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Feb 05

LT3 @ Brrrrr! Winter Music Festival 2014

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They say that February is the coldest month of the year, but don't tell that to the legions of fans in Toronto who hit up the second annual Brrrrr! Winter Music Festival. Thousands of bundled-up EDM fans braved the elements to pack the two dance floors--the outdoor TD Echo Beach (main stage), and the indoor Corona Technodome (deep/tech house)--to the brim. It was absolutely bonkers, and the energy at the festival rivaled that of Electronic Nation's summer festival, Digital Dreams. Forget the USPS, neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail shall keep Canadian ravers from dancing!

Throughout the week, the weather in Toronto hovered around -18°C (0°F) with the windchill--not exactly ideal dancing conditions. Luckily, on the day of the event, the weather was a beautiful 1°C (34°F) with snow flurries--the perfect setting for Canadian partygoers if ever there was one. That being said, while it wasn't freezing by any means, it was definitely wet. Slush, muck, and more slush covered the area, but hey, that's what winter boots are for!

Inside the Technodome, the dancefloor was more like a swimming pool than a club, but that didn't stop a multitude of tech fans from jamming out to incredible performances by Hot Since 82, Lee Foss, and Sharam, among others. Forget the cold weather and soaked clothes, people were grooving! I may have been a fleglind fan of deep/tech beforehand, but consider me a full-on convert now--I was literally walking around like I was Bigger Than Prince.

Backstage at Echo Beach, I ran into LessThan3 favourite Charlie Darker, who was in attendance to cheer on fellow Canadians Felix Cartal and Joe Ghost. Speaking of Cartal and Ghost, if you haven't listened to either of these guys, do so now--they delivered a plethora of hard-hitting live edits and mashups that had the crowd in collective thrombosis. Fans in the front row probably remember me dancing like a madman on stage--I couldn't help it!

Following up Cartal's antics was Marlon Flohr, the DJing side of Bassjackers. To say his set was heavy would be a trivialization--it was banger after banger after banger, with little or no time between to take a breather from the onslaught. Puzzle begot Lion begot the Martin Garrix edit of Crackin, and the crowd ate it up like a fresh batch of BeaverTails.

Closing out the festivities was the one and only Wolfgang Gartner, and believe me when I say this: the dude is a monster on the decks. He started things off with a bit of a techy vibe, before quickly transitioning into crowd favourites such as Anaconda, Piranha, and of course, Space Jump. Perhaps the craziest part of his set was that he was DJing barefoot, in the middle of a Canadian winter! Footwear notwithstanding, the king of Kindergarten sent the crowds home with rosy cheeks and smiles on their faces. Another year and another crazy festival in the snow is in the books. Who's ready for 2015?

Wolfgang Gartner - Anaconda (Original Mix) [Ultra]
Bassjackers - Crackin (Martin Garrix Edit) [Spinnin]
Green Velvet - Bigger Than Prince (Hot Since 82 Remix) [Circus]
Dec 17

Wolfgang Gartner Swims With ‘Piranhas’

Wolfgang Gartner dives into dangerous waters with Piranha, his beautiful-but-deadly new single out today on his own Kindergarten Recordings.

Wolfgang doesn't waste any time plunging into the initially serene scene humming with glassy synth and the inviting vocal track; however, something slowly approaches from downstream. Flashing arpeggios arrive in schools and surround our Amazonian adventurer as they wait for the drop, presumably signaling dinner. The second build concludes in an even more violent fashion, during which I'm further convinced that Gartner is being shredded by carnivorous fish.

Piranha is a delightful detour from the all-out electro bangers he's so famous for, yet it still packs plenty of that Wolfgang bite. Pick up your copy here.

Wolfgang Gartner - Piranha (Original Mix) [Kindergarten]
Oct 18

Gartner And Trash Invite You To Meet The ‘Hounds Of Hell’

Sep 18

Hear The Sounds Of The Hounds Of Hell

Hellhounds Tommy Trash and Wolfgang Gartner premiered their new collab last night on SiriusXM radio, titled Hounds Of Hell.

Sharing its name with their Hounds Of Hell Tour, the track offers a fitting and ferocious soundtrack to the less-than-cuddly combined identity of Gartner and Trash as vicious dogs. Although there aren't any barks or snarling dog samples to be heard, there are some seriously intense and high-pitched stabs sitting on top of an undulating and abrasive electro bassline. Overall, a loud and lovely love-child of skill and sonic aggression from the two electro mavens.

Pick up the track on Beatport when it drops Sept. 24 on Kindergarten, and check out the dates for the Hounds Of Hell Tour here.
Wolfgang Gartner & Tommy Trash - Hounds Of Hell (SiriusXM Premiere)
Jul 31

Daily Newsbyte 7.31

It's the middle of the week, but given the degree to which that TV camel makes us sick to our hump, we'll spare you the cliches. Today, we've got the new collaboration between Mat Zo and Chuck D, a new tune from the minds of Laidback Luke and Martin Solveig, a new album from Chase & Status, a little Daft Punk news, and more in today's Newsbyte.

