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Mar 14

Watch Maya Jane Coles’ Disturbing ‘Comfort’ Video

Dec 03

Verboten NY Announces NYE Itinerary

There’s simply no better way to ring in 2014 than joining New York’s premier underground nightlife proprietors, Verboten, as they host one of the city’s most extravagant New Year’s celebrations to date.

Upholding their longstanding reputation for top-notch lineup selections, Verboten’s festive evening bills the renowned deep house sorceress Maya Jane Coles, for what is guaranteed to be a breathtaking midnight countdown set. Ever since her memorable headlining performance at the open-air StageONE gathering back in July, the British bombshell has remained a Verboten favorite throughout the cold-weather season.

Another UK underground mainstay, Bristol-based Dirtybird affiliate Eats Everything also constitutes an exquisite addition to the New Year’s Eve roster--supplying his hefty assortment of booty-shakin’ bass bombs for the more up-tempo crowds. Albeit Verboten has shared warm relations with the American ghetto-tech label for several years now, their team has yet to welcome Daniel Pierce to their ongoing Dirtybird quarterly series.

Responsible for ferrying elated partygoers through the flagrant early morning hours, LA/Brooklyn’s widely demanded All Day I Dream crew will later commandeer the decks, featuring an extended musical daydream from the label’s head honcho himself, Lee Burridge. Backed by recent label signees Maher Daniel and Gab Rhome, the All Day I Dream squad convenes upon New York to welcome 2014 with their ambient melodies.

Last but certainly not least, the Brooklyn-centered Trouble & Bass ensemble (DKDS and Starry Eyes) rounds out the New Year’s Eve draft picks-–keeping the night’s soundtrack well diversified.

While the party’s location details may be kept under wraps for the next couple weeks, Verboten’s loyal followers entrust that the affair will find its proper home in due time (hopefully one of Brooklyn’s signature warehouse venues). Regardless of the setting, however, the seasoned event-coordinators will surely optimize the space, as always, with their colossal sound and lighting installations.

Presale tickets are currently on sale right here at Resident Advisor, so snatch them up before they’re long gone.
Maya Jane Coles - No Stick (Original Mix) [I/AM/ME]
Lee Burridge, Matthew Dekay - Holding On (Dub) [All Day I Dream]
Eats Everything, Catz N' Dogz - Where House (Original Mix) [Pets]
Sep 10

Review & Giveaway – Sennheiser Momentum Headphones

The more I started getting into music a few years ago the more people drilled into my head that it was worth investing in a nice pair of headphones. Just about everyone seemed to have their opinion about which pair of cans was best to grab, but the recommendation that I heard far more than any other headphone or headphone company was to "grab just about any pair of Sennheisers and you won't be disappointed".

Several years and about many pairs of headphones later, I fully agree with that statement. My trials of Sennheiser headphones range from the most the high-end HD650s to the most simplistic 20 dollar HD201s, and what I've learned to love about the company is what they prioritize in making a pair of headphones. By no means have their cans ever been the flashiest on the market, but time after time the Sennheiser brand has checked out to provide top sound quality as well as enough comfort to make them able to be worn for hours on end.

Sennheiser recently released the Momentum On-Ear headphones, an attempt to reach wider demographic with a sleeker and more portable imagining of their classic cans. I grabbed myself a pair to see how they stacked up with the latest influx of similar 'phones, hoping that Sennheiser hasn't forgotten about their priority for both comfort and pristine sound.

Opening my Momentum headphones, I got an immediate sense of the diligent work that went into designing the entire package. The pair came tightly packed in a trendy yet protective case, which would fit snugly in a travel bag or something of the sort. Everything from the embossed logo to materials used in the case itself make a terrific first impression for a newcomer to a very competitive market.

The headphones themselves look nothing short of class. I had certain expectations knowing that they were a part of the Style series, but where something like Beats By Dre (and most other competitors in this space) strive to be flashy, the Momentums sport more of a cool, calm and collected feel to them. A very nice approach to "style" since I personally like to wear my headphones in public without having to let everybody know I'm wearing my headphones in public. Coming in a total of seven fitting color schemes, it seems like the Momentums have a look for just about everyone.

The build quality on the Momentum headphones is also a clear step up from my previous experiences with Sennheiser products. Between the metal banding and top-to-bottom leather (supplied by renowned UK leather company Pittards), it's clear that the time and effort put into this product will pay off not only in terms of durability but overall comfort as well. Some headphones really make themselves apparent the longer you wear them, but these bad boys proved just about the pinnacle of comfort no matter how long they're worn.

Last but not least comes the sound put out from the Sennheiser Momentum headphones, which I've always considered to be the German company's bread and butter. Their latest product is no exception as the Momentum headphones offer a truly perfect sonic balance for dance music, encouraging the high end to really pop while allowing the low end the ability to bring some of the power from the club to your ears.

Sennheiser has always come off as the most honest of headphones companies, striving to give consumers what they pay for, always with an underlying focus on quality sound. With that in mind, it's no surprise that the Momentums deliver on all fronts, offering a trendy, durable and portable pair of cans with fantastic output. For over 100 dollars less than their Momentum Over-Ear cousin, these are highly recommended! Get some more details or grab a pair yourself HERE.

If you like what you've read and want a chance at winning a pair of the new Sennheiser Momentum headphones enter our contest below! We'll be drawling a winner at 5pm EST on Sunday 9/15!

Maya Jane Coles - Comfort [IAMME]
Aug 23

Friday Favorites 18

Our baby is an adult. Would you look at that. Maybe now it can finally get a job and pull some weight around here. Welcome to Friday Favorites.

