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Mar 22

PREMIERE: KhoMha – Asylum [Coldharbour]

Young Colombian talent KhoMha has been a favorite of some of the biggest names on scene over the past few years, with support from the likes of Ferry, Armin, and Guetta--basically anyone who is EDM royalty. His reputation precedes him, and as a result his releases are always hotly anticipated, and a return to Markus Schulz' Coldharbour label is no exception.

Asylum is an interesting example of blurring the lines between genres, with a distinct prog house style, undercut with heavy doses of big room trance. It's big, brash and extremely energetic, the adrenaline levels kept in check by occasional dark and moody breaks. Asylum is very much a club track, designed from the ground up to send a crowd wild, something it should easily succeed in achieving.

Asylum is out on March 24, but you can get the first full listen here today.
KhoMha - Asylum (Original Mix) [Coldharbour]
Sep 13

Friday Favorites 21

Friday Favorites is 21! Which means stay indoors tonight, and definitely stay off the roads.

Josh Bennett
Trance | Grube & Hovsepian - Trickster (Original Mix) [Coldharbour]
Grube & Hovsepian have been a Coldharbour/Markus Schulz favorite for quite some time now, so it comes as no surprise that their newest release, the highly energized Trickster, would be yet another release to add to their Coldharbour roster. This track is straight up madness from the first second until the end. Pick up Trickster here.
Nathan Codd
Drum & Bass | Sub Focus - Turn It Around feat. Kele (Original Mix) [Ram]
My love for this song today is twofold: On one hand, I'm about to wet myself waiting to be able to share this incredible Sub Focus album with everyone--friends, neighbors, grandma, my roommate's dog, whomever--Sept. 23 could not come soon enough.

On the other hand, in light of recent unfortunate incidents, the lyrics strike a serious chord with me. Let's turn this around, huh? Be good to yourselves and each other, and have fun this weekend.
Jon April
Indie & Beats/Pop | Miami Horror - Real Slow (Original Mix)
After about three years, Miami Horror is finally back with a single titled Real Slow. It's a nice, poppy track with some disco vibes and beautiful vocals that give it a nice relaxed tone. The Melbourne-based group is hard at work on their next album, although there's no concrete information on its expected release date.
Ilenia Cangelosi
Deep House | Copy Paste Soul - People On The Street (Original Mix) [Exploited]
Copy Paste Soul has been on the rise these last two years, gaining much industry support for his soul-quenching, sub-heavy, bass-filled melodies. When Detroit techno, UK underground, drum & bass, and garage house nestle close together, you get something like Copy Paste Soul's People On The Street EP--consider it something like off-center house music. Pick Up People On The Street on Beatport today, and keep an eye out for much more from Copy Paste Soul on Exploited.
Jorge Meza
Indie Beats | Drake - Hold On, We're Going Home (Kastle Remix)
Drake's new single Hold On, We're Going Home has already begun to get mad love around the globe. Its smooth, catchy hook makes it an instant classic. California beat producer Kastle gives the track a rebirth with a new addicting remix. With his signature edits of vocals, pitch bends, and keyboard solos, be set to get your feet moving on the dancefloor.
Jesse Champagne
Trap | Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone (Vaski Remix)
Everyones favorite 1998 classic was just given the hood treatment courtesy of Vaski. Need I really say more?
Chris Downar
Deep House | Hot Natured feat. Anabel Englund - Emerald City (Original Mix) [FFRR]
No doubt about it, the singer Anabel Englund is a huge favorite of mine. Lucky for me, she's featured on three tracks on the new Hot Natured album, Different Sides Of The Sun, that came out last week. The tune Emerald City is the perfect closer for the LP; its spacey aura and soothing melodies blend seamlessly with her beautiful voice. I hope they release an extended mix of this track!
Matt Heidkamp
Indie & Beats | The xx - Crystalised (The Neon Lights Remix)
Nothing says Autumn like the melancholic woes of The xx. In preparation for seeing them next week in NYC, I've been on a non-stop xx kick, which is a pretty depressing/beautiful/lonely state of mind to be in. Thus, I had to give myself a little pick-me-up for this week's Friday Favorite and give props to The Neon Lights, who gave the minimal original a hip-hop vibe without overdoing it. Props.
Grube & Hovsepian - Trickster (Original Mix) [Coldharbour]
Sub Focus feat. Kele - Turn It Around (Original Mix) [Ram]
Miami Horror - Real Slow (Original Mix)
Copy Paste Soul - People On The Street (Original Mix) [Exploited]
Drake - Hold On, We're Going Home (Kastle Remix)
Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone (Vaski Remix)
Hot Natured feat Anabel Englund - Emerald City (Album Mix) [FFRR]
The xx - Crystalized (The Neon Lights Remix)
Apr 05

Omnia Lights The Way

Ukrainian producer Omnia may be a relatively new name in EDM, but he’s gained a well deserved reputation as one of the rising stars of the trance scene. Tracks like The Fusion and Infina were massive last year, and he looks set to keep this reputation up with his latest release The Light.

