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Jul 07

Skrillex Says It’s Time For ‘Recess’ Again

Skrillex turned four new Recess flips loose on the schoolyard today in the the Recess Remixes EP featuring new takes from a hand-picked crew of the wildest bad boys on the bass music playground.

Skrilly enlists Milo & Otis, Valentino Khan, Ape Drums, and Flux Pavilion for a diverse reimagining of the punchy glitch hop number and four new ways to enjoy one of the most popular tracks from his recent debut album. While they range in style and cover a good bit of the bass music spectrum, none pass on Fatman Scoop's hyped vocals, because why would you?

We open with a booty-concerned take from LA duo Milo & Otis, which draws heavily upon the horns, cheers, and vocals found in the original but instead opts for a wonky, plucky lead in place of the imperial blasters. Stick around 'til the end for a curious, borderline spooky outro.

Valentino Khan builds his bouncy remix on the back of an upbeat Jersey club rhythm that shifts tempos to booty bounce territory two-thirds in--a formidable party-starter and one we predict will be a go-to in his future sets.

Ape Drums drags Recess' glitch-moombah flavor further into the realm of the latter using a twerk-ready beat with deep kicks and a new phased-out lead.

Flux Pavilion sends us off in anthemic style with his slow and deliberate dubstep version that rides pulsating synth chords in a way that recalls 2013's Starlight and makes for a solid ending to the powerful package of bassy reworks. Pick it up here from OWSLA/Big Beat.

Skrillex & KTN feat. Fatman Scoop & Michael Angelakos - Recess (Milo & Otis Remix)
Skrillex & KTN feat. Fatman Scoop & Michael Angelakos - Recess (Valentino Khan Remix)
Skrillex & KTN feat. Fatman Scoop & Michael Angelakos - Recess (Ape Drums Remix)
Skrillex & KTN feat. Fatman Scoop & Michael Angelakos - Recess (Flux Pavilion Remix)
Jul 04

Skrillex Teases ‘Recess Remixes’ EP feat. Flux Pavilion, Milo & Otis & More

Skrillex has put together an incredible new teaser-trailer for what promises to be one of the best remix collections of the summer.

The Recess Remixes EP will feature four new versions of the title track to Skrillex’ recent album Recess. Hosting an eclectic mix of styles and sounds, Skrillex has enlisted the help of Milo & Otis, Flux Pavilion, Valentino Khan, and Ape Drums. The trailer was animated by Golden Wolf in the same, video game-themed style that Skrillex used to stream the album back in April.

The Recess Remixes EP will be out July 7. Check out the trailer of the EP below.

Jun 24

Watch Skrillex Destroy Red Rocks On Mothership Tour

Jun 02

Skrillex Adds ‘The Craziest Skrillex Sounds’ to ‘Transformers’ Sequel

You know that one annoying friend of yours who always insists that dubstep "just sounds like robots farting"? Our man Skrillex is apparently busy making the opposite come true, telling Billboard that he's working on sound design for the latest Transformers sequel, among many other projects.

In addition to crafting "the craziest Skrillex sounds I could ever make" for the next Transformers flick (which we can assume is whatever comes after this summer's Age of Extinction), Sonny also says he's busy with more Diplo collaborations for their Jack U project. Confirming your hater friend's worst fears, Skrillex tells Billboard: "It's just a lot of fun for [Diplo] and I to get in the studio and make jokes and just really try to come up with the most annoying sounds ever. What we try to do is make the stupidest thing ever and make it actually work--that's our only thing."

And just because we already received a massive dose of new music from Skrilly in the form of his debut LP Recess earlier this year, that doesn't mean we shouldn't expect more in the near future. Doubling down on previous statements, Skrillex admits: "In the electronic world, it's not as necessary to just release albums. So even though I just put this record out, I'm going to sprinkle in some singles and mini-EPs throughout the year."

While we wait for new tunes to surface, be sure to catch Skrillex on his massive Mothership Tour, which touches down across North America all summer long.
May 30

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