Chuck D and Mat Z

One might think that the 23-year-old Mat Zo is a bit too young to remember Public Enemy, but the prodigious producer persists in perplexing us.

Chuck D, made famous for his role in '90s quasi-militant hip hop group Public Enemy, has apparently been working with Mat Zo on a tune which originally sampled the rapper's spits in Can I Get a Witness. Rolling Stone reports that after two years of tweaking the tune and pursuing rights to the sample, Chuck D shows up, undoubtedly in a beret and jack boots, and says, "hey, why don't I help you clear that?" And instead of putting on his lawyer hat, D decided to just offer Zo his vocals for the track, which is officially called Pyramid Scheme.

"I'm a massive hip-hop fan, so this was a big moment for me. I'd always wanted to work with a great hip-hop artist, and Chuck D is definitely one of the greatest," Zo told Rolling Stone. "A lot of other MCs got jaded and starting doing commercial crap about getting wasted on bottle service at some ritzy Vegas club, while Chuck D is one of the few who stuck to their principles."
Pyramid Scheme will be out Aug. 13 on Astralwerks/Anjunabeats.

Martin Solveig And Laidback Luke Blow

The long-cooking collab between Mixmash label boss Laidback Luke and Martin Solveig saw the light of day today, bringing big kicks and fist-pumping, mainstage-ready electro elements together under the track name Blow. Solveig shared a bit about the making of the track with the SoundCloud upload:

Luke & I started this collab in Sydney at Turning Studios in between Stereosonic 2012 shows. We finished it for Ultra but were not quite happy with it then.

We finished last week with a battle of sessions sent through yousendit, arguing about the sound of the kick drum until the day before premiere.

When I opened my Tomorrowland set with it and saw 20k people punching the sky with their fist every time the vocal says "blow", I had the feeling this was finally ready to be shared.

No release date as of yet, but you can expect this to be a mainstay in both dudes' sets for the rest of the summer and well into the fall festival season.

The Hounds Of Hell Are Coming For You

Two of the biggest names in electro house, Wolfgang Gartner and Tommy Trash, announced today that they will be heading out on all fours with teeth bared for their "Hounds Of Hell" fall tour, chewing up furniture and peeing in venues from LA to NY and back beginning Sept. 27. Trash has been on fire lately with his various monkey-themed tracks and a massive set at TomorrowLand, while Gartner will have barely wrapped his "Summer Tour" by Sept. 14, giving him a few days to feed before being let loose on the nation once again. Check out the dates and locations for the tour here, and pick up tickets in the same place when they go on sale Friday, Aug. 2.

Brand New Chase & Status

One of the the UK's most massively popular drum & bass acts, Chase & Status, have announced that they'll be releasing their third studio album, Brand New Machine, Oct. 7 on Casablanca Records. The second single, Count On Me, follows up the lead single, Lost & Not Found, and features the soulful vocals of British singer Moko, adding to the smooth vibe of the forthcoming album with another piano-laden D&B track.

The guys are also headed out on tour in August/September to support, so make sure to check the dates and locales here, and keep your eyes open for a pre-order link for Brand New Machine.

The Colbert Re-Punk

Continuing their conquest of mainstream media, Daft Punk have reportedly made plans to appear live on Comedy Central's The Colbert Report next week. According to a post on a TCR über-fan site, Stephen Colbert shared a little tidbit with the audience after cameras stopped rolling July 25:

"After the show concluded, Stephen announced that he was going to have film a special segment with Olympia Snowe. Here’s the guest spoiler: Daft Punk is coming to TCR! Yay! I love them! And Stephen is doing some kind of bit where he dances to “Get Lucky” with various guests in preparation for their appearance."
Sure enough, during Late Night with Jimmy Fallon July 29, Colbert danced himself onto the stage to Get Lucky, much to the delight of the crowd and the surprise of Fallon. If you don't watch TCR, maybe check in once or twice next week and see if you're lucky enough to catch the extra-terrestrials on primetime TV.

Triple The Fun At TomorrowLand

In an unprecedented era of cooperation for EDM, Daivd Guetta, Afrojack, and Nicky Romero raised the bar on live collabs by gracing the Main Stage at TomorrowLand July 28 with a two-hour B2B2B set. The three musketeers of the mainstage opened with Calvin Harris' remix of Fatboy Slim's Eat Sleep Rave Repeat and proceed to plow through one massive hit after another for two of the most star-studded hours of TomorrowLand 2013. Enjoy the entire set below, and if you're one of the lucky ones headed to Chattahoochee, GA for TomorrowWorld, cross your fingers for a similar spectacle, as all three will be in attendance and playing sets of their own.

Mat Zo feat. Chuck D - Pyramid Scheme [Astralwerks]
Martin Solveig & Laidback Luke - Blow