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Mar 24

Trap Tuesdays 90

Did somebody say RUN THE TRAAAAAP? ….no? Well they sure will, after they hear the latest dose of new trap music from this week’s episode of Trap Tuesdays!

Chet Porter – Aluko River (Original Mix)
Chet Porter pulls yet another phenomenal track out of his bag of tricks with Aluko River, which is sure to blow you away with its sensational chords and sound design. I recommend the entire Moving Castle showcase album if you like this, available as a free download here.

v a s s h - don't you see... (Original Mix)
Vassh continues to develop his signature style of complex percussion and entrancing chords with his latest release, an incredibly atmospheric track showing off smooth bass and beautiful female vocals.
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Kaskade x Adam K x Soha – 4AM (JayKode Remix)
We all love Kaskade and we all love future bass, so what could be better than this? JayKode shares his own take on the Kaskade classic, bringing a brand-new vitality to the track.
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Trapzillas – Smokin (Original Mix)
California-based Trapzillas embody the very essence of gutter trap with this festival banger, fresh off their latest EP release, Bands. It doesn’t get more hood than this.
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Prismo x M3H – Juiced (Original Mix)
I can’t stop listening to this one! Prismo and M3H use gruff and gravelly bass sounds to craft one of the heaviest trap drops I’ve ever heard. Fans of Snails will like this one.
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Chet Porter - Aluko River (Original Mix)
v a s s h - don't you see... (Original mix)
Kaskade x Adam K x Soha - 4AM (JayKode Remix)
Trapzillas - Smokin (Original Mix)
Prismo x M3H - Juiced (Original Mix)
Mar 17

Trap Tuesdays 89

If you're looking for some new trap music, you've come to the right place! This week's Trap Tuesdays contains chillout tracks as well as some festival fun, so all tastes are welcome! Some big releases this week from the likes of Aazar, Party Thieves, Mapps and more.

Mapps feat. Josh Rubin – Secrets (Original Mix)
I really like the unique song structure in this one as Mapps holds back the bass and vocals longer than expected before really kicking things off. There are also lots of feels available here courtesy of the vocalist Josh Rubin.
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Party Thieves & Drean – W.T.F. (Original Mix)
Party Thieves steal the show again with their latest original, a song that is sure to launch the career of young Venezuelan producer Drean. Also make sure to check out the remix competition for their recent hit song, Chief.
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Tennyson feat. Mothica – Smother (Original Mix)
If you like future bass-infused chillout-lounge-jazz-step and cats, then you're going to love this take on Daughter’s song, which features some incredible vocals from Mothica. Unfortunately there is no download link at the moment--can we have a moment of silence?

Mark Johns – 5 South (Braeden Bailey Remix)
Female vocalist Mark Johns has been a favourite of mine for a while now, and her latest has just received a brilliant rework courtesy of Braeden. Just check out those horns!

Aazar x Rae Sremmurd – Come Get Her (Original Mix)
Can you imagine my excitement when I saw that my dream team of Aazar and Rae Sremmurd had banded together? Point Point member and Trap superstar Aazar flawlessly delivers the perfect track for Rae’s reliably catchy vocal--I knew it would be a hit before I listened to it!
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Mapps feat. Josh Rubin - Secrets (Original Mix)
Party Thieves & Drean - W.T.F. (Original Mix)
Tennyson feat. Mothica - Smother (Original Mix)
Mark Johns - 5 South (Braeden Bailey Remix)
Aazar x Rae Sremmurd - Come Get Her (Original Mix)
Mar 10

Trap Tuesdays 88

Happy Trap Tuesdays 88 to all! This week is packed full of new trap music, so there’s definitely something for everyone, whether you like future bass or bounce.

marshmello – Pr0 (Original Mix)
marshmello is here to kick off this week's trap marathon. Although the identity of this newcomer is still a mystery, his music speaks for itself--his SoundCloud has gained 10,000 followers in just seven days! I was struggling to choose which of his tracks to feature, but the bounce breakdown in this tune stole my heart.
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Banganagangbangers - Elevated (King Remix)
You’re gonna need a hella good pair of speakers for this one, because it goes deep. Although the song features minimal production, the 808s and sub wubs will still have you bouncing--proof that less is more.
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I.Y.F.F.E. - You Tell (Original Mix)
An interesting genre clash of trap and complextro comes from I.Y.F.F.E. this week. Although a little busy at some points, this one will definitely get festival trap fans hyped up.
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KAOS – Indigo (Original Mix)
KAOS is someone who definitely has a bright future in future bass. Indigo features a killer swingin’ groove and hands down the best drop of the week.
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babel feat. josh pan – Family Affair (Original Mix)
The elusive josh pan strikes again, this time linking up with babel. While josh pan is rumoured to be no less than twenty different people, it's clear that they know what they're doing. The second half of the song brings old and new together where trap meets babel's Outkast-style backing vocals.
Free Download
marshmello - Pr0 (Original Mix)
Banganagangbangers - Elevated (King Remix)
I.Y.F.F.E. - You Tell (Original Mix)
KAOS - Indigo (Original Mix)
babel feat. josh pan - Family Affair (Original Mix)
Mar 03