The mix of progressive and uplifting trance in The Light will be familiar to fans of his previous work. The solid, stomping and straight groove gives the track a techy feel, offset by the evolving melodies, and uplifting synths. Omnia has a unique style when it comes to creating an atmosphere within his tracks--something which is again evident in The Light. The track has a “massive” sound that brings to mind arena/stadium events, but is subtle enough to work well on a pair of headphones.

The Light is out now on Coldharbour Recordings and is already a club favourite among trance DJs and fans alike. It may only be April, but this is an early candidate for track of the year.
Omnia - The Light (Original Mix) [Coldharbour]
Mar 20

LessThan3 @ Beyond Wonderland


SoCal's Beyond Wonderland festival found its new home last Saturday at the San Manuel Amphitheater and Grounds. The grassy landscape was a tremendous upgrade from the old asphalt and concrete of the NOS Events Center - not only was it much easier on the knees, but it completely changed the vibe of the event as well. Furthermore, the loads of decorations blended very well with the new surroundings, making it feel more like a real Wonderland than ever before. There was initial uncertainty clouding the decision to switch venues, but surely everyone who came can attest that the grass was indeed greener on the other side.

Insomniac put some real thought into mapping out the brilliant semi-circle layout for Beyond Wonderland. The first thing we noticed was the free parking and how quick it was to get through the front gates and security. Next, as I walked through the East side gates, I thought it was smart of them to place the Chess Village bass stage near the entrance to help seed it. The production for this stage was surprisingly high with a massive lightning array and even flamethrowers! The drum & bass lineup was stacked and we witnessed some fierce sets by Matrix & Futurebound, Fred V & Grafix, Culture Shock, and Camo & Krooked as a spectacular fireworks show lit up the sky.

The next stage of the grounds was an enormously wide field that kicked off with today's rising big room producers including Julian Jordan, Rebecca & Fiona (pictured), W&W, Arty, and R3hab. These young bloods all had incredible energy on stage and served up plenty of rocking bangers to the masses. Closing the night here were the Dutch titans Dash Berlin and Afrojack, both of which drew tremendous love from the crowd, with the trance star giving out loads of light sticks to light up the area.

More fresh talent was found on the way to the Queen's Domain mainstage at the Discovery Project art car. We heard plenty of trap DJs throwing down here and its positioning on the map helped it grow quite an impressive audience. The mainstage definitely scored highest on production with three enormous screens and fully stacked laser batteries. Markus Schulz showed no mercy here and tore it up with massive unicorn slayers like Apache by Fisherman & Hawkins. Later, Chuckie brought out the sound of the dirty dutch, sending everyone off their feet with his hit Make Some Noise. Later, David Guetta came on and opened with some of his popular anthems like Titanium before getting into 303-injected electro bangers. Finally, Steve Angello finished off the night and drew lots of praise from all the die-hard Swedish House Mafia fans that came out.

Deep house has definitely been trending upward over the last year and its fan base in LA is growing. This was especially clear at a Cheshire Woods tent that was stacked with plenty of today's most talented deep house DJs. When we got there we were served up some smooth grooves by the excellent up-and-comer Subb-an. Next, we enjoyed the sounds of Damian Lazarus and Maya Jane Coles, both of which had excellent selections that really filled the tent. Later, Art Department delivered a trippy set, which worked really well with the in-room decorations and lighting. Ending our night here, Maceo Plex's mix was absolutely powerful; his distinct sound delivered incredible basslines and cutting edge techno. He's an exceptionally memorable artist and was even moved up a time slot for the event, perhaps due to his outstanding show the night before at Exchange LA.

Fred V & Grafix - Games People Play (Original Mix) [Hospital]
Fisherman & Hawkins - Apache (Original Mix) [Coldharbour]
David Guetta feat Ne-Yo & Akon - Play Hard (Albert Neve Remix) [What A Music]
Sep 24

The Second Coming Of Arnej

Arnej Secerkadic never seems to stop working. He’s slowly but surely turned out one solid production after another and as of late, has showcased his work on his own label, Arnej Music. With The Second Coming, his latest EP on familiar friend Coldharbour, he makes it clear that his distinctive style of carefully-produced darker progressive trance is still a consistent show of skill.

The title track of the EP is best experienced through the dramatic intro mix, which opens with a series of horn blasts that might make you feel like you’ve landed in the Inception soundtrack, and quickly segues into a searing lead and dark, lush progressive bass. Follow-up track 7even is less theatrical, but relentless in its energy; there’s almost no true single break to speak of, but just a constant push and pull of dynamics throughout the entire duration.

Pariah rounds out the EP with an eargasm-inducing bassline that makes up for the break, which offers one of the weaker points in the EP. As with all of Coldharbour’s best productions, the melodies and track structure may not be as uplifting as those found in more melodic trance, but the sound design is masterfully executed to compensate in turn, and Arnej is an undisputed master of this balance. The Second Coming is definitely worth your ears—I’d be up for a third and fourth. Pick up the release on Beatport.
Arnej - The Second Coming (Original Mix) [Coldharbour]
Arnej - 7even (Original Mix) [Coldharbour]
Arnej - Pariah (Original Mix) [Coldharbour]