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Mar 03

Trap Tuesdays 87

Have Ü heard? Amidst a marathon 24-hour DJ set, Jack U unexpectedly dropped one of the most sought after albums of 2015, and it is absolute fire... even the Justin Bieber track. I could’ve easily posted the entire album here, but somewhere between listening to To Ü and Jungle Bae on repeat I managed to source five more of my favourite tracks of the week for you lucky folks. This week's Trap Tuesdays features tracks from both Skrillex and Diplo’s respective labels and more new trap music!

San Holo – We Rise (Original Mix) [NEST]
We Rise is packed full with irresistible melodies and an incredibly uplifting vocal. NEST HQ hit the nail on the head when they tagged it #VictoryBass. This song makes you feel like you just won Takeshi’s Castle or something.
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Club Mega – G&T (Original Mix)
Fresher than post-tennis gin and tonic, Club Mega’s chill beat is sure to catch you off guard just as you think its coming to a halt. Looking forward to hearing more from this trio.

Whipped Cream – Unconditional (Original Mix)
Fresh from all-female label Unspeakable Records comes Unconditional, a hard-hitting, bass-heavy banger that was spawned from Whipped Cream's love for Diplo.
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Drill Drill – Bloodclat (Original Mix)
I absolutely love the dub groove and impeccable sample work in this song, which is well worth a listen or eight. This German duo brings something totally fresh to the table--I suspect it won't be long until the careers of group members Yunis and Grapes skyrocket.
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Boaz Van De Beatz feat. Ronnie Flex & Mr. Polska – Partymad (Original Mix) [Mad Decent]
If the Jack U album wasn’t enough, this is sure to quench your thirst. Boaz’ early tracks are an undeniable inspiration to Skrillex and Diplo’s latest side project, and Partymad is no different--it's an explosive offering that still manages to get you in the feels.
San Holo - We Rise (Original Mix) [NEST]
Club Mega - G&T (Original Mix)
Whipped Cream - Unconditional (Original Mix)
Drill Drill - Bloodclat (Original Mix)
Boaz Van De Beatz feat. Ronnie Flex & Mr. Polska - Partymad (Original Mix) [Mad Decent]
Feb 24

Trap Tuesdays 86

It’s a sad week for trap fans. Flume has left super duo What So Not, leaving Emoh Instead to carry the flag himself. As we mourn and wait for the former duo's sure-to-be-legendary EP release, we take solace in what this week has to offer! This episode of Trap Tuesdays features a slew of new trap music, including tracks from Boombox Cartel, Bardi and dojo.

JPB & Mendum – Feelings (Original Mix)
First tune of the week comes from Germany, and it’s a banger. If you can Iinore the bedspring sample, this future trap/melodic dubstep hybrid is sure to impress. If you like this, check out some of the other collaborations from these two.
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Miguel – Sure Thing (dojo Remix)
Miguel’s 2010 R&B hit Sure Thing receives an experimental future bass makeover courtesy of dojo. It doesn’t get much more chill than this--fans of Lido should check this one out.
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Matstubs – War (Original Mix)
Be sure to play this one loud! Matstub’s latest combines deep 808s with some good old-fashioned dirt. Love the vocal processing and Lose Yourself samples!
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3LAU & Nom de Strip feat. Estelle – The Night (Bardi Bootleg)
Bardi drops fire with yet another hot festival trap bootleg. I hope to hear an original track or two from these two soon. There should be a prize for anyone that doesn’t do trap arms during the second drop.
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Boombox Cartel feat. Ian Everson – B2U (Original Mix)
Rising stars Boombox Cartel enlist R&B vocalist Ian Everson for their latest dancefloor destroyer, B2U. These are guys you're gonna want to get to know before they explode--a little birdy told me Skrillex is a big fan.
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JPB & Mendum - Feelings (Original Mix)
Miguel - Sure Thing (dojo. Remix)
Matstubs - War (Original Mix)
3LAU & Nom De Strip feat. Estelle - The Night (Bardi Bootleg)
Boombox Cartel ft. Ian Everson - B2U (Original Mix)
Feb 17

Trap Tuesdays 85

Greetings Traplings! This weeks Trap Tuesdays is packed with some out-of-this-world beats and the best new trap music, including cuts from Flosstradamus, Slander and NGHTMRE, and an epic debut from duo Lazy Boyz.