Trap Tuesdays 87

Have Ü heard? Amidst a marathon 24-hour DJ set, Jack U unexpectedly dropped one of the most sought after albums of 2015, and it is absolute fire... even the Justin Bieber track. I could’ve easily posted the entire album here, but somewhere between listening to To Ü and Jungle Bae on repeat I managed to source five more of my favourite tracks of the week for you lucky folks. This week's Trap Tuesdays features tracks from both Skrillex and Diplo’s respective labels and more new trap music!

San Holo – We Rise (Original Mix) [NEST]
We Rise is packed full with irresistible melodies and an incredibly uplifting vocal. NEST HQ hit the nail on the head when they tagged it #VictoryBass. This song makes you feel like you just won Takeshi’s Castle or something.
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Club Mega – G&T (Original Mix)
Fresher than post-tennis gin and tonic, Club Mega’s chill beat is sure to catch you off guard just as you think its coming to a halt. Looking forward to hearing more from this trio.

Whipped Cream – Unconditional (Original Mix)
Fresh from all-female label Unspeakable Records comes Unconditional, a hard-hitting, bass-heavy banger that was spawned from Whipped Cream's love for Diplo.
Free Download

Drill Drill – Bloodclat (Original Mix)
I absolutely love the dub groove and impeccable sample work in this song, which is well worth a listen or eight. This German duo brings something totally fresh to the table--I suspect it won't be long until the careers of group members Yunis and Grapes skyrocket.
Free Download

Boaz Van De Beatz feat. Ronnie Flex & Mr. Polska – Partymad (Original Mix) [Mad Decent]
If the Jack U album wasn’t enough, this is sure to quench your thirst. Boaz’ early tracks are an undeniable inspiration to Skrillex and Diplo’s latest side project, and Partymad is no different--it's an explosive offering that still manages to get you in the feels.
San Holo - We Rise (Original Mix) [NEST]
Club Mega - G&T (Original Mix)
Whipped Cream - Unconditional (Original Mix)
Drill Drill - Bloodclat (Original Mix)
Boaz Van De Beatz feat. Ronnie Flex & Mr. Polska - Partymad (Original Mix) [Mad Decent]
Feb 24

Trap Tuesdays 86

It’s a sad week for trap fans. Flume has left super duo What So Not, leaving Emoh Instead to carry the flag himself. As we mourn and wait for the former duo's sure-to-be-legendary EP release, we take solace in what this week has to offer! This episode of Trap Tuesdays features a slew of new trap music, including tracks from Boombox Cartel, Bardi and dojo.

JPB & Mendum – Feelings (Original Mix)
First tune of the week comes from Germany, and it’s a banger. If you can Iinore the bedspring sample, this future trap/melodic dubstep hybrid is sure to impress. If you like this, check out some of the other collaborations from these two.
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Miguel – Sure Thing (dojo Remix)
Miguel’s 2010 R&B hit Sure Thing receives an experimental future bass makeover courtesy of dojo. It doesn’t get much more chill than this--fans of Lido should check this one out.
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Matstubs – War (Original Mix)
Be sure to play this one loud! Matstub’s latest combines deep 808s with some good old-fashioned dirt. Love the vocal processing and Lose Yourself samples!
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3LAU & Nom de Strip feat. Estelle – The Night (Bardi Bootleg)
Bardi drops fire with yet another hot festival trap bootleg. I hope to hear an original track or two from these two soon. There should be a prize for anyone that doesn’t do trap arms during the second drop.
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Boombox Cartel feat. Ian Everson – B2U (Original Mix)
Rising stars Boombox Cartel enlist R&B vocalist Ian Everson for their latest dancefloor destroyer, B2U. These are guys you're gonna want to get to know before they explode--a little birdy told me Skrillex is a big fan.
Free Download
JPB & Mendum - Feelings (Original Mix)
Miguel - Sure Thing (dojo. Remix)
Matstubs - War (Original Mix)
3LAU & Nom De Strip feat. Estelle - The Night (Bardi Bootleg)
Boombox Cartel ft. Ian Everson - B2U (Original Mix)