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Aug 01

10 First World #DJproblems

Is the life of a world-famous DJ twice as hard as it looks? No, it's 50 million times harder. Look at all this sh*t they have to deal with:












May 13

Armin Only: Intense Hits California


For fans of Armin van Buuren, there is no event quite like Armin Only. Featuring an extended set from the man himself as well as multiple instrumentalists, vocalists, and dancers, Armin Only is Armin as he should truly be seen. The current Armin Only tour is in celebration the release of his most recent album, Intense, and it brings with it all of the raw, emotional energy found in what is perhaps the five-time #1 DJ's most crossover-friendly work to date.

LessThan3 was lucky enough to attend the San Jose and Los Angeles dates, and each offered an extended look into the musical mind of one of the most prominent electronic musicians of our generation. For any dance music fan in the general vicinity of SJ or LA, these truly were events not to be missed.

SAP Center, San Jose

Words by Josh Bennett.

The SAP Center in San Jose does not play host to DJs very often, but you wouldn't know it upon entering the arena on May 1. The place was alive with excitement, from the floor to the upper rafters. From the moment Armin appeared onstage as a silhouette behind a blue orb, the entire audience was captivated by the melodic offerings of the king of trance.

A more progressive set gave way to Intense sounds when the orb lifted and the crowd could finally see Armin for the first time. The album's title track was the kick-off of this section of the set. It featured a live violinist playing the violin part of the track with all the prowess of a classically trained musician. From that point forward, the energy never backed off for a second. Andrew Rayel's Dark Warrior followed, which had Armin doing the signature "Rayel hand wave" that Andrew has become known for in his live sets.

The real magic in this show came whenever Armin used live instrumentalists and vocalists. From stunning drum solos to majestic piano performances and guitar provided by Armin's brother Eller van Buuren, Armin's set showed why trance is arguably the most "musical" of all the genres of electronic music. A personal highlight was when Alone vocalist Lauren Evans revealed in the middle of her powerhouse vocal performance that she wrote the song after seeing a man fall on the street and no one come to his aid. It was a moving moment for everyone in attendance. Even at the end of his set, Armin continued to honor his vocalists and instrumentalists in a way that most DJs are rarely seen doing, bringing them all onstage to thunderous applause. Armin is a man who knows how to honor his team.

The Forum, Los Angeles

Words by Chris Downar.

It had been over six years since an Armin Only event took place in Los Angeles, so the crowd was more than ready to give Armin a full welcome on Friday, May 9 at The Forum. Fans poured into the venue early to experience the full duration of his five-hour set, with many having flown in from other parts of the country to attend. Nearly everyone was up on their feet and dancing throughout the show, even given the fact that most of the arena has seating.

Intense is the perfect term to describe the spectacular LA production of Armin van Buuren's unparalleled concert experience. Time flew by, and there was never a dull moment. The custom visuals on the huge LED screens held everyone's attention, and were wonderfully crisp and life-like. The amazing cast that Armin invited all delivered very impassioned performances. It was the perfect blend of DJing, live instruments, acrobatics, and singing. Some of the moments that really stood out were when Koen Herfst unleashed a riveting drum solo, when Armin's brother Eller van Buuren rocked out on his guitar during This Is What It Feels Like, and when the singer Lauren Jansen had everyone singing their hearts out to Use Somebody.

At times the show felt a bit like a rock concert, but it still had the goosebump-inducing magic of one of Armin's signature A State Of Trance DJ sets. Some of the tracks that had everyone going wild were his Airport Shivers mashup, his In and Out of Love / Raw Deal mashup, and the beautiful tribute song RAMelia by RAM and Susana. The crowd was overjoyed when a shower of enormous yellow happy-faced beach balls fell from the stadium's ceiling during Armin's latest banger Ping Pong.

