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May 07

Five Must-See Acts At EDC New York

With festival season upon us, there comes some trouble and heartache along the way. With so many amazing artists, stages, sights and sounds to see, one may find it difficult to conquer it all simultaneously, unless of course you are an extraterrestrial being. Naturally, you must pick and choose your music battles wisely, which is a nerving and tumultuous task. Luckily, LessThan3 is here to lend a helping hand (and ear) for this year's Electric Daisy Carnival New York.

Eric Prydz

It would take days to count the many reasons why witnessing Eric Prydz live is one of life's necessities, so here are just a few: He's been giving us a Proper Education since 2004 with his first charted hit Call On Me, which laid comfortably at the #1 position on global music charts for weeks on end. Under the alter-egos of Pryda and Cirez D, he fearlessly strays from borderline to touch on the multitudinous elements of mystical, imaginative percussion, and unrelenting bass, making it impossible for us not to worship a man who, though he feared flying for the majority of his career, recently overcame that fear to express his gratitude for the enormous, worldwide Pryda following. "We don't rage, we Pryda." Oh yeah, and 1983 and Pjanoo.

Empire of the Sun

EDM fans have been Walking On A Dream with Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore, aka Empire Of The Sun, for just a few short years, but the hype over this Aussie electronic band has grown immensely along with their righteous electro-indie-punk rock productions which include Freedom, With You Forever, and more recently Alive and We Are The People, whose rapid success landed it in countless media and film outlets. Much anticipation has been stemming over their soon to be released second artist album, Ice On The Dune, coming out on EMI this June, so expect some special sneak peeks to unreleased tracks during their live performance at EDCNY.

Maceo Plex

For that feel-good groove, look no further than Maceo Plex, who this year is adding a different flavor to our typical festival sounds. Let's take the tempo down a bit, add some disco dynamics weaved with harmonic analog frequencies, and feel your body float amid the music festival clouds. Whether you're a veteran or newbie to the infectious feel of deep house and nu disco, enjoy the ride with Maceo, who in addition to providing a great body high, will perhaps share some darker synths from his Maetrik moniker. He recently had the privilege of mixing the galactic 2013 installment of DJ-Kicks so be sure to catch Maceo Plex live so that you too can understand why he'll never make you Love Somebody Else.

The Bloody Beetroots

For a raise in your blood pressure, look to Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, the Italian DJ/Producer known as The Bloody Beetroots, who has been ransacking the world with his cut-throat take on electronic punk-rock since 1977, non-coincidentally the same year punk rock exploded. Known for wearing masks and participating in a melange of aliases like Deathcrew 77, his “electro-punk” band whose live shows are as much political empowerment rallies as concerts, this one-man cultural movement comes heavy with bass, character, and the lyrical manifesto: “It only takes a sound to change the beaten path//It only takes love and courage to take it all back." If you're prepared for a trip down the rabbit hole, do not miss this boisterous badass live.


What would a New York festival be without some raw, up-and-coming New York bred talent? Chris Manik crept up on us in 2011 when voted the official "Hot To Watch" by DJ Mag. Since then, his deep, spatial melodies, which include charted collaborations with Burnski on You Know What It's Like and Next To Me, have landed on top labels like Josh Wink's Ovum, Hot Creations, Culprit LA, Steve Bug's Flat, and Real Tone. You could try to define a smorgasbord of sound that draws elements of house, techno, disco, acid, electronica, and all that lie in between, but you'll fail to define this young, eclectic talent, so let your ears be the judge.

