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Apr 22

17 Highly Unlikely, Borderline Drownable DJ Babies

On a constant mission to waste our time to help you waste your own, we ran some of our fantasy EDM couples through the best baby generator we could find (keyword is "best"), without considering sexual orientation or anatomical limitations, of course.

Some were amusing and cute to look at, and some were... better at demonstrating why tigers sometimes eat their young. For extra pointless fun, we tossed all our combos in at the bottom.

Armin van Buuren + Liv Nervo

Aww, not bad. Golden locks like his mum. Also maybe stoned.

Armin van Buuren + Orjan Nilsen

This one's all "I don't give a f*ck who you are, I do my own thing... like wearing big green hats. So f*ck off, alright?"

Maya Jane Coles + Arty

At least the hair came out right!

Calvin Harris + Thomas Bangalter

We're pretty sure neither of the parents here offer any Arabic descent, but it seems to think that there's a turban under that helmet, because their child came out looking like the youngest-ever Sikh freedom fighter.


Aww, this one's actually quite cute. And look, she already knows how to DJ a festival.

Carnage + a Chipotle burrito

Striving to show a little true love among all this absurd dream-breeding, we matched up Carnage and his one and only, a Chipotle burrito, but ended up with this small ginger... person. To our surprise, the Latino background of Carnage couldn't overpower the usually recessive caucasian genes of Chipotle, the poster child of whitewashed burritos. Maybe it's all the sour cream?

Dash Berlin + Yasmine Yousaf

WHOAH! Wow, I mean... hmm. Yeah, that's... uh... wow. Two really attractive people, and of opposite sexes to boot, and this is what we get: a middle-aged man balding from the stresses of his daily grind. Anyway, congratulations to Dash Berlin and Yasmine Yousaf on birthing a 45-year-old certified public accountant. Mazel tov, for sure.

Steve Aoki + Dash Berlin

Poor Dash. It seems like he's having trouble passing on his handsome genes, but let's be honest; Steve's mug isn't doing this poor girl any favors either.

Dillon + Martin Garrix

Between one dad-less parent and one parent barely old enough to be a dad, it's obviously suggesting that this kid should just hop straight into the workforce and skip childhood.

Zedd + Dillon

Something tells us someone wasn't completely faithful in this relationship.

Armin + Dimitri Vegas

Or here. And for f*ck's sake someone get that kid a second chopstick so he can eat before he stabs somebody with it.

Hardwell + Nicole Moudaber

GAH! Jeez, don't sneak up on us like that, kid. Here, wear something over that face before the FBI comes to take you to Area-51.

deadmau5 + deadmau5

Another stab at true love, we matched deadmau5 up with his favorite person on Earth, and boy, is vanity ugly.

Mim Nervo + Nicole Moudaber

OK, now that's not funny.

Skrillex + Nyan Cat

Make a bunny, apparently.

Skrillex + BT

Finally, one that looks the part. Baby DJ school, maybe?

Skrillex + Rebecca

A hippie from the womb.

The Rest

*No babies were drowned in the making of this post.
Apr 15

Armin Cancels Show After Loss Of A Family Member

Halfway through his Armin Only: Intense world tour, Armin van Buuren was forced to cancel the upcoming Chicago performance April 17 at United Center to be with family as they mourn the loss of his father-in-law to a lengthy battle with cancer.

The announcement from Armin Only's production company Alda Events and Live Nation explains that while Armin feels awful about cancelling the show, he must be with his loved ones in the days leading up to the funeral April 18. The tour will continue as scheduled April 19 in Toronto. Our hearts go out to Armin and his entire family during this difficult time.

Refunds for tickets to the cancelled Chicago event will be made available at the point of purchase.
Apr 05

Giveaway: Armin Only: Intense NYC

The beloved king of trance, Armin van Buuren, will be hosting his special Armin Only: Intense concert on Friday, April 11 at Madison Square Garden in New York (18+). This will be the first time that his unique Armin Only event takes place in the USA since Together As One NYE 2008 in Los Angeles. The excitement for this first event of his North American Armin Only tour is mounting fast, so be sure to secure your tickets here today.

If you want to try your luck at winning a pair of GA tickets to Armin Only in New York, enter our contest using the LockerDome contest widget below. One lucky winner will be e-mailed on April 10 at 12 p.m. ET when the contest ends. Good luck, and be sure to invite your friends to enter the giveaway too!

Armin van Buuren - Ping Pong [Armada]
Mar 27

Armin Releases Retro Anthem ‘Ping Pong’

It says something quite special about a producer when they can make a track as a so-called "gimmick", yet it still sees a full release due to endless high demand. That's exactly what happened when Armin Van Buuren spent two days making a track initially intended as a joke, in tribute to Pong, the classic video game that was a big part of his childhood.

After an outing at various Armin Only events, requests from fans to release "the Ping-Pong track" became so great that Armin finally caved and released it on Armind.

To be fair to Armin and his fan base, while the backstory may be a joke, the track itself is anything but. Ping Pong is a big, stompy prog room anthem, with the titular "pong" riff providing a very catchy backbone. It's far from cheesy, at times getting quite dark and serious with a massive 303-style acid line taking the lead for a while during the second break. As a result, it's easy to see why demand for a release was so high--this is a track that stands out in its own right as a future anthem.

Ping Pong is out now as a Beatport Exclusive.
Armin van Buuren - Ping Pong (Original Mix) [Armada]
Mar 18

Armin & Rayel Team Up For ‘EIFORYA’

As far as interesting titles go, EIFORYA is certainly up there--almost a description of the track itself--like a distorted version of "euphoria" with a quirky edge. The brainchild of two of trance's biggest stars, this is the debut collaboration between Andrew Rayel and Armin van Buuren (pictured).

EIFORYA is big room trance Armada style. It's tricky to describe, but it's quite a specific flavour of trance the Dutch powerhouse seems to have carved a niche for. There's hints of traditional uplifting in the epic break and enormous lead synths, a throwback to traditional European hard trance with the raging sound design and stomping percussion, topped off with an overall layer of modern prog house and big room trance with the massive drops and intense production style. It's a signature approach that is instantly recognized and loved by a wide range of crowds--the perfect example of why Armin, his labels, and his young protégés such as Andrew Rayel continue to grow in popularity the world over.

EIFORYA is out now on Mainstage and is also due to appear on the upcoming ASOT 2014 compilation.
Armin Van Buuren & Andrew Rayel - EIFORYA (Original Mix) [Mainstage]