NAPKN – LUNAR. (Original Mix)
Easygoing yet laced with big room venom, NAPKN’s latest brings what sounds like a Gambino instrumental together with amazing sample work and intricate production.
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Flosstradamus & TroyBoi – SOUNDCLASH (Original Mix) [Ultra Music]
If you want something hard, you got it! TroyBoi is one of London’s most versatile trap producers, and he proves it in this huge collab. His unique compositions mingle beautifully with Floss’ massive sound to create some real trap sh*t.
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Lazy Boyz – Falling (Original Mix)
Lazy Boyz comprises of Party Thieves and Aaron Hewitt, two guys with a promising future if they can keep dropping tracks like this. Their debut is a banger, and the incredible second drop will leave you absolutely stunned. Don’t underestimate the new kids on the block, because they mean business.
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DJ Swisha Sweet feat. Alfred English – Carbine (Original Mix)
Prepare to be shot down by this hot new release from DJ Swisha Sweet. Relentless 808s power the song while Alfred English manifests the mood with his stirring vocal. Available for free on Swisha’s 1000 followers EP.
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Slander & NGHTMRE – Warning (Original Mix)
Is this Christmas? Slander and NGHTMRE have joined forces to tease their new EP, or rather, warn us of its nastiness with the lead single. They promise more details about the rest of the songs soon, but for now, have this as a free download!
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NAPKN - LUNAR. (Original Mix)
Flosstradamus & TroyBoi - SOUNDCLASH (Original Mix) [Ultra]
Lazy Boyz - Falling (Original Mix)
DJ Swisha Sweet feat. Alfred English - Carbine (Original Mix)
Slander & NGHTMRE - Warning (Original Mix)
Feb 10

Trap Tuesdays 84

I bring you this week’s Trap Tuesdays freshly turnt up from an incredible Dillon Francis show! In celebration of my pending hibernation, this episode will be a chilled-out mix of tracks dedicated to anyone else still recovering from the weekend.

Oh Wonder – The Rain (Myles Travitz & Almond Remix)
Myles Travitz, who first caught my ear with his remix of ZHU's Faded, delivers the goods once again in this new collab with New York-based producer Almond. The moment the first vocal chops come in is really special. These two are artists to watch.
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Cavalier – Silver (Original Mix)
Cavalier has a strong future ahead of him, and for a case in point, check out his latest EP, Vol. 7. Silver, which is screaming out for some rap vocals, is my favorite track from the release.
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Tchami feat. Kaleem Taylor – Promesses (HRZN Flip)
A lovely, laid-back take on Tchami's monstrous Promesses. If you're not a fan of the original, this flip might be more for you.

KickRaux feat. Walshy Fire & Lovestarrs – Bullet Reloaded (Original Mix)
KickRaux' switch from their usual epic festival sound is warmly welcomed, and I for one hope to hear more like this!
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Baby Bash – Suga Suga (Point Point Remix)
Future trap supergroup Point Point continue their reign this week with a unique spin on Baby Bash's 2003 classic. These guys consistently release fresh tunes while staying true to their own style.
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Oh Wonder - The Rain (Myles Travitz & Almond Remix)
Cavalier - Silver (Original Mix)
Tchami feat. Kaleem Taylor - Promesses (HRZN Flip)
KickRaux feat. Walshy Fire & Lovestarrs - Bullet Reloaded (Original Mix)
Baby Bash - Suga Suga (Point Point Remix)
Feb 03

Trap Tuesdays 83

Trap Tuesdays returns with a vengeance! There's something for everyone this week, whether you like future bass or festival bangers. Favorite of the week is from soon-to-be trap star Snappy Jit--you heard it here first! (On a side note, how much does Forrest Gump look like DJ Snake with those sunglasses on?)

Louis Futon - Take Off (Original Mix)
Louis Futon gets us into the swing of things with the first track off of his new self-titled EP. It showcases Futon’s beautiful sound design skills before dropping into an infectious beat that you can’t help but sway to.
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Snappy Jit feat. Jammin Joe – Hot Foot (Original Mix) [Mad Decent]
Hot Foot is a huge release (and breath of fresh air!) from Mad Decent newcomer Snappy Jit. His incomparable style implementing minimal instrumentation and signature call-and-response vocals runs through his entire new EP, so if you like this, pick it up for free.
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Tha Trickaz & Apashe – iDynamite (Original Mix) [Pantheon]
The latest single from masked marauders Tha Trickaz and the Canada based producer Apashe sure is explosive. The two super-energetic drops, infused with Apashe’s signature bass-meets-glitch sound, will blow you off your feet. Keep an eye on these guys.
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Dotcom – Harder (Original Mix)
WOO, EVEN MORE FREE STUFF! Dotcom drops yet another festival trap banger this week. Although a little generic, I can't help but like its ultra-heavy drop. Check it out for yourself and see what you think.
Wavo Free Download

Hitchhiker – Eleven (Hitchhiker Remix)
The original mix was one of my favourite tracks from 2014, and now Hitchhiker has gone wild with his very own remix of his debut single, Eleven. This version cuts the sh*t and goes hard.
Louis Futon - Take Off (Original Mix)
Snappy Jit feat. Jammin Joe - Hot Foot (Original Mix) [Mad Decent]
Tha Trickaz & Apashe - iDynamite (Original Mix) [Pantheon]
Dotcom - Harder (Original Mix)
Hitchhiker - Eleven (Hitchhiker Remix)