For information on upcoming Armin Only tour dates, click here.
May 05

Armin’s ‘Ping Pong’ Set To Footage Of… Ping Pong

Apr 28

Hardwell Smashes Armin van Buuren’s ‘Ping Pong’

Sometimes, it's good to be the king. Hardwell, the current #1 DJ in the world, can attest to that. So can the former #1, Armin van Buuren. Today, Hardwell returns with an official remix for Armin, tackling his newest single, Ping Pong. The results, as expected, are glorious.

Hardwell had the crowd suffering from collective apoplexy when he dropped this remix on the Ultra Music Festival main stage, and it's easy to see why--he's taken the playful atmosphere of Armin's original and completely flipped it upside down. The familiar "ping" and "pong" sounds are still here, but the song's trance roots have been replaced by a defiantly deadly bombardment of booming big room sounds. Pick it up on Beatport now via Armin's coveted Armind imprint.
Armin van Buuren - Ping Pong (Hardwell Remix) [Armind]
Apr 22

17 Highly Unlikely, Borderline Drownable DJ Babies

On a constant mission to waste our time to help you waste your own, we ran some of our fantasy EDM couples through the best baby generator we could find (keyword is "best"), without considering sexual orientation or anatomical limitations, of course.

Some were amusing and cute to look at, and some were... better at demonstrating why tigers sometimes eat their young. For extra pointless fun, we tossed all our combos in at the bottom.

Armin van Buuren + Liv Nervo

Aww, not bad. Golden locks like his mum. Also maybe stoned.

Armin van Buuren + Orjan Nilsen

This one's all "I don't give a f*ck who you are, I do my own thing... like wearing big green hats. So f*ck off, alright?"

Maya Jane Coles + Arty

At least the hair came out right!

Calvin Harris + Thomas Bangalter

We're pretty sure neither of the parents here offer any Arabic descent, but it seems to think that there's a turban under that helmet, because their child came out looking like the youngest-ever Sikh freedom fighter.


Aww, this one's actually quite cute. And look, she already knows how to DJ a festival.

Carnage + a Chipotle burrito

Striving to show a little true love among all this absurd dream-breeding, we matched up Carnage and his one and only, a Chipotle burrito, but ended up with this small ginger... person. To our surprise, the Latino background of Carnage couldn't overpower the usually recessive caucasian genes of Chipotle, the poster child of whitewashed burritos. Maybe it's all the sour cream?

Dash Berlin + Yasmine Yousaf

WHOAH! Wow, I mean... hmm. Yeah, that's... uh... wow. Two really attractive people, and of opposite sexes to boot, and this is what we get: a middle-aged man balding from the stresses of his daily grind. Anyway, congratulations to Dash Berlin and Yasmine Yousaf on birthing a 45-year-old certified public accountant. Mazel tov, for sure.

Steve Aoki + Dash Berlin

Poor Dash. It seems like he's having trouble passing on his handsome genes, but let's be honest; Steve's mug isn't doing this poor girl any favors either.

Dillon + Martin Garrix

Between one dad-less parent and one parent barely old enough to be a dad, it's obviously suggesting that this kid should just hop straight into the workforce and skip childhood.

Zedd + Dillon

Something tells us someone wasn't completely faithful in this relationship.

Armin + Dimitri Vegas

Or here. And for f*ck's sake someone get that kid a second chopstick so he can eat before he stabs somebody with it.

Hardwell + Nicole Moudaber

GAH! Jeez, don't sneak up on us like that, kid. Here, wear something over that face before the FBI comes to take you to Area-51.

deadmau5 + deadmau5

Another stab at true love, we matched deadmau5 up with his favorite person on Earth, and boy, is vanity ugly.

Mim Nervo + Nicole Moudaber

OK, now that's not funny.

Skrillex + Nyan Cat

Make a bunny, apparently.

Skrillex + BT

Finally, one that looks the part. Baby DJ school, maybe?

Skrillex + Rebecca

A hippie from the womb.

The Rest

*No babies were drowned in the making of this post.