that our list of 15 only begins to scratch the surface. Hit continue to take a look at who made the list.
Tristan Garner - Raven (Original Mix) [Xtra Life]
Markus Schulz - Digital Madness (Original Mix) [Coldharbour]
Orjan Nilsen - The Mule (Original Mix) [Armada]
Aly & Fila feat Jwaydan - We Control the Sunlight (Original Mix) [Future Sound Of Egypt]
Bart Claessen - Fantomah (Original Mix) [Spinnin']
Jacob van Hage - Convoi (Original Mix) [Spinnin']
Ummet Ozcan - Reboot (Original Mix)
KhoMha - 507 (Original Mix) [Coldharbour]
Klauss Goulart - Turbulence (Original Mix) [Coldharbour]
Tritonal feat Cristina Soto - Lifted (Mat Zo Remix) [Air Up There]
Nhato vs Hedonist - Raise (Original Mix) [Hellhouse]
Ferry Corsten - Punk (Arty Rock-N-Rolla Mix) [Flashover]
BT & Adam K - Tomahawk (Original Mix) [Armind]
Above & Beyond feat Richard Bedford - Sun & Moon (Club Mix) [Anjunabeats]
Arty & Mat Zo - Rebound (Original Mix) [Anjunabeats]