Josh Bennett
Big Room | Dart Rayne - Human Weapon (Original Mix) [Garuda]
Ukrainian producer Dart Rayne should be more popular than he is, so go give him some love on Facebook--you'll want to after you hear his smashing new track on Garuda, Human Weapon. What a percolating drop that is. I've started referring to this style of house as "mashleg" house sometimes, but hey; a lil mashleg never hurt nobody. Pick it up here on Beatport.
Nathan Codd
Electro House | Wiley Webb - Humour (Original Mix)
I've been simultaneously blasting and lovingly brushing my ears this week with Humour, the fun-as-hell free download from the Bay Area's Wiley Webb. If this track were a person, it would be a savvy developer feverishly writing game-changing code without looking while staring you in the face with a goofy smile and bobbing its head to the impossibly high-energy melody and pattern. Hey, kinda like its creator! Pick up the whole EP here for free.
Ilenia Cangelosi
Deep House | Ella Fitzgerald - Blue Skies (Maya Jane Coles Remix) [Verve]
When daring to retouch a classic like Ella Fitzgerald's 1958 hit Blue Skies, delicate handling and attention to detail must be placed on the already exceptional sound elements. If there's an artist who pays respect and homage when remastering vocal classics, it's Maya Jane Coles, whose deep house remix of Blue Skies is subtly sexy, highlighting Ella's voice which is made for the dancefloor. Purchase Ella Fitzgerald Blue Skies (Maya Jane Coles Remix here.
Jon April
House/Nu Disco | Jutty Ranx - I See You (Bit Funk Remix) [Warner Bros]
Bit Funk has just come out with a remix for I See You, a track that was released by the American dance music band Jutty Ranx back in November of last year. The original is a fun, dancey track and Bit Funk has gone in and added his usual touch of disco synths and drums to give it a little more club appeal.
Jesse Champagne
Bass/Trance|Seven Lions & Myon & Shane 54 feat. Tove Lo - Strangers [Casablanca]
As my favorite live performer of 2013, you can imagine how psyched I was to hear Seven Lions' newest single, a dubstep/trance collaboration with Myon & Shade 54. Featuring the tearjerking (and anthemic) vocals of Tove Lo, Strangers is passionate, revitalizing, and emotionally compelling. It showcases an excellent half-time breakdown and puts Seven Lions' gigantic talents on center stage. It's been blaring on my speakers all day, and I don't see that changing anytime soon.
Mike Davies
Trance | Toby Hedges - Images (Original Mix) [Silk Royal]
Young Brit Toby Hedges is gaining more and more momentum in the trance scene as of late and is highly regarded as one of the leading talents when it comes to progressive melodic trance. His latest track, Images, is another dreamy affair, led by a catchy synth riff and backed up by some deep and gritty bass. Out now on Silk Royal, Images has already seen support from the big names and further improves the reputation of one of scene's rising stars.
Bryan Stauffer
Progressive House | Sander van Doorn - Neon (Original Extended Mix) [DOORN]
To say Neon is one of the most beautiful pieces ever produced by Sander van Doorn would be an understatement. In fact, the word beautiful does not even do this celestial production justice. Believe it or not, Neon is my favorite track of the year so far, and I owe it all to... a cello? That's right. This heartwarming string instrument heads Sander's impressive fusion of classical and electronic music, and it reminds me that life isn't always about big drops and heavy bass.
Matt Heidkamp
Indie & Beats | Shigeto - Miss U (Original Mix) [Ghostly]
Pure ambiance and mellow grooves peek through on the new Shigeto EP, No Better Time Than Now, released this week on Ghostly. The release is akin to FlyLo's Until The Quiet Comes, yet somehow more cohesive and slightly less abstract. Miss U is a slinky little jam that'll get you in weekend prowl mode.
Dart Rayne - Human Weapon (Original Mix) [Garuda]
Wiley Webb - Humour (Original Mix)
Ella Fitzgerald - Blue Skies (Maya Jane Coles Remix) [Verve]
Jutty Ranx - I See You (Bit Funk Remix) [Warner Bros]
Seven Lions & Myon & Shane 54 feat. Tove Lo - Strangers [Casablanca]
Toby Hedges - Images (Original Mix) [Silk Royal]
Sander Van Doorn - Neon (Original Extended Mix) [DOORN]
Shigeto - Miss U (Original Mix) [Ghostly]
Aug 07

HARD Announces Day Of The Dead Lineup

How HARD manages to one-up themselves with every festival they throw is beyond us. HARD head honcho Gary Richards certainly knows how to curate a killer party by now. Today, HARD officially announced the lineup for Day Of The Dead 2013. Commence the outbursts of "aww, snap!" and "no way!"

Headliners Saturday include Skrillex, Calvin Harris, Boys Noize, and Zeds Dead. Sunday, we'll be treated to Deadmau5, Pretty Lights, Nero, and Eric Prydz.

Aside from that eclectic mix of superstars, the weekend is packed full of innovators from across the spectrum, from The Bloody Beetroots, to Nadastrom, to Giorgio Moroder, to Skream, and of course, Mr. HARD himself, Destructo.

HARD's Day Of The Dead goes down Saturday, Nov. 2 and Sunday, Nov. 3 at the LA State Historic Park in downtown Los Angeles. Tickets go on sale Friday, Aug. 9 at the official site, and you better believe they'll be disappearing quickly.

Boys Noize - Inhale/Exhale (Original Mix) [Boysnoize]
Maya Jane Coles - Comfort [I/AM/ME]
Dusky - Flo Jam [Dogmatik]