Bonus: In March, Insomniac Events sought out the bold and daring in a DJ competition to discover the next great talent in EDM. Contestants were able to submit their latest original track and a thirty-minute mix for consideration by Discovery Project judges. The winner is set to perform at EDC New York as well as have their mix featured on our LessThan3 Heartbeat Podcast. The winner will also be considered for Insomniac's forthcoming DJ management and music marketing platform.
Eric Prydz vs Pink Floyd - Proper Education [Ultra]
Empire Of The Sun - Walking On A Dream [Capitol]
Maceo Plex - Can't Leave You [Ellum]
The Bloody Beetroots feat. Steve Aoki - Warp 1977 [Dim Mak]
MANIK - Streets Are Deep [Ovum]
Feb 17

Pretty Lights Dazzles

Pretty Lights has released some new remixes on his website, and the best part? They're free! As always, he kindly asks for a donation. So, if you're in the giving mood, please brighten up his day and share the wealth. You'll feel better about yourself, I promise. Well, let's get right into things. How do these remixes stack up to his normal stuff? They're the classic big room, shiny glitch hop songs you would expect from him.

One of my favorites on this package has got to be his remix of Time by Pink Floyd. First of all, it's Pink Floyd. You can't really choose a more awesome artist to remix. Secondly, the remix is just dope. The guitar riffs and vocals from the original are all kept intact, but that's about the only thing you'll recognize. Pretty Lights manages to change everything up and make it a glitch hop extravaganza. Wobbly synth and explosive chords shine over an intermittent beat of hard drums and claps. I have a lot of fun talking about this song--almost as much fun as I have listening to it.

Another awesome song on this release is Pretty Lights' remix of one of his older songs, Hot Like Sauce. He calls it the "Rustified" remix. Although I'm not really sure what that means, I can only imagine it mean something along the lines of swanky. That's exactly what this song sounds like--hip-hoppy, electroey, swaggery bliss. It's got just the right amount of bite mixed with the right amount of beauty. He always manages to find a profound equilibrium. Well, what are you waiting for? Treat your ear buds and press the play button.
Pink Floyd - Time (Pretty Lights Remix)
Pretty Lights - Hot Like Sauce (Rustified Remix)
Nov 24

Turkey & Trance

Are you ready to give thanks? On November 27th, Pittsburgh EDM enthusiasts Fresh Decade would like to show their love by presenting you with Trancegiving. Amongst the lineup is our LessThan3 hero Eco, who is armed & ready to crank out another blissful melodic night. It's an all ages event, so come one, come all! Also, the Trancegiving team will be collecting donations of warm clothes for the Pittsburgh homeless, so be sure to bring along a few items to help out the less fortunate and for reduced entry to the event. For more details on Trancegiving, click here.

As an extra treat, I'd personally like to give thanks for one of my favorite tunes of the year, Staring At The Sea, produced by Eco under his Flashover Recordings alias Pacheco. And if that isn't enough for you trancers, here is a free download of his recent bootleg of Pink Floyd's Is There Anybody Out There. Happy Trancegiving, everyone!
Pacheco - Staring At The Sea (Original Mix) [Flashover]
Pink Floyd - Is There Anybody Out There? (Eco Bootleg)
Jul 11

Pink Floyd Re-Envisioned 2010

It's the late 60's and you're swaying left and right like a palm tree to an incredible live performance by Pink Floyd. You're twisted on more than you can remember and the psychedelic rhythms are running in and through the deepest reaches of your consciousness. Flash forward now to 2010. Their astoundingly creative melodies have been professionally harnessed to develop the most melodic progressive house on planet Earth.

Ladies and gentlemen, I humbly present to you the DJ Kue Remix of Pink Floyd's Echoes. Now please, this is not some arbitrary remix. I don't wish to waste your time. I implore you to listen to the original so you can comprehend how DJ Kue advanced the deepest elements from Echoes and turned it into epic house masterpiece. The minute and a half long breakdown will dominate every corner of your psyche. You will become completely immersed in beautiful guitar melodies, triumphant drum rolls, and epic pads. This gem is the product of combining the talent of awe-inspiring progressive rock musicians with the genius of progressive house producers.

To vanquish any doubt over where this remix came from, I will assure you that it was produced by a mortal. DJ Kue, otherwise known as Michael Morales, is an independent local DJ based in San Jose, California. He mostly produces electro house and you can clearly hear the electro influence in his Pink Floyd remix. Echoes has earned more than just the Mesh stamp of approval. I stand fully behind it and look forward to future releases by DJ Kue.
Pink Floyd - Echoes (DJ Kue Remix)