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Sep 05

PREMIERE: Flux Pavilion feat. Steve Aoki – Steve French (The Prototypes Remix) [Big Beat]

The Prototypes bring the pressure to a rolling boil in their drum & bass remix of Steve French from Flux Pavilion featuring Steve Aoki, and LessThan3 has the exclusive premiere.

The increased tempo affords Brighton-born bass buds Chris Garvey and Nick White, together The Prototypes, the opportunity to either speed certain elements up or slow them down while keeping in rhythmic alignment. They choose to run the original's Aerodynamic-reminiscent melody at about half time for the deceivingly calm intro. The pitched-down vocal sample soon shifts gears from slow chant to frantic alarm, ushering in the striking and sudden drop. Once at top speed, The Prototypes weave a rugged tapestry of D&B percussion scarred by rhythmic sawtooth intrusions and topped with delicate dollops of reverbed synth plucks for balance.

While drum & bass waits patiently in line for its next big heyday, The Prototypes and similar stalwarts of the sound both new and old are helping it squeeze its way up to the front.

Pick it up with the rest of Flux Pavilion's Freeway Remixes EP Oct. 6 on Big Beat.

Flux Pavilion feat. Steve Aoki - Steve French (The Prototypes Remix) [Big Beat]
Aug 19

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Aug 11

‘HELP’ Must See Galantis Live

Jul 16

PREMIERE: Cash Cash feat. John Rzeznik – Lightning (EDX’s Miami Sunset Remix)

Italy's EDX (pictured) harnessed Cash Cash's singsong Lightning and channelled it into a high-powered, big room-progressive remix to add to the trio's upcoming remix EP and tour, and LessThan3 has the exclusive first listen.

Maurizio Colella, aka EDX, applies a simple-yet-effective approach to his "Miami Sunset" contribution to the package. While he leaves the emotive vocals from John Rzeznik of Goo Goo Dolls fame largely intact, he carves out a special piano-lined hollow in which they can shine before his main section arrives, aiming to inspire major movement from massive crowds. The euphoric lead is a rendition on the original, however rearranged and multiplied into chorus synth by EDX for extra feels at peak time.

The EDX remix will be available on Beatport July 21 via Big Beat along with takes from Sex Panther, Dash Berlin, and Audiobot. The complete Lightning Remixes package is out everywhere Aug. 5. View the entire tracklist below, and peruse Cash Cash's tour dates below that.

Lightning Remixes
1. Lightning (feat. John Rzeznik) (Dash Berlin 4AM Remix)*
2. Lightning (feat. John Rzeznik) (Dash Berlin 4AM Radio Edit)
3. Lightning (feat. John Rzeznik) (EDX's Miami Sunset Remix)*
4. Lightning (feat. John Rzeznik) (EDX's Radio Edit)
5. Lightning (feat. John Rzeznik) (Sex Panther Remix)*
6. Lightning (feat. John Rzeznik) (Audiobot Remix)*
7. Lightning (feat. John Rzeznik) (Jump Smokers Remix)
8. Lightning (feat. John Rzeznik) (Roter & Lewis Remix)

*Beatport Exclusive Release - Out On July 21

Cash Cash Tour Dates
7/12 - New York, NY @ Marquee
7/18 - San Diego, CA @ Bassmnt
7/19 - Vancouver, BC @ Celebrities
7/20 - Las Vegas, NV @ Marquee Dayclub
7/21 - Cincinnati, OH @ Bogarts
7/24 - Miami, FL @ LIV
7/25 - Las Vegas, NV @ TAO
7/26 - Louisville, KY @ Big Four Bridge
7/31 - Chicago, IL @ The Mid
8/01 - Chicago, IL @ Lollapalloza
8/03 - Penticton, BC @ Boonstock
8/08 - Calgary, AB @ Chasing Summer
8/08 - Calgary, AB @ Marquee Nightclub
8/09 - Portland, OR @ Whiskey Bar
8/12 - Baltimore, MD @ Rams Head Live
8/16 - Montreal, QC @ IleSoniq
8/17 - Las Vegas, NV @ Marquee Dayclub
8/23 - Tuscaloosa, AL @ University Of Alabama
8/26 - Boston, MA @ House Of Blues
8/28 - Syracuse, NY @ New York State Fair
8/30 - Selinsgrove, PA @ Susquehanna University
8/31 - El Paso, TX @ Sun City Music Festival
9/06 - Oklahoma City, OK @ Mystik Sanctuary Festival
9/12 - Nashville, TN @ Life In Color
9/13 - St Louis, MO @ Life In Color
9/26 - Chattahoochee Hills, GA @ TomorrowWorld

Cash Cash feat. John Rzeznik - Lightning (EDX's Miami Sunset Remix) [Big Beat]
May 30

PREMIERE: New World Sound – Spoon (Original Mix) [Big Beat]

The brotherly twosome who brought you 2013's massive single Flute is back with their next big room behemoth disguised as a household object in Spoon, and LessThan3 has the exclusive first listen.

Australia's New World Sound followed up their last single, Pineapple, with something to eat it with, obviously. True to its purpose, Spoon dishes out big, fat scoops of bass and kick drum topped with a layer of finely chopped synth that stutters and skips across the brothers' powerful beat. The build begins with a singular tone meek in nature until being reinforced by a legion of synth wailing out the same melody as we reach the peak and plummet into New World Sound's cavernous main section.

At just 21 and 19 years old respectively, Tyrone and Jesse Taylor haven't wasted any time building up a respectable repertoire, and Spoon will hang quite nicely in their sonic display case. Pick up your copy when it drops June 2 on Big Beat Records.

New World Sound - Spoon (Original Mix) [Big Beat]